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Funny / The Equestrian Civil Service Series

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  • The very opening of Whom the Princesses Would Destroy:
    "Quem reginae volunt perdere, dementant prius." Classical Equestrian proverb, roughly translated: "Whom the princesses would destroy, they first drive mad." Their royal highnesses could not be reached for comment regarding how often this must have occurred for it to warrant its own proverb.
  • Dotted Line finds the library tower where Twilight lived in before moving to Ponyville has been covered in four feet of custard, thanks to Princess Luna letting a spell get out of control in a food fight with her sister. When he asks if the inside is filled with custard too, he's assured that it isn't. There's no room on account of the jam.
    • While this is happening, the Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the Home Office Leafy has prised one of the windows open, and is trying to eat some of the jam. He missed breakfast.
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  • Twilight Sparkle tests the empathy she has learned from her friends by trying to cheer up Dotted Line. Her final attempt is to say "Tomorrow is another day, right?"
    She paused, quite interested to see how the Cheering Up effect would manifest itself.
    The pony was quiet for a moment, and then lifted his head, gingerly, to regard her with eyes that were twin pools of misery and dread. "Oh, sweet merciful Celestia," he wailed, "not another one!"
  • Princess Celestia's... peculiar... sense of humor in room namings has left us with gems like the Disquietingly Green Salon, the Entirely Unnecessary Hall, the Salon of Desperate Yellows, and the Irritatingly Long Gallery.


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