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  • The opening moments, in which the Snob painstakingly explains the film's debt to the original Dawn of the Dead (1978), and attempts to precisely position his head in the frame in front of his, for once, relevant film poster.
  • "Zombie and Zombi 2 are the same movie, but not Zombie and Zombie, and somehow Twins is 'Zombi 42' just to fuck with me!"
  • The Running Gag of him vomiting at completely tangential moments, such as a character drinking whiskey from a tall glass with no ice.
  • "I keep hearing that this scene is a nasty bit of gratuitous violence. But finger severing? I saw that in The Interview, that's nothing."
    • He also shows the infamous eye-gouging sequence in full, but it's interspersed with cut-backs to the Snob shifting in his chair and wearing a slightly amused, shit-eating-grin look on his face, as if he expects us to dare him to show the whole thing.
  • After incessantly comparing the film to Dawn of the Dead (1978) for the entire review, the Snob suddenly realises he may have been confusing it with the wrong film, and instead thinks the film ripped off Weekend at Bernie's 2.

    Cruisin' 57 
  • The return of the Bros!
  • Showing an old Camel Cigarettes ad that "just looks like the guy is about to get blown in a car".
  • "Is it time for that One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock, cock?!"
  • "Forget 'Lords of the Flatbush,' this is 'Lords of the Nobush!'"
  • "This is when 'Chico and the Man' jumped the shark hardcore, and I mean HARDCORE."

    Hell of the Living Dead 
  • When discovering that the director is named "Vincent Dawn", Snob is understandably pissed.
  • (on seeing an unexpected poster behind him, irritably) "Well, there's no point in changing the poster now!" Following the next clip, we cut back to the Snob. Without comment, the poster for Zombie has been replaced by the poster for The House by the Cemetery.
  • When the film dubs over stock footage of an African man giving a speech. the Snob calls them out and demands to hear the "real" voice. Cue Andrew "Dice" Clay.
    African: Long came a spidey, sat down besidey, an' said, "'Ey! What's in da bowl, bitch?" OH!
    Snob: ...uh...I stand corrected.

  • The repeated invocation of Batman, from a suspiciously similar shot of a journey through the woods that the Snob attaches part of Danny Elfman's Batman soundtrack to, to the appearance of a bat and it's subsequent killing, which has him mocking the 'great survivors' line.
  • "This is a step up for's been five minutes and the schoolgirls haven't started a pillow fight. Or fucked..."
  • The Snob acting as a Deconstructor Fleet.
    "I've seen enough horror movies to know that you never enter a door playing Goblin music!"
    [once creepy music] "I know who is the killer... the fucking movie!".
  • The Running Gag of referencing Tequila and Bonetti, which The Stinger reveals was made out of a dare.
  • The rest of Argento's Mother Trilogy: Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot and Monster-in-Law.
  • After noticing the tagline, "Once you've seen it you will never again feel safe in the dark", the Snob snarks that with how colorful the film is, the dark might be the safest place to be.

    Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter 
  • He opens the review responding to Roger Ebert's review, and doing a Development Gag regarding how said review inspired The Cinema Snob.
  • "[Y]ou may be wondering why I have a VHS of this. It's because I'm not gonna give the movie the dignity of watching it in HD! So here's me reviewing it with an HD source file!"
  • The Snob imitating Crispin Glover's dance while a befuddled Lloyd watches.
  • The numerous recurrences of the phrase "dead fuck".
  • The Snob questioning why people still stick in Crystal Lake after all the murder sprees taking place here.
    "Meanwhile-why the fuck are people still living here?!"
  • The casual delivery of "Now we have Stupid Jason." as Jason is tripped up by seeing Tommy, with a shaved head.
    • Likewise, Snob guesses that either Tommy shaved his head to look like Jason, or he escaped from Balloonland.
  • "But soon it is revealed that, yes, it was Jason this entire time. Hey, after Part 5, you never know..."

    Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit? 
  • Thinking on how a Who Framed Roger Rabbit Parallel Porn Title could be... And how The movie isn't any way like this.
  • Suggestions of more adequate titles.
  • The closing line of the review:
    Snob: If I wanna see a video of someone talking about the porno that they're watching, I'll stick dunno, someone who does that sort of thing, hmph.
    Lloyd: Mrow!

    Beyond the Darkness 
  • The opening regarding the multitude of titles, culminating in the Snob wanting to call it "Zombi 10".
  • "It's too early in the movie to kill your actors" - which comes as a Brick Joke later, given the scenes of taxidermy are so realistic the Snob thinks that actual corpses are being used.
  • "So Beyond the Darkness was banned in several countries... fucking duh."
  • In a callback to his Suspiria review, using ad bumpers from Tequila and Bonetti at the end of the first part and beginning of the second.
  • At one point, Snob acknowledges that the movie's pretty fucked up... prompting him to ask if anyone is still watching the episode.
    Snob: Hello? Hello out there?

    The House by the Cemetery 
  • The previous episode had a mismatched white balance, and Snob acknowledges this in the beginning of this one by clapping his hands and fixing it.
  • Snob's growing irritation with the annoying boy protagonist. Culminating in (it's all in the delivery)...
    Snob: Ohhhhhhh, PISS OFF, Bob!
  • "And this has been another episode of 'The Cinema Snob Gets Mad At A Kid'!"

    Friday the 13th: A Nude Beginning 
  • Snob doing a Call-Back / old-work shaming to the time he reviewed A New Beginning, and the review starts with an Overly Long Gag regarding a cardboard Jason.
  • Seeing the movie came out as there were already six Friday the 13th movies, Snob thinks the subtitle was probably picked because A Nude Blood didn't sound so good.
  • "Why the space noises? Then you should have called the movie Jason XXX!"
  • Cementing Tequila and Bonetti as a Running Gag, the final scene has the dog seemingly harassing Lloyd. And then:
    Snob: What the fuck?! Donald Bellisario produces my show? OK!

    Miami Connection 

    Jungle Holocaust 

    Exorcist II: The Heretic 
  • The intro features what's probably one of the most amazing summations of the show.
    Snob: Making a sequel to the 1973 critical and audience hit The Exorcist may seem like an impossible task. Actually, it shouldn't be that impossible, really. I mean, the foundation is already there. You need a possessed person, a priest, some creepy make-up, some vomit, a lot of scares, hmmm—
    [the Snob gets interrupted by the intro]
    Snob: [absolutely mystified] Oooh, welcome back, "What the Fuck, Hollywood?!", how I missed you so!
  • Snob asks how weird the movie can get, then shows a bizarre trailer for John Boorman's previous film. It's Zardoz.
    Snob: I don't see how this movie can go wrong.
  • Snob shows a series of film critics quotes calling the movie terrible, culminating in some saying it was one of the worst movie ever made. He then adds "Okay, okay, but to be fair, the people who made those quotes have probably seen zero movies with E.T. getting fucked."
  • When he sees an actress credited as "Kitty Winn" in the opening credits, the Snob claims that means that John Boorman put his cat in the film. He then complains that he doesn't understand why people put their cats into their projects, before Lloyd's meow is heard.
  • When Reagan's first scene shows her tapdancing with a knotted shirt with no bra and short shorts.
    Snob: This scene only exists to show us that yes, Linda Blair is more of a 10; she's a perfect 22! She's also 16, Snob! [slaps himself]
  • The Snob gets confused when the background music starts sounding more like that of a Spaghetti Western, before discovering that the film was actually scored by Ennio Morricone.
    Snob: Well, that's a huge spoiler! Now I know that the demon is gonna be defeated by Clint Eastwood shooting it and then taking the gold from the unmarked grave next to Arch Stanton's!
  • Snob says Richard Burton gives his opinion of the film
    Burton: It was horribly. Utterly horrible. And fascinating.
  • The Running Gag about the very particular architecture of the facility Reagan is in, especially how the Snob believes that, since it resembles a hall of mirrors, it was constructed that way to see if the camera would appear on the shot.
    Snob: Haha, fuck you, set designer! No camera in this shot either!
  • Snob finds some lines very difficult for him.
    Snob: And if there ever was a line or a situation that is impossible for someone in my line of work to make a wisecrack about...
    Little Girl: [stammering and with great difficulty] I'm... austistic.
    Snob: Why you cut it back to me?! I'm not touching that one with a 10-foot pole!
    Reagan: [dissonantly serene] I was possessed by a demon.
    Snob: There! That I could work with!
  • When Richard Burton's character is show drinking from a chalice.
    Snob: He choose poorly... I mean, when he agreed to do this movie. He choose his scripts poorly.

    The Crippled Avengers 
  • The intro, on how it was obligatory to get a movie with Avengers in the title "as it's a lot easier than 'Ultron'" (despite a movie called 'Poltron') and despite the title card featuring the Snob wearing Avengers' accessories, it's a kung fu movie.
  • One of the alternate titles: Mortal Combat. "I know it's a knockoff... It's spelled with a K!"

    Top Dog 
  • Snob calls upon the "magic clip machine" after coming across Tequila and Bonetti while channel surfing and is shown a spot for this film. Thinking it's light-hearted family fare about Chuck Norris and a dog fighting crime he decides to review it... and is greeted with investigators discussing a racist attack on a rabbi, followed by a building exploding in the first minutes of the film. Which was released nine days after the Oklahoma City bombing.
    • Later on in the movie when Chuck Norris' character realizes that the terrorist attack is meant to coincide with Hitler's birthday on April 20th, the Snob is horrified to realize that the film's events coincided with real life as the Oklahoma City bombing was on April 19th.
  • "Oh shit, I'm watching Top Dog, that means I can't read."

    Hard Knuckle 
  • Snob does the episode in an hospital gown, referencing how the episode's one week late due to Brad's unexpected food poisoning hospitalization.
  • At the end of the review, the Snob recommends the movie for one reason alone: The dog doesn't die.

    Heaven's Gate 
  • Part 1 has a Running Gag on Snob expecting the cameos and sketches from other Milestone Celebration episodes, and they don't show up. At most is the return of the Bros... with the second one being now a female!
  • "I heard Cimino yelled at the clouds because they were in the wrong shape for the scene..."
  • Part 2 has a producer frequently doing Executive Meddling to keep the budget controlled, including complaining on the Snob moving his chair (reference to Cimino rebuilding a set in another place because he found the location inappropriate).
  • All the cameos from part 2: Bastard Film Brain, Fat Grandma, Rob Walker as Christopher Walken (his voice, to be specific, while Doug plays his hands), and the Snob's penis.
    • Part 3 has Ed Glaser complaining he now can't talk about Turkish Heaven's Gate dressed as Turkish Rambo holding the sword from Turkish Star Wars.
  • In Part 3, whenever the Snob complains on why is he narrating a fake documentary on the episode.
  • During Part 3, Snob makes note of the various counts of animal abuse that happened to the horses during the filming of the big war scene, including one horse who was blown up by some dynamite by mistake (It's rider/stuntman was injured), which is said to be still featured in the film. Snob manages to find the moment it happened in the film, resulting in one of his more disturbed, but somehow still funny, reactions in the show's history.
  • "Jesus Christ, Ella, these are just things! The world's full of things, I can buy you all the things you want!"

    Dinosaur Island 
  • After a character heals an injury easily, Snob gets mad that he couldn't get such a treatment for his broken shoulder (even showing the x-ray!).
    Bones aren't supposed to look like this!
  • One of the soldiers repeatedly cries out "Page 34" while having sex with one of the island babes. The Snob doesn't find it that hot, until he suddenly gets a boner while reading page 34 of L. Ron Hubbard's biography.

    The Penetrator 
  • The Running Gag on the Pornhub pause ads.
  • Snob being glad that the porno is parodying its source material, and isn't another Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?, which the Snob punctuates with an Eddie impression.


    Ghosts Can't Do It 

    Blast-Off Girls 
  • After the opening credits to the episode, Snob informs us that what we saw wasn't a trailer for the film, but rather the opening scene.
  • The film features the return of the Colonel Sanders cameo! As well as the Snob's ever-bamboozled reaction. At the end of the review, he (sadly) admits to picking the film because he was looking for another film with a Colonel Sanders cameo in it after Hell's Bloody Devils.
  • After riffing on a majority of the film's music, the Snob ultimately comes across a song he does like: the impromptu "Go {twang} Yourself".
    Snob: I'm just sayin', Gerry and the Pacemakers never had a song called "Go {twang} Yourself".
  • "And then... it gets weird. Meaning they decided to film any random thing they came across... Real lion, fake lion, trashcan."

  • His opening Call-Back to the Geek Maggot Bingo review, where he finally realizes the Word Salad Title is a play on the title of Beach Blanket Bingo.
  • This exchange in the scene introducing the kid protagonist
    Snob: Ah, what we found impressive in The '90s.
    Kid: What are you waitin' for?
    Chuckie: Your farts to evaporate!
    Snob: And what we found insulting in the '90s. Here kid, let me help you a little with the insults.
    The Big Blast: Go {twang} yourself, my friend...
  • And of course, Snob's amazement by the titular dog's abilities, such as skateboarding, doing math, using a payphone to tap out a message in Morse code, and being able to read a phone book.

    The Fantastic Four 
  • The opening, saying it gets everything wrong about The Fantastic Four... Motown band.
  • The Snob comments that the Film is called "THE Fantastic Four", claiming that the other Films could be about any Fantastic Four...and he's sure one of them is Captain America!?
  • Complaining on how the movie manages to do a POV shot... of a blind woman.
  • "Reed figures out why they have their powers. Sue is invisible because she's shy. Reed stretches because he figuratively stretches himself thin. Johnny has a fiery temper. And Ben never left his damn Pet Rock collection!"
  • The utter lack of on-screen fight scenes.
  • During the closing, Snob wonders if he's still allowed to mention the unreleased films he's seen. And pushing the joke further, the producer of Grizzly II calls him.

    A Ton Of Grass Goes To Pot 

    A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge 
  • "If Freddy can get himself unburnt and a steady job as a driver, why does he need to kill?"
  • His response to Jessie's dance scene is to show himself putting his cutlery back into a drawer like A MAN!
  • One line was cut when the video was reuploaded onto YouTube, but it might have been the best line in the review.
    Snob: (during a scene of a school bus driving down the road) Okay, okay, I'm supposed to be pissed off. Get ready movie, you're about to be schooled.

    The New York Ripper 
  • Snob opens up the review by mentioning how this year was going to be about focusing more on Italian horror films... and then admitting he dropped the ball.
    Snob: As I said several months ago, this would be the year that we'd take a look at some notable entries in Italian horror... and then I slipped and fell in a well of more "What the fuck, Hollywood?" movies. What? It's easy to get distracted when one minute you're watching Anthony Quinn's ghost against a black backdrop,note  and the next minute you're watching a dog rescue other dogs from a slaughterhouse!note  My attention span easily gets lost!
  • Behold: Snob's attempted Vegas analogy.
    Snob: Figures we'd be talking about another Lucio Fulci movie, it's like going to the roulette table and either betting on red or black. You know it's going to be either Lucio Fulci or Dario Argento. But then again, there is the wild card of Bruno Mattei... Mmm... I haven't been to Vegas in a while...
  • Snob accuses the film's poster of ripping off the Italian film poster that's behind his chair... while not even bothering to move it out from behind the chair to prove his point.
    Snob: I'm not sure what this poster is for, but it's obvious that the word "Ripper" in the title has a double meaning!
  • The killer's duck voice earns plenty of references, including to Donald Duck, Down and Dirty Duck and "Disco Duck".

    Staying Alive 
  • Snob finally noticing that "Musical March" is supposed to be in March, not September leads him to laugh, before his laugh clearly turns bitter.
  • "[The movie] was nominated for... some awards... I won't say which ones yet..."
  • Snob states that you could tell Staying Alive was in trouble right away due to it being named after The Bee Gees' hit song... "Stayin' Alive".
    Snob: You hear that? "Stayin' Alive". Not "Staying Alive"! "Stayin' Alive"! There's no "G" in this disco dojo!
  • His response to a smart ass line by Tony:
    Joy: Hello, I'm Joy.
    Tony: And I'm happiness!
    Snob: You! OUT!
  • The batshit insanity of "Satan's Alley" earns one amused/funny quip after another.
    • "The reviews are in! Every Broadway critic has now seen the face of God."
  • Based on how, after the movie freeze-frames on Tony in Time Square, Tony fades into sparkles right before the credits start up,note  Snob comes to the conclusion that "Staying Alive" ended on the twist that Tony was a ghost the whole time.
    Snob: And it should've been obvious! Only angels can bring us something as magical as "Satan's Alley"!
    • Also, Snob removing "Stayin' Alive" from Tony's final strut, making it awkward as hell due to the missing music.
  • "Anyway, back to hating this movie, I just... I just don't know if I can... I mean, sure, Staying Alive, but... Satan's Alley! What is the deal with this movie?!"
  • Understandably, Snob gets tripped up hearing this remark from Sylvester Stallone right after asking what the point of the movie is:
    Stalone: Can you believe that Rocky Balboa and Tony Manero, the two dumbest people in the history of cinema, now together for the first time to form the dumbest, worst film of all time. Okay...
    • Or, as Snob himself puts it, they intended to make a stupid movie.

    Little Rita of the West 
  • While covering Rita Pavone's career, Snob is seriously taken aback when he stumbles on a film (La Feldmarescialla) where Little Rita appears to be playing a Nazi. Naturally, his first reaction is to wonder why he isn't reviewing that.

    Fangs (Egyptian Rocky Horror) 
  • "I could just watch Rocky Horror itself, but talking during that movie is just plain rude! Which is why there is absolutely no footage anywhere of people riffing or being disruptive during a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show!"
  • The return of fake subtitles.
    • "God fucking damn it all to hell, Janet. I tolerate you."
    • "I would like to take you on a very familiar and slightly litigious journey."
    • "I'm just a sweet Egyptian vampire, from Hammersexual, Nosfertulvaniaaaaaaaa."
    • "I said we weren't going to sing about Eddie. Und I lied."
    • "Toucha, toucha, touch me... I wanna feel contagious."
    • "A little privacy, please. I'm washing my wild and untamed thing."
    • "If we're going to die, I must be honest with you. I prefer Xanadu over Rocky Horror."
  • "This is where he confesses to her that he's not actually Egyptian Barry Bostwick. He's Egyptian Cliff DeYoung."
  • "They're doing the 'Let's-Not-Do-The-Time-Warp-And-Say-We-Did'".
  • The constant cutaways to a laughing criminologist.
    • "Great, it's the first time one of these movies has laughed at me for watching it."
    • "HAHAHA! You're right. I am stupid for watching this instead of The Man with the Golden Gun."
    • "I'll catch that Dracula for ya. The fangs, the cape, the whole damn coffin. (The criminologist laughs) Thanks! I thought it was quite the funny joke, too."
    Snob: Unfortunately, the movie's version of shock treatment is just putting someone in a bathtub and tossing a toaster in. Eh? Eh? Where's my laugh for that joke?
    Criminologist: No, this is getting very old.
    Snob: Why are you yelling at me? It's your movie!

  • "In the 1980s there only 2 options: either you Xanadu or Xanadon't... Well I most definitely Xanadon't!"
  • When the movie suddenly does a whacky scene transition Snob says it's a bit too late to be introducing them before a whacky transition of his own
  • Constant jabs at how impractical roller discos are
  • Snob saying that Olivia Newton-John turning down a role in Can't Stop The Music to appear in Xanadu was a genuinely good choice
  • "There's no cover charge required - just three years of dancing experience"

    Black is Beautiful 

    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers 

    The Passion of the Christ (With The Nostalgia Critic) 
  • The Running Gag where the movie's dialogue receives a Gag Sub.
    • Satan's introduction.
      Satan's subtitle: I am... Voldemort's brother.
    • "Let us take a break from starting all the world's wars and torture this man."
    • When Judas tries to return the silver coins to the Jewish priests.
      "Sorry, no take-backsies."
    • "We're here to railroad Jim Caviezel's career."
    • Pontius Pilate's deal to Jesus:
      Pilate: I'll let you go if you promise not to make When the Game Stands Tall.
      Jesus: Never!
    • One of the Roman guards before he hits Jesus in the face with a stick.
      "My son made this in art class, it may be a little small."
    • Pilate, upon seeing Jesus all bloodied and bruised.
      "I said tip this man, not whip this man!"
    • Jesus, regarding the barbed wire crown on his head: "I don't think this is a real crown."
    • The two flashbacks to Jesus giving advice:
      "If a movie comes along that calls itself God's Not Dead... Just remember, the makers of that film are assholes."
      "And if you see a man named Kirk Cameron... don't let him save Christmas."
    • "Jesus is about to say his final words!"
      Jesus' subtitle: Ouch.
  • The cutaways where Snob and Critic are in the woods with Santa Christ. Mario and Luigi (played by Snob and Critic) torture Santa Christ throughout these cutaways for preferring Sega Genesis over Super Nintendo.
    • "Wait, their names are Mario and Luigi? I've been calling them Hornio and Squegie for years."
    • "You anti segite bastards!"
    • At one point, a truck passes by while they were shooting. Judging by the Critic's reaction, the driver was apparently wondering what they were doing:
      Critic (to the driver): Killing a guy!
    • Snob as Mario, in general.
    • The conclusion, which invokes I Love the Dead.
      Luigi: Huh, that's never happened before. What do we do, if they die before we crucify them?
      Mario: That's easy, Luigi. We have sex with it.
      Luigi: Oh.
  • The Running Gag that Jesus invented many modern day conveniences, including the chair, washing your hands before meals, and cookie jars.
  • "The donkey was definitely murdered. He better hang it to make sure it looked like suicide!"
  • Calling Herod the Hedonismbot. The Critic calls him "brentalfloss in drag." The comments section calls him JonTron.
  • The two complaining about Jesus falling over constantly.
    Snob: The movie Falling Down didn't have this much falling down!

    Critic: Fucking God, Frodo didn't fall this much in The Lord of the Rings!
  • When Snob notices the mob hunting Jesus are carrying pitchforks and torches.
    "The mob is actually on their way to hunt down Frankenstein's monster, but instead they find Jesus."
  • During the whipping of Jesus, Satan shows up holding a baby, which the Critic and Snob confusingly refer to as "Popeye...?"
  • "Now as punishment, Jesus must carry this 10 lbs movie prop."
  • "God, the last half hour of this movie has more walking than Gerry, though I would like to whip Gus Van Sant after that film."
  • ''They have to dislocate Jesus' shoulder to get his arm to the other end of the cross. Luckily, he's in the hands of Mel Gibson, who can teach him to pop that shoulder back in, in no time."
  • Their reactions to the ending:
    Critic: He is now, The Last Christbender.
    Snob: I never thought I'd ever see them sequel baiting Jesus.

    Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers 
  • Snob admits right from the get go that he's doing this review so soon after reviewing Halloween 4 since Halloween 5 was most likely filmed "only a couple of weeks after part four".
  • The Running Gag of adding Tequila's dialogue to the police dog. And in the Midnight Screening of the re-realease of Halloween he says that a surprising amount of people didn't notice the lines were not from the movie.

  • "So you're not running a car dealership, but a brothel!"
  • Noting how this and Batpussy is a movie where the actors' whereabouts are a Riddle for the Ages.

    Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives 
  • "Last time in this series... Jason made a bunch of people fuck... but a few years prior, when we reviewed Part 5..."
  • Him mentioning that it's going to be several years before he's done with this series at the end. (after all, the next month with a Friday the 13 is May 2016; then it's only January and October 2017, and if he does Jason X, Freddy vs. Jason, and the remake - which will possibly get a sequel in between! - Jason will have a part of the Snob's schedule until 2019)
  • "Jaaaiiil..."

    Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas 
  • The intro saying that the movie deserves more attention than just people discussing it in cars.
  • An exasperated Snob repeatedly pointing out that the mug Cameron pretends to drink his beloved hot chocolate from is very obviously empty.
  • Given a supposed family movie devotes quite some time discussing Herod's massacre of the innocents, Snob doesn't take it easily.
  • During the baby Jesus segment, after Kirk removes Joseph from the scene:
    Snob: In fact, the rest start disappearing too, as if Marty McFly really fucked shit up!
  • After Kirk Cameron says the Bible brings the cloth back into the story at Jesus' tomb, Snob says, "He also probably shit himself at birth and at death too, so do I need to start worshipping the toilet?".
  • Snob is baffled when two characters mention the "War on Christmas" alongside a series of intentionally absurd conspiracy theories, and then make a sarcastic comment about the trustworthiness of Fox News (the media source which most consistently cites the War on Christmas as a threat to society). He's eventually forced to ask "Is this movie fucking with me?"
  • This moment during the St. Nicholas segment right before he beats the shit out of a couple heretics.
    St. Nicholas: In the beginning, was the word...
    Snob: And that word is PAIN!
  • "It's the part Kirk was born to play: the bad angel who sits atop your shoulder."
  • When Christian and Kirk's sister start trading flirtatious innuendos:
    Snob: Holy SHIT. He's three times bigger than her, he's gonna split her in half.
  • The last lines, with a Call-Back on some complainers in the Passion review (who were clearly unfamiliar with the show):
    Acting surprised that Kirk Cameron said something crazy is like watching a riff show where two people dressed as Mario and Luigi beat the shit out of a Jesus-Santa hybrid and being surprised that it's not a proper analytical review!
  • Kirk says no one loves a Christmas party more than his sister...while the camera freezes on her with a look of mild annoyance on her face.
    Snob: Yeah, you can tell by her face that says "Will everyone please use a god damn coaster?"
  • Right after Snob asks if there's any more weird family members, we're introduced to Uncle Bill dressed as Santa Claus. Or as Snob puts it: "Must-Stay-A-Thousand-Yards-Away-From-School-Playgrounds Uncle Bill"
    • Then, we get more appearances of Uncle Bill looking quite murderous, when Kirk and Christian are talking about Santa. One of which has him making a fist and cracking his knuckles.
      Snob: Santa's gonna fist a motherfucker!
  • Early in the review, Snob wonders when Santa is going to show up and kill people, due to having seen a ton of horror films with that exact premise. Later, Kirk tells Christian a story about Saint Nicholas beating up two heretics, making Snob's mix-up not too far off.
  • After beating up the heretics, Saint Nicholas flashes a Slasher Smile and the Snob is disturbed upon realizing that it looks like him.

    Ms. Velma's Most Incredibly Magnificent Christmas Week 
  • When he says it's worse than the hilariously awful Fun in Balloonland, you know you're in for a doozy. He's right.
  • The juxtaposition of the episode's opening credits to Snob's lead-in line is just amazing:
    Snob: [The film]'s what happens when you leave the Christmas party up to Tim Noah, Anna-Nicole Smith, and Aunt Martha from Sleepaway Camp...
    (cut to some guy singing... the Star Spangled Banner)
  • "Ms. Velma was an Evangelist from Los Angeles, where apparently you can just put on any Christmas special you want, even if its intent was to not only make the baby Jesus cry, but all babies everywhere!"
  • As Snob explains, Ms. Velma didn't have to change her last name when she was married. Because she married her first-cousin. Snob's violent chuckling after dropping that nugget is what really sells it.
  • The Running Gag regarding how the actors probably had spiked eggnog.
  • The talking animals, particularly once they all start talking at once.
  • This:
    Ms. Velma: In the stable dark, was glad to tell, of the gift he gave, Emmanuel.
    Snob: Ugh, it wouldn't be Christmas without Creepy Uncle Bill giving the kids copies of Emmanuelle.
  • "So that's why there's no audience, she shot them all before Sid Vicious had a chance to?"
  • Some comments on the video asking "what is this?" in bewilderment get the appropriate response. "This is Christmas in America".

    A Madea Christmas 
  • The posters, showing it's a movie to "take your children and make them cry" and "give adults nightmares". (the latter is the one the title card is based on)
  • After so much annoyance with Madea (complete with saying she is worse to endure than the villains of the many Nazisploitation movies he's seen), she says a funny line - after Larry the Cable Guy attempts to tell a joke about two rabbis and a black dude, "Did you hear the one about the stray bullet that killed the redneck for telling the story about the two rabbis and the black dude?" - and the Snob is understandably shocked.
  • Snob talking about the choppy editing. While he says it might just be his DVD, the fact that he initially thought it was that poorly edited says a lot about the quality of the movie.
  • Snob laughs at a joke about cancernote  and the KKK note . Since he laughed, this leads the Snob to conclude that both cancer and the KKK are funnier than Madea.
  • During the opening credits, Kathy Najimy and Chad Michael Murray's names appear over a scene of Madea and her daughter talking.
    Snob: I, however, disagree with the credits. That (Madea's daughter) is not Kathy Najimy, but that (Madea) could be Chad Michael Murray. I heard he's gone into hiding after Left Behind.
  • This gem, when the movie suddenly cuts to a group of people arguing.
    Snob: Here's a bunch of angry white people who have been told that they have to sit through a Madea movie.
  • When Kim tries to make amends with Eileen by giving her a cup of cocoa, Snob notices the mug is empty and refers to it as being a cameo from Kirk Cameron's empty cup of cocoa.
  • According to the Snob, one of Madea's weaknesses is: "she's a fucking tyrant."

    Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever 

    The Star Wars Holiday Special 
  • Brad subtly adds audio from Mitchell when Itchy roars at Lumpy.
  • When he notices that the special will say 3PO's actor's name but not R2's, Brad says, "Because fuck you Kenny Baker!"
  • Like many others (including The Nostalgia Critic), Snob admits there's one good thing about the special.

    Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker 
  • Fat Grandma! And this time the Snob goes full Postmodernism regarding the Framing Device.
  • The running gag regarding the poorly chosen surname "Peddo".

    Top 10 Cinema Snob Moments of 2015 
  • The opening narration states that the Clip Show comes in an adequate time given everyone is now seeing Star Wars again. Along with a Springfield news report about The Force Awakens featuring Brad. "See? Even the guy who plays me is doing so!'