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  • During a diplomatic dinner, Hunter bets Nova that he won't be able to steal all jewelry (earrings, two bracelets, a necklace and a gemstone comb) from Dawn in five minutes or less. A few moments later, Hunter meets and strikes a conversation with Shining Armor and Cadence, only to be interrupted by Nova tossing the necklace and earrings at him, before merging back into the crowd.
    Hunter: Crikey! I haven't got a bit on me!
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  • Princess Luna visits Nova in his quarters to talk with him, and he instantly tries to remember if he has swiped anything from her.
  • Nova chatting with Steel and Cappy at the edge of Canterlot in the epilogue.
    Cappy: This is Nova, huh? Your description definitely pegged him.
    Nova: Ooh, did it? What’d he say?
    Cappy: Something about you being the most honorable and yet sarcastic thief he’d ever met. I don’t think he was far off.
    Nova: (Jawdrops) Sarcastic? Honorable? Thief? (Shakes head) Captain, we’ve been over this before. How many times do I have to tell you? It’s sarcastic, then cynical and dashingly handsome. And I’m starting to prefer the term rogue. It sounds a bit more exciting. (Strikes pose)


The Definition of Strength

  • Steel Song describing the levels of formality his subordinates have about coming into his office, with Sky Bolt and Nova at the bottom. Sky Bolt has a tendency to knock, open the door before being given permission, then apologize and go back out to wait. Nova just knocks, strolls inside, then automatically drops and gives fifty push-ups.

Old Habits

  • Nova just wants to be on his way, but the salesmare insists that Vinyl sign his copy of her new album. Not only does the DJ recognize him, but she invites him to lunch, prompting Nova to consider just grabbing the record and bolting.
    Nova (thinking): Alright. New plan to consider. How much trouble will I get in if I steal my own gift and make a run for it?



  • Steel mentions that some unspecified family business is bothering him, and Dawn immediately thinks he and Cappy have kids on the way.

Hearth's Warming Cookies

  • Jammer and Nova playing the question game:
    Jammer: What do you do on my uncle’s team?
    Nova: Whatever he asks me to.
    Jammer: What does he ask you to do?
    Nova: Sorry, (grins) but that’s two questions. My turn. How old are you?
    Jammer: I’m six! And I’ll be seven in another two months! What did you do before you were a Guard?
    Nova: I thought you wanted to know what your uncle had me doing?
    Jammer: Too late. I changed it. So what did you do?
    Nova: I… (looks down and cuts out more cookies) I was an asset relocation engineer.
    Jammer: A what?
    Nova: That’s more than one question.
  • Click is sneaking off cookies from others' plates. Steel suggests he take one from Nova, with predictable results.
    Click: Well, in that case… I think I’ll take … this one! (Grabs a cookie) This’ll go nicely with my … hey! Where did all my cookies go?
  • Jammer asks about Nova's reaction to Sparkle giving him a cookie and his father explains that she has given him much more than a simple cookie - she has given him a friend. This prompts Jammer to wonder if he needs to buy presents for Nova as well now.

Why me?

Being a story about Discord, it is choke full of such moments.
  • Discord's visiting himself in the very beginning.
  • Discord absent-mindedly changing two guards into Fluttershy and Twilight lookalikes.
  • The whole first half of Discord's talk with Luna


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