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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • As heartbreaking as Blanky's crying is when he cuddles the Master's photo, you can't help but chuckle from how over-the-top he is when he wails like a baby (according to Jerry Rees, he told the then-7-year-old Timothy E. Day, who voiced Blanky, to cry "so loud, they can hear you on the street").
    • Similarly, Kirby's sheepish "Oh no...", like a kid who just broke a window with his baseball, when the picture falls to the ground and shatters. Bonus points for him being the only one who actually says something while the other four just gasp. Like the above example, it's only funny because it's emotional.
  • The Radio quoting Moby Dick.
    Radio: Damn thee, thou accursed whale, from the depths of Hell, I stab at thee!
    Kirby: Climb on, you idiot!
    Radio: Oh, it's you.
  • More like Crowning Moment Of Tragicomic, Radio's panicked reaction to the appliances sinking into mud.
    Lampy: Wow. Poor guy didn't stand a chance ... Just "pffft" ... and that's it.
    Radio: Well, don't look now, pal, but you're about to "pffft" yourself!
  • Even Radio's "dying" words as he is the last one to be sucked into the swamp:
    Radio: Well, that, uh, concludes our broadcast day... Er, week... Actually, it concludes any future broadcasting of any sort! WE'LL SIGN OFF NOW WITH A... SUITABLE T-TUNE!! (Plays Al Jolson's "My Mammy" bit)
    • The topper though comes when the music cuts out just as radio plays an agonized "OOOOH LORD!" before he takes what looks to be his final plunge.
  • When St. Peters snips off a blender's power cord, the appliances all wince and hide their own cords.
  • While not a Harmless Villain per se (he still wants to take the heroes apart and sell their still-working parts), the movie goes out of its way to otherwise make Elmo St. Peters look like a complete dork, starting with that nerdy voice Joe Ranft gives him, along with his tendency to use quaint expressions like "I'll have it for ya in two shakes of a lamb's tail."
    (looking through the hole in the wall that the refrigerator just burst through) Did I catcha at a bad time? Was wonderin' if ya got my radio tubes.
    • When he first gets back in his car, he happily notices that his dog in the passenger seat remembered to wear his seat belt. Later, when the appliances escape, the dog runs to the car in fear, prepares to drive away, pauses... and puts on his seat belt.
  • Toaster's idea of a fun game:
    Toaster: There's only one rule. We can't stop until the house is clean.
    The Others: Boo.
  • Everything Radio says, especially since he's almost always doing Parental Bonus jokes, too.
    Lampy: Hey, come over here. I'm gonna...
    Radio: Why, do you dare to cross foils with the greatest Saxon swordsman in the land? Haven't you the slightest idea who you're dealing with?
    Lampy: Precisely - a total idiot!
    Radio: If your sabre wags as loosely as your Norman tongue, you'll be run through in an instant. Defend yourself, Sir Lampy of Locksley! A blow for Richard! A blow for Marion! A blow for Mario, the garbage man! And for Carl and all the boys at the delicatessen! And here's one for the guys on 5th street!
    Blanky: You can't fool us. We love you.
    Radio: That's right, like Mrs. Roosevelt loved her husband.
    Radio: North by northwest. Watch out for low-flying aircraft.
    • When contemplating their journey:
    Radio: Why, if only we were all wiener dogs, our problems would be solved!
    (everyone stares at him)
    Toaster: ...Whaaaaat?
    Radio: Or maybe it was a basset hound...
    Kirby: (backing away in horror) You're all insane!
    • As the appliances are trying to cross the ravine by stringing their cords together:
    Lampy: Well, that's encouraging.
  • The fact that Plugsy looks like the LOLWUT pear.
  • After Kirby dives in the river to save the others, he grumpily tells them that he just slipped and fell in. The way he says it is priceless.
  • Part of the montage when the appliances are desperately trying to figure out how to leave the cabin, the Radio tries to make Blankie a magic carpet, intoning, "Arise, Hassan! Arise, O magic carpet!". The real funny part is that while the Toaster and Kirby look at each other in disgusted disbelief, Lampy is completely ecstatic, thinking it'll work!
  • "Why wander endlessly through this sprawling wasteland they dare to call a city when your dreams are all under one roof? Our roof! Corner of 3rd and East. Crazy Ernie's Amazing... Emporium of... of... uh... TOTAL BARGAIN MADNESS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Heh..." (collapses)
    • Doubles as a Funny Background Event: The TV brings out the first four words "Crazy", "Ernie's", "Amazing", and "Emporium", but kinda sticks the fourth word of "Emporium" in a reversed mirror effect before quickly realizing his mistake on his words "of... of..." and switches "Emporium" back to its normal forwards lettering in a split-second, right before he makes a quick close-up and screams out the final three words! The perfect icing on the cake.
    • "Ever heard of this place? Looks pretty neat!" That TV is dedicated!
    • And the part where the TV claims that the place Chris suggests was found to have harmful carcinogenics in lab tests, and pulls out photos to "prove" it, with the visible photo being of a woman in a bikini.
    • Rob's reaction to arriving at Ernie's:
      Rob: (doubtful) This doesn't look like Crazy Ernie's Amazing Emporium of Total Bargain Madness.
  • After the appliances are stranded in the swamp and Toaster walks off, dejected:
    Radio: Oh come on now, it's not your fault! Things could be worse, you know.
    Lampy: How?
    Radio: How what?
    Lampy: How could they be worse?
    Radio: They couldn't, I lied.
  • When trying to get Kirby to join the search for the Master:
    Toaster: You know...I thought it would be good to have somebody come along...who's really...strong!
    Lampy: And loud.
    Blanky: And grumpy!
    Radio: And oblivious to reality!
    (Toaster knocks all three back and glares at them)
  • The meadow scene, if only because of that random singing fish that came out of nowhere and fought with a bird to get a worm to use as a microphone. It's hard not to laugh at how ridiculous and random that scene is. Or how when he first shows up, singing to the frogs, they all simultaneously almost instantly splash water in his face to shut him up.
  • The frog making faces with Toaster's reflective surface... as Toaster grows increasingly annoyed.
  • All of Lampy's great lines.
    • "That's very interesting. ...Good night, slothead." (thunk)
    • "Oh yeah!? Who's supposed to be the big-shot navigator around here!? Mr. Loudmouth! Mr...Big...LOUDMOUTH!"
      • The way his eyes dart around for a second, searching for a better insult.
    • "Heeeeeey, everybody, look! A CLEARINNNGGGG!"
    • "I'm just curious as to whether or not it was him. I hate being left in the dark, y'know." (After Blanky starts crying) "I guess we can assume it wasn't him, right?"
    • And this moment:
      Radio: I'm as sure as I am honest!
      Lampy: In that case, we're definitely lost.
  • There's a great scene in the forest, where Lampy finds a hollow tree, thinking they can sleep inside, and turns his bulb on, revealing the hollow to look like a giant demonic face, and the other appliances freak out and run, with Lampy stuck inside, completely oblivious.
    Lampy: W-what's the matter?
    Radio: Eaten alive, the poor sap!
    Lampy: (turns around to see the face) WHOA, WHOA, WHOOAAA! (runs off in terror)
    Radio: (clearly annoyed) Awww, I thought you were a goner...
    Lampy: You wish!
  • Their first night outside, all the appliances find their own separate sleeping spot in the clearing, but the Radio goes as far as to draw a circle around himself.
    Radio: This is my sleeping space, see? And nobody crosses this line.
    [Moments later, Blanky is looking for someone to sleep besides, and is about to approach Radio when...]
    Radio: Watch it! Hey! Hey! What are you blind, it's a line. Ah! Ah!
  • The introductory scene of Adult!Rob and his lovingly worrisome mother.
    Mom: Did you pack enough socks.
    (Rob rolls his eyes and looks over at two weeks worth of clean socks, folded and ready to be packed)
    Rob: Look, mom, it's not like I'm going to Jupiter or anything, I'm going to college. It's just college!
    Mom: So let me worry a little bit.
    Both: I'm your mother.
  • In "The Cutting Edge", our heroes (minus Lampy, who was separated from them), end up trapped in a projection screen depicting a tropical island at one point. Toaster, wearing a Tutti Frutti Hat, is understandably freaked out. Radio and Kirby are just confused as to how they got there. Blanky, on the other hand, seems quite content with the arrangement, sitting back with a refreshing beverage and wearing sunglasses.
  • Rob wondering where his appliances are, as we're given three successive answer cuts.
    Rob: Wh-where's the toaster?
    (Cut to Toaster being kicked into a dumpster from his bedroom window back home, then back to the cabin)
    Rob: (slightly more agitated) Where's the vacuum??
    (Cut to Kirby plummeting into the dumpster)
    Kirby (complete with Doppler effect): NOOOOOO!
    (Cut back to the cabin as Rob is losing patience)
    Rob: What's going on here?? Where's the radio?? Where's the lamp and blanket??
    (Cut to the dumpster where the last three fall in)
    • Before that, Rob and Chris walk in and Rob's ideal romantic afternoon is quickly shattered when Chris, seeing the mess that the appliances left, asks why his family did so much weird stuff with their furniture.
    Rob: Somebody really trashed the whole cottage!
    Chris: You big dumbo, didn't you lock the doors?
  • When the TV is about to warn the gang about the master heading to the cabin only for Plugsy to turn his knob, changing to a Spanish newscaster talking about some dog (presumably Quadruped, who apparently sped to Mexico).
    Plugsy: Oh many pardons! Were you watching that channel?
  • The flawless comic timing of Rob freaking out over finding a childhood photo of himself in the junkyard, slowly dropping the disheveled radio he was looking at and grabbing the photo with both hands, nervously calling out to Chris while looking gravely concerned. Meanwhile, she's gleefully trying to pull a "hard to find" grill off of a nearby car for some reason.
  • While it doubles as a heartwarming moment, you can't help but laugh at Rob's smug "A-HA!" and triumphant bite into his freshly-toasted slice of bread, proving to Chris that he could fix the Toaster. It's so delightfully human!
  • A really subtle one: Just before they reach the meadow, we see a distant shot of the path the five adventurous appliances have cut through the brush... and it loops back on itself multiple times and is generally full of twists and turns. It seems that Radio's navigational skills might need to be called into question...