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Funny / The Changeling of the Guard

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  • The play of Chapter 21. At first, Idol is entirely bemused by both the absurdity of Mareio and Luigette's plot and the ridiculousness of ponies pretending to be other ponies, but by the end of the play...
    “Nay, eat not the poisoned mushroom-” I began, and Topaz’s wing muffled the rest of my cry that the lover was not yet dead. It went unheeded, and the deed was completed with not another in the audience that attempted to halt it. I wept profusely as the curtain fell, the inevitability of it drowning me in sorrow I could scarcely comprehend.
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  • A Knight With Princess Cadance
    "I briefly wondered if the ground opening beneath me would have to consecutively breach every floor to the penthouse. Likely. I resolved to wish for a death less troublesome to the owner of this establishment."
  • Chapter 47 is a barrel of laughs unto itself.
    • Pinkie Pie delivered Idol some sweets while he was on the train. This being Pinkie...
      “She delivered them to the station? Well, that was certainly nice of her-”
      “No, your Highness. She delivered them to the train and left. She claimed she did not have a ticket.”
      “...While it was at the station?”
    • While delivering his report of Ponyville to Princess Celestia, Idol displays some of his purchased wares and one in particular draws her attention.
      "And that?” [Celestia] raised a hoof to point at one of my items.
      “It is a chicken composed of rubber. I purchased it at the local ‘joke shop’. It is hilarious.” I stomped on the creature and it made a goose-like honk, followed by a squeaky wheeze. I smiled at the very absurdity.

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