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  • More often than not, a question and/or the answer choices will cause Bradley to crack up, which in and of itself has become a huge part of the appeal for the show. Highlights include...
    • "Dump, floater, and wipe" are terms used in which team sport—Badminton, Volleyball, Water Polo. The contestant chose "Water Polo", basing her decision on "floater". The correct answer was "Volleyball", answered correctly by Chaser Shaun Wallace, who then quipped "I was the best dumper in town when I used to play volleyball."
    • The Celebrity Edition with newsreader Nicholas Owen, Holby City actress Laila Rouass, TV presenter Vanessa Feltz, and standup comedian Tim Vine featured two classic Bradley Walsh crackups.
      • Nicholas' first question in the chase against Mark Labbett asked for the name of a Van Morrison song: "Brown-Eyed Girl", "Blue-Eyed Girl", or "Boss-Eyed Girl". Walsh dissolved into laughter on the last one ("boss-eyed" being slang for when a person's eyes look in two different directions at once), prompting Mark to chastise him for giving away that it was a wrong answer. Nicholas knew it anyway.
      • Tim Vine's first question: What is the cartoon character Andy Capp known as in Germany—Dick Tingeler, Helmut Schmacker, or Willi Wakker? For the record, Tim chose "Dick Tingeler", while Mark chose "Helmut Schmacker". Neither chose the correct answer, which was "Willi Wakker".
        Bradley: Tim, good luck, here comes your first question. [the question appears across the bottom of the screen as Bradley reads it] What is the cartoon character Andy Capp known as in Germany? [the answers appear on screen] A: Dick Tingeler... [the studio audience fall about laughing; the innuendo-laden nature of the answers registers with Bradley, who manages to hold in his laughter for about half a second before doubling over in hysterics, while Nicholas and Laila are falling over the desk laughing] Is it A: Dick Tingeler! [Tim is doing his best to keep a straight face] Or is it B... [laughs] Helmut Schmack- [try as he might, he can't get through the name without dissolving into laughter]
        Mark: There's a hundred grand at stake here, pull yourself together!
        Bradley: Okay... or is it C: Willi- [doubles over laughing again; the studio audience are likewise in hysterics, and after Tim and Mark lock in their answers, even Mark can no longer hold in his laughter]
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    • "What songbird is known poetically as 'mavis'?" — Swallow, Starling, or Thrush. The contestant selects "Thrush", and says she thinks she's picked it up. This doesn't go unnoticed by Mark ("Is there a doctor in the house?") or the other contestants, and Bradley tries to keep a straight face:
      Bradley: The futile and immature people in the studio. Sincere apologies, that will not happen again; it's childish. (beat) Have you got some cream?
    • "In what sport does Fanny Chmelar compete for Germany?" — Swimming, Show Jumping, or Skiing. Just the sole pronunciation of her name causes Bradley and Chaser Anne Hegerty to giggle for quite a bit.note 
      • Bradley ends up laughing so hard he can barely speak, while Anne is wiping tears from her eyes as she tries to keep her composure. The bemused contestant only adds to the hilarity.
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    • In the 1990s, the character Chef from "South Park" had a number one hit with which song?—Hot Spicy Sausage, Fresh Juicy Melons, Chocolate Salty Balls. Both the contestant and Chaser Shaun Wallace gave the correct answer—Chocolate Salty Balls. Shaun even cracked up a little during the question.
    • What 1993 film is concerned with activities around Gobbler's Knob?Grumpy Old Men, Jurassic Park, Groundhog Day. Bradley's reaction is priceless. What makes it even funnier, though, is how the contestant picks it up and starts trolling the heck out of Bradley. Then when Anne encourages it, it gets even worse!
    • In 2015, the third party US Presidential candidate had what name - Doz Balls, Deez Nuts, or Dem Plums?
      Bradley: Oh, goodness me... It's got to be Doz Balls, it can't be Deez Nuts or Dem Plums... You've put (Deez Nuts is highlighted as contestant's answer) Deez - WHY'D YOU PUT THAT?!
      Bradley: Correct answer is - it's gonna be Doz Balls, it can't be Dem Plums...
      (Deez Nuts is revealed as correct answer, Brad pretends to faint)
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    • Bradley can't resist giggling a bit at a question about the moons of Uranus, causing Paul to retort, "Oh, grow up, Brad!"
  • Anne has never seen the film Titanic. Bradley is appropriately horrified.
  • One episode had a contestant who was eighty-two. When Bradley asked the first question of the chase, she accidentally blurted out an answer before remembering that she was supposed to enter it on the keypad. It turned out the answer she put in was wrong... but Chaser Mark Labbett went for the answer she'd blurted out and therefore was wrong as well. Both Walsh and Labbett were astounded that she'd managed to wrongfoot the latter completely by accident. See it here.
  • Then again, Bradley doesn't always need the help, see here. Made all the funnier when the contestant pretty much has to announce the cut to a commercial break himself. And to top it off, after getting it right, he doesn't wait around in heading back to join the other players, causing Paul to burst into hysterical laughter.
  • Anne "reveals" her own middle name here.
  • The 30 September 2013 episode has a few. Like the guy who somehow got zero in the cashbuilder... then took his zero pounds to the table, stayed at zero pounds, then beat Mark and got to the Final Chase! Add the fact two players somehow took the high offer and WON and how the zero pounds guy got through with a full team... and well, Mark's reaction was just priceless.
  • Jonathan Ross during the 2014 celebrity run; forget Chewing the Scenery, he starts climbing the scenery. Funnier considering he'd been trash talking Shaun all game, took the high offer when his turn came, and won big.
  • The November 19, 2013 episode of the American version has a question about the country that produces bulgogi. Mark doesn't know the answer (Korea), but the contestant does... and so does Brooke.
    Brooke: I never thought I'd say this... I'm going to school you on some food.
  • This contestant counters perfectly an insult from Anne here.
  • Whenever the Chaser gets an answer wrong that they should clearly know. Even better when the contestant gets it wrong too. Or when both happen, and Bradley knows the answer.
    Anne [after answering "Sheffield" instead of "Bolton"]: How embarrassing, I play in the Bolton league!
  • Australian version: In one of the Cashbuilder rounds, Andrew asked, "The statue Venus de Milo is missing which part of the body?" Contestant Lachlan blurted out "Penis" just before the time runs out, causing everyone else to laugh. Andrew later tells him that his answer is technically not wrong... the Venus is indeed missing a penis, but only because it's a woman.
  • The Season 2 Episode 13 of the Australian version has the question, "A boarding school in an Enid Blyton series is called what Towers?" asked to the chaser. Goliath got the answer wrong, and it was passed to the contestants. Since no-one in the team had a clue on what it is, one of them anyhow went with "Cheeseburger". Goliath's happily fist-pumping at his silly answer, as well as his teammates' Face Palm made the whole thing even funnier.
  • Mark once gave the low offer of "a tenner"note , announcing it while pulling out a bank note of that value.
  • Anne, confronted with the attractive David, is unable to keep her admiration for him quiet:
    Anne: Hello, David.
    David: Hello.
    Anne: Ooooh, I just want to lick you all over.
  • One episode had a question with one of the wrong answers being 'Pantydraco', which lead Paul to joke it was a term used in Harry Potter Slash Fic.


  • The Stinger. It's Charlie Sheen in the clown outfit that he wears during the Imagine Spot halfway through the movie. And he's doing the "I Love The Smell of Napalm" monologue (that he probably heard in Real Life as he was on the set of Apocalypse Now with his dad Martin).
  • Pretty much any scene featuring Henry Rollins as a gung ho LA cop is hilarious. Rollins' absolute conviction in his over the top macho bullshit makes his whole character a Funny Moment.


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