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  • In All-New Captain America: Fear Him, Sam tries his hand at throwing the shield.
    Steve: "So you did miss."
    Sam: "I didn't miss!"
    Steve: "First time for everything."
  • Again in All-New Captain America #1, only this time with Ian.
    Ian: "Have you ever thrown this thing at all?"
    Sam: "This is actually the first time I missed. I knocked out three guys earlier. It was pretty cool."
  • In Captain America: Sam Wilson, while Sam's approval ratings are in the toilet, Redwing's approval rating is still at 93%.
  • Three issues later...
    Misty Knight: "You hope and pray, but you never really think it's gonna happenCAP-WOLF IS BACK!"
    • And yes, Sam is humorously annoyed about this for the entire time it's a thing.
    • And it's not the first time this had happened to him either.

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