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Flower Snack

  • Episode 1:
    • When Kevin and Juyeon bought groceries, they got divided on whether to buy a brand of milk or not because it isn't a buy 2 get 1 free item.
    Juyeon: Whose card is that?
    Kevin: ...MBC.
    (both laughs)
    Kevin: Let's just - let's just buy one.
    Juyeon: MBC is richer than us, you know?
    • Jacob checked for his blood type because he couldn't do that in Canada, but he's curious. Everyone thought he might be A or O, turns out he's B.
    Jacob: My life is a lie.
    • Their reactions to the doctor intructing them to stick a cotton tip into their anus.
    Hyunjae: (laughs nervously)
    Hwall: Wow, this is a new world.
    Younghoon: I am going to experience this first.
    Q: It feels like someone is sticking a finger in my ass...
    • On top of that, New dropped his cotton tip in the toilet.
  • Episode 2:
    • The virus prank in genral.

Come On The Boyz

  • Episode 2:
    • The boys have to communicate with their ears blocked.
    Haknyeon: WHITE MILK!!!
    Sangyeon: WHAT MILK??? CHOCO MILK???
    • Haknyeon gave up and just told Sangyeon to turn to Eric.
    Sangyeon: Wh...milk - AH!!! WHITE MILK!!!!!
    • Somehow Eric turned white milk into milky way. When Q passed the word to Kevin, he was really satisfied.
    • Then, in the other team, they have to pass rhe word "neighbourhood friend". New managed to change it into "nasty milk".

Come On The Boyz Summer RPG

  • English time with the Boyz:
    Kevin: That clock is running half-an-hour fast.
    Younghoon: That clock is running half and you're fun.
    Kevin: Half-an-hour fast.
    Younghoon: Half-an-hour fans?
    Younghoon: Half-an-hour pants!
    • In Q's turn:
    Q: That running...half-an-hour...
    Q: fake.
    • Another sentence:
    Jacob: What are the tourist attractions in this city?
    Hyunjae: Pardon?

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