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The Godzilla/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover fic:

Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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  • The contrast between Mothra...and, well everyone else upon arriving in Equestria stands out in such a contrast it's hilarious. Godzilla gets into an hours long brawl with Princess Luna, Destroyah gets into a brutal fight with some Timberwolves, Xenilla tries to kill Fluttershy (who cows him with the Stare), and Mothra...cures Twilight's headache, then politely and calmly defuses the confusion she's Chrysalis, resulting in mutual Adorkableness.
  • Xenilla getting shocked and embarrassed when Sweetie Belle hugs him while making this face.
  • When Garble threatens to eat Rainbow Dash and company, one of his goons notes that a few ponies aren't going to last them, and one of them is giving the others hungry eyes. Said dragon's response?
  • Gentle Leaf is a playful, happy-go-lucky little filly who bonds with Anguirus.... And despite being a Cute Mute, apparently she has quite the mouth on her when she sees Anguirus fighting off Garble. Some of the first active swearing from anyone on the Equestrian side, and it's coming out of a kid with a single digit age.
  • Rodan's Dynamic Entry is him using Garble as a landing pad.
  • Rodan's first few moments as a Griffon. Unlike Anguirus, his new body is completely different than his true form, and he falls to the ground trying to figure out how to move in his new form.
  • After everything settles down a bit, Rainbow Dash finally asks why Anguirus turned into a pony after being a 'giant lizard thing'. Anguirus and Rodan's reaction?
    Anguirus ...Mothra, why am I still a horse?
    Rodan: Mothy, why is he still a horse?
  • After Bold Rush antagonizes an imprisoned Godzilla only to get his ass kicked, his comrades wholeheartedly approve.
    -What an idiot...-
    -Dumb*** had it coming...-
  • Having already figured out he was in a big misunderstanding and having dealt with the above mentioned Bold Rush, Godzilla's first request to the captain of the guard escorting him to casually ask to be hoofcuffed again while holding his forelimbs out.
  • Godzilla Junior, one of the most powerful beings in his home realm and even after the transformation is easily on par with an immortal alicorn in terms of raw power. Yet put him in a mildly attractive unicorn body and place him in the same room with a Pegasus mare who'd flirt with anything on four legs; and he's thoroughly bewildered and mildly creeped out due to sheer confusion.
  • Blade Dancer, a pegasus royal guard who threw stoicism out the window and will let someone know if she likes what she sees. In this case the unicorn bodied Godzilla. Her advances however creep him out to no end.
  • When the Mane 6 are mass teleported into Canterlot, Rarity arrives in the middle of her shower. Bathtub and all.
    Rodan: Oh look, a white one.
  • Pinkie Pie's introduction. She zooms around the room, setting up a 'Welcome Hopefully Benign Dimensional Invaders' Party. Anguirus finds himself somehow having gotten balloons tied to him that are slightly lifting him off the ground, and Destroyah is very confused by Pinkie Pie offering her cupcakes.
  • Xenilla just can't let it go on how weird the idea of a Princess ruling an Empire is to him. Not once does he call Cadance by her chosen title, referring to her as Empress Cadenza, much to her ire. It gets to the point it's hard to tell if it's him being stubborn or just trolling her.
    • It turns into a Running Gag, with Xenilla finding out Cadance's predecessor was King Sombra and not Emperor, he is similarly flabbergasted and just concludes they're all idiots.
  • Megalon is basically the kaiju equivalent to Derpy Hooves. The guy bounces around like a hopped up three year old.
  • Upon seeing Twilight Sparkle, Gamera says she looks like a children's toy. Likewise, Twilight is stunned by the fact that Gamera is a talking bipedal turtle with teeth, and says Gamera looks like a movie monster suit. Leaning on the Fourth Wall much?
  • Add another note to the Godzilla - Blade Dancer Saga. When training with Starlight, the latter begins to question Junior about what happened the night Blade Dancer came to his quarters; thinking she managed to seduce him. His manners of speech about sexual matters and courting fly completely over Junior's head and the entirely platonic responses from Junior make Starlight think he really gets around.
  • Everything about the Halloween special chapter. From a title that looks right at home as a YouTube Poop to everything involving Mane-iac to Megalon's interaction with Pipsqueak.
    • One special note on the Mane-iac front is when Gigan drops her from a great height in order to kill her, only for Toon Physics to spare her, leaving him flabbergasted.
    Gigan: "Who broke physics?!"
  • Mothra Lea contacts Anguirus to inform him of Junior's battle with the Gyaos via newspaper...and when he tries to save it for later to continue the errand he's on...
    Lea: Anguirus… I had QUITE the day yesterday and can’t hold this telepathy up much longer… I REALLY recommend you get that paper before I need to teleport over there myself.
    Anguirus: …Wait, you can do that?
  • Pinkie Pie's attempt to help Anguirus sneak through town without rousing suspicion. Her solution? Stuff him into the Pinkie Suit from the IDW comics to try and hide him. His expression is priceless. In fact Anguirus' general confusion and befuddlement at Pinkie Pie is this, particularly given it means that Pinkie is weird by the standards of a giant, magically and biologically engineered anklyosaur from a world were alien invasions, psychics, and atomic mutations are common place.
  • Sunset Shimmer's interpretation of Christmas traditions can be pretty funny to read.
  • Monster X getting stunned by a surprise Groin Attack he didn't know to block by Sonata Dusk.
  • After X and Irys return to Zenith from the Equestria Girls dimension, Megalon greets them with a bear hug. Gigan facepalms in reaction.
  • The illustration of Blade Dancer after she fainted. She has X's over her eyes like an anime character.
  • Mothra playfully chewing on Godzilla's tail is a humorous Mythology Gag considering in the various movie incarnations, nearly every Mothra has bitten their version of Godzilla's tail.
  • Godzilla and Luna's scene in the Valentine's Day special. Comedic misunderstandings and lots of Hilarity Ensues.
  • During the Valentine's Day special, Gigan learns the hard way that his human body can't fly when he leaps into the air and ends up kissing the sidewalk.
  • Gigan running into Mane-iac again, to his horror. The love-stricken villainess declares they'll have a wedding this instant, with Megalon excitedly asking Gigan if he could be his best man... only to change his mind realizing Monster X would be better suited for that role and he opts to be the flower girl instead. Gigan becomes so overwhelmed that he freezes stiff and his showed eyes reveal he got a blue screen, a literal Villainous BSoD if you will.
  • After Gigan, Megalon, and Irys' adventure in the Equestria Girls version of Power Ponies, it cuts to human Rainbow Dash reading the comic and asking if the writers have lost their minds. Sunset Shimmer does a Spit Take after she sees Irys in the comic.
  • Right after a fear mongering psychologist grossly misinterprets Godzilla Junior's intentions on national radio, warning Equestria about what he and others like him might do next; we cut to Rodan harmlessly entertaining some kids.
  • The illustration of Rarity smirking after Anguirus nervously asks for manners lessons so he can impress Ki Seong.
  • Rarity freaking out when Anguirus mentions he's over 70,000 years old, then sheepishly asking if he would like to share his aging secret with the mares of Ponyville.
    • When Rarity offers to teach Anguirus manners to impress Seong, she starts be having him kiss her hoof. His response? Flatly tell her that she walks on dirt with that.
  • During his battle with Xenilla, King Sombra stops to make a boast in a show of prideful superiority complex. Or at least he would have if Xenilla didn't keep getting annoyed by this and taking the chance to attack him whenever he started his monologue.
    Sombra: "You brute! Have you not evolved the ability to address your better?!"
    Xenilla: "No words needed. I'd have a human gesture for you, but I don't have any fingers at the moment."
  • Xenilla calmly demanding he get a royal pardon for past misunderstandings from Cadance in the middle of a fight with King Sombra. Princess Cadance actually agrees to it, again, while in the middle of a fight.
  • Azusa Gojo leading along the toddler aged Junior like a mother duck to get him some donuts she brought back, all while speaking in a sing songy tone after decking a colleague who was abusing the little one. The mental image of the future King of the Monsters happily chirping and trailing his adoptive mother around to have a donut is hilarious considering the gargantuan badass he grew up to be.
  • Destroyah attempts to use her division ability when still in her Equestrian body. It works, but the results hilariously backfires on her, as instead of a swarm of monsters, she ends up as a crowd of babies.
    • Destroyah screaming "Fudge this body!" when she's in the body of a toddler and learns that young Equestrians have a natural "censor" and can't swear.
    • Vinyl Scratch's Unusually Uninteresting Sight during the above mentioned Destroyah swarm 'rampage'. Several of the infants invade her studio and knock down her wall. Response?
      Vinyl Scratch: *speaking into the radio* "There goes that wall... Huh, outdoor studio... Well here's our first track. Anypony misplace a laser spewing baby or four?"
    • Anguirus making fun of toddler Destroyah.
    • The Flim-Flam brothers' vehicle getting swarmed, hijacked, and destroyed by the baby Destroyahs who drive it into town hall.
    • Discord being the god-tier fourth wall rupture artist he is pulls out a Kindle-Fire and looks up information on the story's kaiju through Tohokingdom and This Very Wiki, even naming some of The Bridge's community tropers when mentioning the latter.
    • Vinyl Scratch's PG rated version of I Need a Freaking Drink after the Destroyah Baby horde was dealt with, taking up Ki Seong's offer.
    • Speaking of Seong, when we first see her during the invasion, she's about to have a Let's Get Dangerous! moment. When we a worried Anguirus and company rush to the restaurant to check on her, they see that she has somehow managed to tame the Baby Destoyah's enough to have them clean up their mess and work the kitchen. Cue mass Jaw Drop.
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, many of the attacks Kaizer Ghidorah lets loose on King Ghidorah in Chapter 24 are variations of moves the latter used on Monster X. Sometimes karma hurts. A lot.
  • The Sirens and then Monster X complaining about how slow the elevator is.
    • The fact Monster X enters the hospital scene not by the Dynamic Entry one would expect, but by taking the elevator. When he shows up, Enjin almost looks confused at it all.
  • While entertaining the kids by letting them ride him, Rodan got carried away and dropped one. He managed to catch him and tries to claim he meant to do that, but Applejack still chews him out over it.
  • Rodan asks how Derpy keeps traveling between Canterlot and Appleloosa so fast. Applejack replies, "It's Derpy Hooves, don't question it."
  • Rarity causing Rainbow Dash Jr. to stop in her tracks by reciting the mantra of the Generation 3 Rainbow Dash.
    • Gets double fun when at first it looks like a case of Leaning on the Fourth Wall, until it's revealed the next paragraph the pegasus Rainbow Dash is the daughter of the earth pony one from G3.
  • Rarity dreadfully proclaims she has Awakening the Sleeping Giant. Pinkie Pie thinks she's talking about a kaiju.
    Rarity: "I have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled her with terrible resolve..."
    Pinkie Pie: "What, a Kaiju?! Where?!"
    Rarity: "No.... Rainbow Dash's ego..."
  • One of the guards who was sent to the infirmary by Junior and is now recovered thanks him because he got to meet some hot nurses. Before he can finish his sentence, one of the female guards smacks him.
  • The reveal that in this verse, Prince Blueblood is a pretty nice guy, barring his tendency to rant when he gets upset. The Blueblood who acted like a Prince Charmless in "The Best Night Ever" was an impostor who stole his ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala, making him really upset. Captain Blueberry Frost has seen enough of his rants to go into This Is Gonna Suck mode whenever he shows up.
  • While Blueblood thanking Godzilla for saving Canterlot was really nice, the fact he said it in Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness meant Godzilla and Blueberry Frost could barely understand what he was saying.
  • Rarity takes Rodan aside and apologizes before counting down. He asks what she is doing, and as soon as she's done counting, Rainbow Dash flies in and challenges him to a race, talking really fast.
  • Pinkie Pie does an Eye Pop. Anguirus is shocked and thinks she's some kind of Eldritch Abomination.
  • Pinkie Pie does a Stealth Hi/Bye to Rainbow Dash and Rodan even though they are in the sky.
  • When Rainbow Dash and Rodan's extreme speeds create sonic booms and waves of heat, everypony panics and hits the dirt, except Destroyah, who is completely unfazed and just stands there, even when she gets hit by the effects. Other than a messed up mane, she's completely unaffected.
  • Aria Blaze and Monster X's Snark-to-Snark Combat about the other's attire not being combat practical.
    X: *deadpans* "Your hair is too long. I'd cut it."
    Aria: *yanks on his scarf* "Says the jerk wearing a cord around his neck."
  • When Monster X points to the star system he came from, Aria Blaze finds the idea that he's a space alien on top of being a giant monster ridiculous. Probably getting back at her over the scarf remark, he points out he's the one talking to a magical mind-controlling sea witch.
    Aria: "... *Beat* Touché..."
  • Aria trying to see X's face when he slightly moves his mask aside to rub his temple, only to be disappointed when she can't see anything due to his position.
  • Blade Dancer using Xenilla as a pillow, on justification she wasn't going to sleep on the floor so she hopped into his bed. Then she shocks him by slapping him on the butt.
  • EG!Photo Finish spots Irys when the latter is in her human form, finding her a great model and proceeds to blitzkrieg her with rapid fire photography in her usual style. Irys, blinded by the camera flashes, can only helplessly flail around trying to get at her "attacker", making Photo Finish think she's striking poses. One of the photos is of Irys' true form. When questioned about this, Tarbtano claimed it was DE MAGICKS!
  • The fact the Spanner in the Works that shifts the entirety of the Enjin arc and throws a wrench into Bagan's plans was Photo Finish of all people. Not a kaiju, not an Equestrian hero, but a photographer who didn't even know what she was filming managed to spoil the plans of a Physical God who probably didn't even know nor care she existed.
  • Megalon saying the sound effect for Batman (1966)'s Idiosyncratic Wipes. Danenenea! It's even accompanied by a picture of a scene transition parodying the 60s Batman version, with Irys' silhouette as the Bat Symbol, Gigan's face in a "I am not amused" expression, and Megalon's face smiling.
  • Sonata Dusk being Genre Savvy to guess that the magical happenings around town are coming from Canterlot High School because all the TV shows she watches involving weird stuff happening around a town or city inevitably involve the high school. Examples she lists off include W.I.T.C.H., Power Rangers, and Spider-Man.
  • Irys, Gigan, and Megalon falling out of the sky, with Irys panicking and trying desperately to fly, Gigan simply bracing himself, and Megalon happily positioning himself like he's diving into a pool.
  • Gigan crashes into Sunset Shimmer's bathroom just after she took a shower. Before he can get his bearings, she screams and smacks him with a hair dryer.
    • The entire reunion with Irys accidentally bringing Megalon and Gigan with her to Sunset in general is played for laughs. Capped off by us learning Irys acts like a scared cat while in a car, clinging to the back of Sunset's seat. The illustration of this scene includes Megalon playing with figurines of Tarbtano and Faith-Wolff's pony avatars.
  • Megalon and Sonata Dusk simultaneously Breaking the Fourth Wall and proving their Genre Savvy knowledge of how crossovers work to avert more conflict and figure out just what is going on. And while they're figuring things out, Sunset and Gigan are trying to keep Irys and Adagio separated to keep them from killing each other, with Megalon commenting that it looks like Irys is trying to eat through Gigan's cables to get him out of the way. And then it turns out she was.
  • Gigan's bout of Hypocritical Humor:
    Gigan snapped his neck back with an almost disgruntled and insulted look on his face upon having his abilities compared to magic. Magic made no sense. And after all, he was the teleporting chimera blade happy cyborg made by a race of giant insects, by Tanaka he made sense!
  • Sunset asks how Megalon and Sonata pulled objects out of thin air a la Pinkie Pie. Gigan and Adagio say at the same time not to question it, leading to the two awkwardly staring at each other.
  • Whatever happened with that radio incident with the Kilaaks was solved by Gigan MacGyvering up a solution with his warp drive, Monster X's asteroid, and a satellite dish.
  • Apparently the first words out of Gigan's mouth upon meeting Monster X for the first time were confused expletives at the fact they could understand each other's speech.
  • Sunset admitting that she's willing to believe Irys and her friends was in part because she's used to weird things happening to her.
  • The entirety of the April Fools special! Non-canon or not, its Denser and Wackier factor is cranked Up to Eleven and while very different in tone from the rest of the story; it's hilarious. Highlights include:
    • The constant Lampshade Hanging for each of the series encountered. Marvel/DC's impractical costumes for superheros expected to fight crime in spandex, G.I. Joe's Cobra mooks not being to hit anything no matter how many of them are shooting, G1 of My Little Pony having villains that are terrifying for a little kid's cartoon, and G3 of My Little Pony being incredibly cutesy and not having any male ponies.
    • Pinkie Pie, Sonata Dusk, and Megalon get the drop on Destro because the guy randomly decided to monologue and didn't notice them right behind him.
  • The hilarity continues in the second part of the special when the trio have to tramp through Japanese media.
    • Sonata takes out Akio from Revolutionary Girl Utena by avoiding the show's typical sword duels and taking advantage of the fact he's reciting a monologue to them from a high ledge with his back turned, lobbing a sword at the back of his head that unceremoniously knocks him off the edge. They hear his groans of pain afterwards.
    • The trio fights the most infamous enemy of Kamen Rider X: Starfish Hitler!
  • Anguirus telling Spike that Garble Screams Like a Little Girl.
  • After the near disastrous court session where Moonbeam Glimmer nearly made Junior lose his temper, Mayor Mare comments to herself that it wasn't nearly as bad as her usual court sessions.
  • Blueberry Frost carries her lance around everywhere to the point no one has seen her without it. When Junior brings it up she took it with her to the bar they're at, she just calls it her carry-on like it's a purse or saddlebag and says it's her baby.
  • Just like Xenilla, Godzilla Junior asks why Shining Armor and Cadance are called Prince and Princess when they rule the Crystal Empire.
  • After it is learned Princess Cadance is pregnant, Celestia embarrasses her by commenting that she and Shining Armor certainly didn't waste any time producing an heir.
  • The greatest challenge Star Swirl the Bearded ever faced was having to give young Celestia and Luna The Talk.
  • Part of Rarity's Badass Boast in talking down Nightmare about how she's no longer afraid of the allied kaiju is how she taught Anguirus etiquette classes on how to kiss a mare's hoof.
  • Rarity, needing some help finishing the flight suits for Rainbow Dash and Rodan to wear in the charity race, calls up her mentor, Rainbow's mother, on the magical equivalent of a phone and asks for her to come over. Seconds later, she appears on Rarity's doorstep, eager to help.
    • Rainbow Sr then comments that Rarity's grown so lovely since they last saw each other that she probably needs to beat stallions off with a stick. She then hands her one, a makeshift mace she pulls out of Hammerspace, telling Rarity to use it in case that exact situation ever comes up. And later, gives her another one when they part ways at the train station.
    • Also at the train station, Rainbow Sr runs alongside the train to say goodbye and tells her to say hello to Rainbow Jr for her, and accidentally runs into a tree.
  • Azusa proving she can be an Amazingly Embarrassing Parents when she talks highly of Luna to her son.
    Azusa: "I for one think she's a very kindly young lady."
    Junior:"She's one thousand years old."
    Azusa:"She ages well then!"
  • Xenilla casually revealing that he already knew Cadance was pregnant, throwing everyone for a loop.
    Xenilla: *when asked why he never said anything about it* “... Because I figured the alicorn of heart magic could hear a heartbeat before the mutant space dinosaur did.”
  • Mixed with an awesome moment, but Rainbow "Radiance" Dash Senior did not take kindly to Lightning Dust trying to antagonize her daughter. After letting RD be the better mare and defend herself before leaving, Radiance walks right up to and glares down Lightning Dust. The fashionista apparently gave her such an earful she was still stunned and half deaf in one ear when we saw her again.
  • When Ki Seong revealed that she knew who Anguirus really was the whole time because of her niece, Gentle Leaf, the sly looks on both of their faces, and the look on Anguirus' face, just sells it. Doubles as a heartwarming moment.
    Anguirus: -She’s known… She’s known your name, what you are, what you really look like....WWWWWHHAAAAT!?!-
  • Godzilla Junior gets a fan-girl in Mariner "Chibi" Moon, who fires out giant pink death rays in glee after getting a hoofprint autograph.
  • Godzilla Junior once again showing his lack of understanding about romance by attracting the attention of numerous Mermares, including Queen Maui, and being unaware of the meaning behind their wandering eyes over his body.
  • When being trained by Godzilla Junior, Chibi Moon suffers more than a few blunders. Upon trying to perform a magical copy of the Nuclear Pulse, the recoil of it going from her leg into the ground causes her to go firing off in a random direction with Junior chasing after her.
    Chibi Moon: "WEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
    Junior: "KUSO!" note 
  • When Chibi asks Junior about him and Luna, he nervously covers her mouth.
  • Junior's entire stay at Mako easily qualifies as this.
  • While Princess Celestia did send Junior to Mako to get the boat for logical reasons, she did so without telling her sister in other to get a rise out of her. Celestia basically trolls her sister into admitting her feelings.
    • Luna's reaction to discovering that Junior is at Mako was to fly at breakneck speed to save him from a group of amorous mermares. After getting out of Mako, she swore to have revenge on Junior for making her get so flustered by making him babysit Chibi Moon.
  • Queen Maui flirting with Junior while teaching him how to dance is funny due to Junior's annoyance with her flirting.
    • Later, Maui admits to Luna that she supports her romance with Junior, but would go after him if the romance doesn't work out.
  • Most interactions involving Chibi Moon and her sensei, Godzilla Junior, ladies and gentlecolts.
    • Chibi being a firm Shipper on Deck between her sensei and "Best Princess" Luna.
    • Junior ardently denying to tell her anything about what happened on Mako on account of her age.
    Chibi Moon: "Soooo, still not gonna tell me what happened at Mako?”
    Junior: "Mada jūichi?" note 
    Chibi Moon: "Aaaaarg, Senseeeeeeeei!"
  • Xenilla scares the living daylights out of Cadance by stepping out of her closet, even though it is rather small and she had just been in there. Refusing to answer how he did that, he mixes up a potion for her to take to keep the baby healthy, but she adamantly refuses because the description he gives makes it sound like steroids. When he suddenly has to leave, he steps into the closet and disappears. Later, it is revealed he simply used a magic doorway Key Ring and him made that connects doorways to do it.
    • Cadance's utter flabbergastedness in the scene and Xenilla casual dismissal is funny enough, but then Xenilla bothers to ask if the red lingerie he found in said closet was for her or Shining Armor.
    • During this scene, one of the reasons Cadance doesn't want to take Xenilla's baby steroid is because "[she] doesn't want a baby who could blast holes in the ceiling or have wings the size of [hers]". The sheer irony in that statement just sells it.
      • Adding to that, the fact she picked that exact description, which Xenilla finds no issue in on logic it sounds like a strong heir to him, heavily implies sometime in the future Cadance is going to eat Xenilla's baby formula and it made Flurry Heart come out the way she did. That, or she never takes it and Flurry Heart ends up like that anyway. Foreshadowing Played for Laughs.
  • Black Comedy, but Starlight Glimmer being so assured and relieved in her survival after dropping her house on top of Nightmare Godzilla is immediately followed up by Nightmare Godzilla picking up and throwing said house at her.
    • In general the Our Town fight is a catharsis factor for anyone not the biggest fan of Starlight Glimmer, or at least her behavior in season 5. Starlight is a slippery foe to get a hold of but against someone not so easily knocked around, best she can do is rapidly dodge while getting terrified at finally picking a fight she couldn't win. Result? She gets scared out of her mind control and Our Town gets utterly destroyed.
  • Prince Rutherford's delightful appearance consists of him trying to find an easy way to Equestria so he can give a gift to the unborn Flurry Heart on logic she needs a strong yak gift to be strong like a yak and be a better leader, finding his path obstructed, his advisor declaring they must smash to break through and it's treated as poetic wisdom from a sage. Just as they are about to, they end up watching a falling Godzilla Junior's breath attack destroy the obstruction before he flies up using the recoil – Godzilla vs. Hedorah-style – to rejoin the battle above, and taking what he just saw in stride.
    Prince Rutherford: "Huh, not something yak see every day."
  • Pinkie Pie providing the last needed save to catch Xenilla and Junior as they're falling from orbit after killing King Ghidorah...with a giant cake.
    • Bonus with all of the Mane 6, both celestial Princesses, and the core six kaiju all sprawled out across Sugar Cube Corner's lobby covered in Cake; free of major injury but understandably knocked silly.
    Princess Celestia: *unceremoniously slumped over the counter, groaning* “Isss ev-verypony okaaay?”
  • In a chapter aptly named "Critical Research Failure", the Storm King's army's intel on Equestria is horrendously out of date as they didn't even know about the Kaiju. Their attempted invasion is a total Curb-Stomp Battle as Xenilla takes them down all by himself.
  • Firmly black comedy but in the 2018 Halloween special taking place on the Anime Godzilla Trilogy world, Metphis' death is very... excessive. Shot through the chest by an arrow and then shot by Haruo until he runs out of ammo in his clip. Only for Haruo to reload a fresh clip and unload on him again. And then he does it again.
  • "A Kaiju Carol, Past":
    • Xenilla is utterly unable to comprehend the idea of holidays like Hearth's Warming Eve, even after reading several books on the subject.
    • The Ghost of Hearth's Warming Past takes the form of Fairy Mothra. Xenilla is completely weirded out, and repeatedly closes a book on her and watches in fascination as it goes right through her.
  • Lea berates Junior for fighting Grand King Ghidorah by himself. She eventually collapses, and Junior nonchalantly catches her head with a pillow, noting that he had done it before on Terra, with a tree.
  • When Destroyah stares at him stoically, Xenilla asks if she will give him a similar speech Lea gave Junior, and starts reciting what he expected her to say. Instead, she tells him if he ever does anything that stupid again, she'll put him in the hospital herself. As he stares at her shocked, she smirks and carries Lea out of the room. Xenilla wonders what the world is coming to when Destroyah can make a joke.
  • Junior brings up the time Blade Dancer tried to seduce him. Xenilla gets slightly upset, and Junior has to assure him nothing happened.
  • Chibi Moon being snarky with her sensei and trying to make sure he stays healthy during his hospital stay.
  • Junior walks in on Xenilla and Blade Dancer in bed snuggling. He is completely shocked, and quickly closes the curtain so Chibi Moon doesn't see them.
  • "A Kaiju Carol, Present":
    • The Spirit of Hearth's Warming Present, at first appearing as a looming figure in a cloak, is Pinkie Pie, siren!Sonata Dusk, and changeling!Megalon standing on each other. Xenilla walks away while they are introducing themselves.
    • Evidently the Apple Sibling's grandfather's increasingly bombastic attempts to woo a younger Granny Smith got so noticeable by the town it inspired a "12 Days of Christmas" styled song. Pear trees and all.
    • The speculation the reason Mariner Chibi Moon got Princess Luna and Godzilla Junior to spend Hearth's Warming with her beyond filling in for her parents for the homesick filly, was so Chibi could get them to see the other was good with kids.
  • "A Kaiju Carol, Yet To Come":
    • Stalwart Sentry visits the Crystal Empire. As a joke, he sneaks up on Shining Armor and roars, "ARMOR! ATTEEEEN-TION!" Shining gets scared out of his mind and stands to attention just like when he was a raw recruit. Cadance wishes she had a recording of that.
    • Blade Dancer calls Cadance "Empress" in her mind, and complains that Xenilla's weird habit is rubbing off on her.
    • Xenilla finally gets Cadance to take the steroid, by spiking some candy canes he gave her as a gift. When he tells Blade Dancer, she notes that Shining Armor took some too and wonders what will happen to him. He does some quick calculations before shrugging and saying it won't hurt him.
  • Everypony gets surprised when Xenilla calls Twilight Sparkle a princess, because to him, she is the only royal who is actually a princess because she doesn't rule a kingdom and she is not married.
  • Princess Celestia going full Implacable Woman and walking through every barrier Xenilla, Twilight Sparkle, and Mothra Lea try to put down in front of her by literally just walking through them.
  • Rodan presses his and Rainbow Dash's foreheads together so that she can join his telepathic conversation with Lea. When it is over, Phoenix Flamez is jealous and the other bystanders, including Rainbow's parents, are gushing and calling them a cute couple. They desperately explain it's Not What It Looks Like.
  • From the first Omake special
  • Gigan saying he can tell X has been around the Sirens as their trace magic is all over him, comparing it to him being marked up like he's under a "claim". Both Aria and X go quiet and flush.
  • Whenever Gloriosa is aroused or around Gigan, her magic starts making tentacles out of the local plant-life. Needless to say, Gigan is extremely unamused.
  • Black comedy, but Gigan's offscreen interrogation of a windigo's amnesic host body which included waving a chainsaw around him ends when the poor guy soiled himself and fainted. Gigan's deadpanned expression sells it more.
  • Pinkie Pie reunites with and befriends Megalon and Sonata Dusk, the April Fool's goofballs are back together!
  • Gloriosa helps Gigan repair himself, which is a pretty heartwarming moment, until the garbage bag that was covering him comes off, and he's apparently naked, as Gloriosa becomes incredibly embarrassed, tries not to look at him, and asks him to cover up. He gets confused by her reaction and says he didn't want to get his clothes dirty.
  • The 2019 Halloween Special:
    • After the battle, Scootaloo excitedly says next year, she'll go as Destroyah's true form for Nightmare Night. The CMC start arguing about the details, and this actually makes Destroyah laugh.
    • Destroyah shares a special moment with the ghost of Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, her father. Afterwards, Sweetie Belle asks, "Who was that monkey you were staring at?" Destroyah struggles not to laugh again.
  • Adagio gets depressed and starts drinking from several bottles, seemingly drunk. Gloriosa asks where in the world she got alcohol. Twilight reads a label and reveals it is root beer. Gloriosa then realizes it is the secret stash of root beer her mother made years ago. Gigan examines it and says it has magic, and demonstrates by pouring it onto plants which accelerates their growth. Gloriosa starts saying, "How the fuck!?" over and over, with Adagio saying she never heard her curse before.
  • Celestia acts completely Adorkable when Sunset demonstrates her magic, hopping around and saying, "Yes!" over and over similar to how Twilight acted in the episode "The Cutie Mark Chronicles".
  • The reveal that Twilight Sparkle, kidnapped hostage for the Sirens and Dark Hunters, managed to be so kind and endearing that every single one of her captors wound up getting a massive case of Lima Syndrome to the point she took control of the group in the fallout of the concert. She went from captive, to collaborator, to commanding by sheer goodness!
  • At the peace talks to unite the Sirens, Rainbooms, and their respective allied kaiju against the Windigo threat; Gigan and Adagio both get simultaneously protective of Twilight and each other. When Twilight tries to take the blame for some of the misunderstandings and mistrust that lead to her disguising herself as Eventide Hymn, Gigan and Adagio both immediately take the blame for all that went wrong... and then immediately start demanding the other stop trying to take the fall for them while insisting they themselves are at fault.
    • The Rainbooms are left awkwardly watching, confused as to what's going on.
    • The Defender Kaiju and Celestia are stuck in the surreal sight of Gigan and Adagio obviously caring for one another.
    • Aria facepalms and mentally, so does Kaizer Ghidorah.
    • Fluttershy thinks it's cute.
  • Flash making a joke about Sunset giving him her jacket.

    The Bridge: Sound of Thunder 
  • Some dock workers give a rookie a Dope Slap when he mistakes Raiga for Godzilla.
  • Raiga's first reaction to seeing her new siren body? Bust into a cursing barrage.
    • Starlight Glimmer, hearing the onslaught, mentally replaces the expletives with harmless words. What we see is Starlight's replacements, resulting in us reading complete and utter nonsense.
  • Raiga doing the best she can to flip off Battra Lea in chapter 3 despite not having any fingers at the moment due to hooves.
  • Mirror Universe Destroyah being so unlike her main counterpart we've gotten to know. She's like a kaiju Pinkie Pie!

    The Bridge: A Shimmer in the Dark 
  • Rodan and Shimmerverse!Princess Sunset Shimmer keep hitting each other with heat and fire attacks, both not only having no effect, but also constantly charging the either up for a stronger follow up attack which-... also has no effect at all.
  • Rodan assuming Princess Sunset Shimmer is making up her royal title on account of human girls often fantasizing about being princesses and he assumes she's just doing the same.
    • Bonus chuckles at him being completely nonchalant about Sunset's obvious fuming and instead commenting on how adorable Equestrians look.
  • Princess Sunset Shimmer's Deadpan Snarker response to Rodan flying up, crashing into a magic dome above them, and ricocheting into the ground like a pinball.
    Princess Sunset Shimmer: Nice work.
  • After briefly getting acquainted with Rodan, Princess Celestia asks Sunset if she should be expecting grandchildren soon. "MOOOM!"

    The Bridge: Phoenix Night 

    The Bridge: Building Bridges 
  • Xenilla and Blade Dancer shop for baby supplies and foods for the pregnant Cadance, but the clerk thinks that Blade Dancer is the one who is pregnant, greatly embarrassing them.
  • In a Noodle Incident, a student Unicorn named Mariner Moon became a Godzilla Junior fangirl and tried to imitate his Atomic Breath. The result blew a hole in the roof. Princess Luna gave her an A+.
  • Luna offers to walk with Junior instead of flying on her own, but he suggests she carry him. Instead of carrying him in her arms like he intended, she carries him with her telekinesis upside down. He is not amused.

    The Sentry Legacy 
  • Flash Sentry ends up helping Dr. Goodall haul a large sack of all-purpose, specialty opossum chow. He can't help but pause and wonder how specialty animal good can be all-purpose.

    The Bridge: Hocus Smo'cus 
  • The sirens' lack of understanding of human holidays is pretty funny. They stayed up all night with weapons at the ready on Christmas thinking "Santy Claws" was some burglar that breaks into people's houses, Adagio compares New Years to humans making the world sound like a warzone for setting off so many explosions, and Aria and Adagio are baffled by all the goings on during Halloween.

    The Bridge: the Eternal Dilemma 
  • Harmony briefly sees Aria and X having a private romantic moment together before she gives them some privacy. Adagio happened to be walking by, however given a massive amount of love magic gushing from the cabin shortly after she quickly turned and power walked away.
  • The short becomes a bit funny when you realize the entire plot and Bagan's return to Harmony's realm was basically set off by them wanting to visit so they could borrow use of Harmony's viewing screens.

    The Bridge: Birthday Bash! Chibi Moon's Quest for Cake! 
  • The premise: Chibi Moon travels all over Equestria and beyond to gather ingredients for the perfect birthday cake for Junior.
  • In the Crystal Empire, Xenilla, Key Ring, and Sunburst act like total nerds while preparing their latest project, only to panic when Chibi Moon teleports in and disrupts it.
  • As soon as she meets them, Chibi Moon starts shipping Rainbow Dash and Rodan.
  • When she asks Pinkie for an ingredient, Pinkie nonchalantly pulls off all the fur from her tail and hands it to her. Chibi Moon is extremely shocked, then shocked again when Pinkie's tail instantly goes back to normal.
  • When she goes to the Mirror Power Ponies world, Mirror Gigan struggles not to curse in front of her. Mirror Mane-iac reveals she invented edible shampoo. Chibi Moon is shocked, but when she tastes it, she asks for a sample for the cake.
  • When she goes to The Shimmerverse, its Celestia asks her to deliver a scroll to Rodan. Looks like she still wants grandchildren.
  • When she goes to the world of Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls, she goes to Discord's shop and they comment how they never actually have customers. Chibi Moon ends up swiping Screwball's rocket launcher.
  • Chibi Moon tries to use magic to combine the ingredients, but they turn into a monster. She finds a warning in fine print on the back of the spell: -Warning: Do not mix this spell with caffeine, caffeine is evil and will make it a monster.- Mariner Moon- She complains about her mother being dumb enough to put the warning after the spell.
  • When the monster is defeated, Chibi Moon, Junior, and Luna attempt to celebrate by eating it, but it turns out to taste terrible.

  • Due to the dual nature of the story's reader base, with many G-fans who don't know much about MLP and many MLP fans not knowing much about kaiju; there is occasionally some funny interaction between the two in the comments. When the Big Bad Bagan was revealed, the G-fans had a near universal Oh, Crap! reaction. The MLP fans, not knowing who it was asked about it, were informed by the G-fans, and then joined in on the aforementioned reaction.
  • Tarbtano announced, inspired by some outspoken fans and fan art, he was doing a Valentine's Day special after all despite previously stating he wasn't doing a romance chapter. Considering the readerbases' favorite activity, this caused them all to explode whilst preparing for Ship-to-Ship Combat.
  • This journal when the author teased the readers with joke text that seems right out of an AbridgedSeries [1] [2]
    • The A'Bridge'd?
  • The readerbase's near universal Oh, Crap! moment when it was revealed the major basis for Kaizer Ghidorah was Broly.
  • The 2015 animated Q&A video:
    • Instead of answering a question about whether or not Junior will fall in love with Luna, they play a clip of Agent Smith's Evil Laugh from The Matrix Revolutions.
    • Tarbtano and Faith had a playful, childish argument where Faith said she wanted to make a lot more pictures for each chapter, while Tarb insists on about three.
    • The end credits troll the viewer by claiming spoilers will be shown, but then it just shows a lot of It Was His Sled spoilers like "Vader is Luke and Leia's dad" and "Dumbledore dies!" Genuine spoilers for the fic are only shown for a split second.
  • Tarb posted links to a Godzilla marathon stream being hosted on Livestream, resulting in much of the readerbase piling in. The chat soon was filled with jokes about the sillier aspects of the movies that made their way into the story. The viewers/readers had a field day with the stream of "Godzilla vs. Megalon".
    • The double funny was the stream marathon was originally by a completely different group and had nothing to do with The Bridge. But the massive influx of the readerbase more than quadrupled the viewer-count.
  • Tarb posted a poll asking whether the readers would prefer the 32,000 word Chapter 41 be released all together or be split into a two parter across a week. The result at the stroke of midnight when the poll closed? A perfect 50/50 split with 55 votes for both sides. Tarb and the readers were both flabbergasted.
  • When preparing to release Chapter 41, Tarbtano and Faith-Wolff decided to watch an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood together. Tarbtano had never seen it before, so he was completely flabbergasted when some of the dialogue of the show matched the chapter exactly.
  • According to Word of God during a live stream, the Controller during Final Wars did his "GIGAN! RISE!" scream when ordering Gigan to be deployed...much to the befuddlement of the Nebulans.