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Funny / The Children's Crusade

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  • Billy tries reasoning with Quicksilver when Quicksilver came to prevent Magneto and the Young Avengers search for Wanda. Quicksilver snatches him up in the space of a beat panel and runs off with him.
    • Then Tommy catches up with them and proceeds to beg Pietro to race him, all the while Billy and Pietro are trying to have a serious discussion with Billy still hanging over Pietro's shoulder!
  • Billy's letter to Teddy when he leaves to search for Wanda is a mix of Funny and Heartwarming:
    Billy: Dear Teddy, you are without a doubt the best boyfriend in the entire world. You're kind. You're generous. You threaten to maim people for me.
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  • This exchange.
    Quicksilver: Howisshe? Issheallright? Imustspeakwithmysisteratonce
    Hawkeye: What's that noise?
    Iron Man: That is the noise Pietro makes right before he's tossed out of the air lock.
  • Eli and Kate discussing The Sons of the Serpent.
    Patriot: They're white supremacists.
    Hawkeye: To be fair, they also hate gays and lesbians.
    Patriot: Then we must be their least favourite superhero team ever.
  • Both Beast and Hawkeye tell about their friendly meeting with a depowered Scarlet Witch, which of course means Hawkeye slept with her. Young Avengers show up and tell about that Scarlet Witch was Actually a Doombot. Flat "What" from Hawkeye, huge smiles for Jessica Jones and Beast.

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