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Funny / The Bridges of Madison County

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  • Robert goes to pick flowers for Francesca:
    Robert: Men still do that, don't they? I'm not out of date, am I? Picking flowers for a woman, as a sign of appreciation.
    Francesca: No, not at all, except those are poisonous. (Robert drops the flowers, Francesca starts laughing uncontrollably) No, I'm kidding, I'm so sorry.
    Robert: Are you sadistic by nature or what?
  • There's actually an error in the official Broadway cast recording, and Caitlin Kinnunen (Carolyn) called herself out for it while promoting her later production, The Prom. At one point during "State Run 21", the line "I can hold it all together and I will not cry" is supposed to be held out for a longer riff on the last word. Instead, "cry" is cut off fairly abruptly, and since the soundtrack was recorded all at once with the actors in the same room, it couldn't be adjusted.
    Kinnunen: (half-amused, half-ashamed) I'm nominated for a Tony!

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