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Funny / The Day After Tomorrow

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  • The silliest equivalent of Jitter Cam ever: Running away from the cold.
  • Brian, the Black and Nerdy teenager, gets some of the best lines:
    "There's a whole section on tax law down here that we can burn."
    "Sir, I am president of the electronics club, the math club, and the chess club. Now, if there's a bigger nerd in here, please, point him out."
  • Just this:
    Geologist: Jack, for the love of God, why would you aggravate the Vice President?"
    Jack: (faintly amused) Because my seventeen-year-old son knows more science then he does.
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  • When they go onto the ship to look for medicine, it's all in Russian of course, but then one of them declares he's found it. When asked how he knows, he points out that it says Penicillin on the bottle.
  • "Frank! Are you alright?!" "I'm fine...just dropped in to do a little shopping."
  • What, no mention of the sheer irony of US citizens illegally crossing the border into Mexico in to escape freezing temperatures further up north?

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