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  • From the preview:
    The Cape: ... and study your math - you need to work on your math.
  • Also:
    The Cape: What are you, twelve?
    Orwell: You're the one wearing long underwear and a cape.
    The Cape: ... Fair enough.
  • In the second episode, The Cape is in a store when it is robbed; after foiling the robbery, the owner asks who he is.
    The Cape: I'm The Cape.
    Store Owner: Okay. You can work on it.
  • The hypnotism scene.
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  • " we think the...raccoon....acted alone?"
  • Max's "death" scene in the pilot. It looks like a standard-issue Mentor Occupational Hazard - until he wakes back up, annoyed that he's not actually dead and he wasted that great speech.
  • Pretty much all of the conversation between Orwell and Vince while he's poisoned.
    Orwell: Are you even listening to me?
    Vince: Off and on. I'm dying.
  • From Goggles & Hicks, when Dana comes home after the blackout caused by the eponymous assassins, and finds Trip and his new friend Jerry on the floor with containers of ice cream nearby.
    Dana: What is this?
    Trip: We didn't want it to spoil.
    Jerry: Mistakes were made.
  • When Gregor is asking around the poker table about the Cape, one of the guys he's talking to says someone is running around with something similar. Gregor asks for the name of the man wearing the Cape. The response? "The Cape." The annoyed/headache look on Gregor's face is priceless.
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  • When Rollo is taking Orwell to the Carnival, he yells "Hey, you clowns, get out of the way!" This is followed by... clowns, desperately getting out of the way.
  • When Vince asks Max to teach him how to successfully walk a tightrope between two skyscrapers within 48 hours:
    Max: Two days?! I could just throw you off of a tall building right now and save you the trouble. Why do you always bother me when I'm drinking?
    Vince: Because you're always drinking.
  • After being locked in a cage by Rollo (this being something of a pet peeve of his), Scales suddenly starts headbutting one of the bars repeatedly, while Max and the others leave him. Later on in the episode, the camera cuts back to Scales, still bashing away at the bar despite the fact that his head is now bleeding profusely. Just as quickly as he started, he stops and pushes on the bar that he'd been attacking... for the entire cage door to crash down before him. He then nonchalantly straightens his jacket and calmly walks out.


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