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  • The song "Eight Hours" as a whole. It's a drinking song sung by Jake and Chet after an all-nighter... of drinking.
    • Its predecessor, "If I Had My Way", is somehow even funnier. Jake and Chet describe Pete as Jake's 'AWOL dumb shit brother'.
  • Chet is the closest thing to comic relief this show gets, other than Dusty's occasional funny moment.
    Chet: Even my nutsack's hungover.
  • Jake and Chet's banter over the word 'repertoire' after Dusty claims he can play any song on the radio.
    Chet: What's that word? With all the songs?
    Jake: Rep-ertoire.
    Chet: Rep-ertoire! I like that word. Rep-ertoire me, Dusty.
  • Dusty in general is pretty funny, as mentioned above.
    Frances: You two can go take a hike if you don't believe me!
    Dusty: THIS IS A HIKE!
    • His drowning dream is one of his funniest moments, especially the part about the eel.
    Dusty: I do not know why God made the eel.
    Dusty: (later, when imitating the eel in his dream) HAHAHA DUSTY RIVERS I'M A MENTAL CASE EEL!!
  • The fight between Dusty and Frances, especially in the script. Dusty fights 'like a mama pig, all belly and hooves' and Frances fights 'like a hyper swan'.

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