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  • There is absolutely nothing funny about the film itself, but one airing station in Toledo, Ohio inadvertently gave a Black Comedy moment. Since there were no commercial breaks after the bomb droppings, what does WDHO do? Flash station idents during the blasts. Er, yeah...
  • There's one overt moment of humor, though, prior to the nukes; only two words... stolen diaphragm.
  • Oddly enough, some parts of this film came out as unintentionally funny to audiences from Eastern Europe when the film was broadcast on Soviet television. Not because they found anything amusing in horrific deaths of their supposed enemies from America (they certainly did not), but because some hardships endured by characters in the movie, portrayed as grueling ordeal brought onto them by nuclear apocalypse, were just daily occurences for people living under Soviet rule. A good example is a scene where a nurse shares an orange with a doctor and grimly remarks that this might be the last orange in the next half year. Now, imagine that you are a citizen of Eastern European country subordinate to USSR, who gets to eat oranges exactly twice a year only (during Easter and during Christmas - if ships from Cuba arrived on time, that is) and you are watching this one. The typical reaction was a burst of (bitter) laughter.

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