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Funny / The Comedy of Errors

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  • Dromio of Syracuse spots his twin's fiancee and declares "She is spherical, like a globe. I could find out countries in her," leading him and Antipholus into a series of puns about locations of various countries on her body, in perhaps Shakespeare's longest sustained piece of unapologetic lowbrow humor.

Flying Karamozov Version

  • The opening bit with the clown janitor. He pulls open a pack of cigarettes and they drop on the stage—the more he tries to pick up, the more he drops. Then he opens the matches upside-down. When he finally gets one to strike, he forgets that he put the cigarette behind his ear until it burns his fingers. In frustration, he finally sweeps everything towards a trapdoor in the stage. One brief pause later, William Shakespeare pops up in high dudgeon, grabs his own wastebasket, and dumps it out onto the stage to get even. (The clown gathers up all the bits of paper and assembles a newsheet announcing the war.)
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  • When Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse unwittingly disrupt an acrobatics routine, the gang of performers circle them menacingly as the band plays a riff from West Side Story.
  • The final line of this exchange ("Where Belgia, the Netherlands?" "Oh sir, I did not look so low!") is followed by the Bard himself walking onstage to a storm of wild cheering and applause, taking several bows and accepting a boquet of roses.
  • Nobody can pronounce Epidamnum - whenever it comes up they try a couple of times and wind up pointing in what is presumably the direction of the city in question.
  • Duke Menaphon (played by the actress who plays Nell) is as large a ham as they come, striding around the stage yelling and singing and giving out noogies to his favorites Antipholus and Adriana as he tries to sort out all the confusion.

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