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  • In the "Chez Piglet" song from "At Chez Piglet," Rabbit sings about a number of dishes that will supposedly be served at Chez Piglet, including "peanut butter and jell-ay" and "ice cubes flambé." So, in other words, water.
    • The whole joke of the song is Rabbit describing the wonderful food Chez Piglet will serve, whilst Piglet, who was unwillingly dragged along, grows more and more panicked at having to learn such complex dishes before the restaurant opens... ''tomorrow''.
    • Rabbit getting increasingly too into the role, later badgering Piglet to serve a reviewer for the restaurant. The reviewer turns out to be him, and he lambasts the quality. The end result is one of few times you see Piglet get genuinely pissed off.
    Rabbit: There wasn't even a maitre d here to greet me when I arrived.
    Piglet: B-but Rabbit, you're the maitre d!
    Rabbit: Oh I am? *beat* Well then where am I? I really should be here when I come to review, don't you think?
  • In the episode "Pandora's Suggestion Box", Rabbit decides to set up an anonymous suggestion box for the animals in the wood. While the others submit misguided suggestions, Rabbit uses the box to vent all his personal qualms with the other animals in a less than subtle manner. To read a few:
    Rabbit: "Acorns might grow on lower branches where a more smallish animal might easily reach them."
    Rabbit: "I suggest that clouds can come in a wider variety of colour." *all the others agree, Pooh looks very pleased with himself*
    Rabbit: Ooh, now here's a particularly helpful suggestion; *Death Glares Kessie* "Certain small bluebirds should sweep their porches a bit more carefully so they don't dump debris on the heads of certain friends."
    Rabbit: *Death Glares Pooh* "Certain bears shouldn't leave their honey pots sitting where others might STEP. IN. THEM."
    Pooh: Who do you think he means? *Kanga shrugs*
    Rabbit: "Certain Tiggers should keep their feet out of certain gardens" *Death Glares Tigger* Well Tigger?
    Tigger: How can I bounce in there if I gotta keep my feet out...?
    Rabbit: Excuse me I'm not done yet.
    • The next day, Rabbit vents more of his issues, starting with Pooh.
      Rabbit: "A certain Pooh bear should watch what he eats, as he's getting a bit round-ish."
      Pooh: I usually do watch it as it's going into my mouth. (chuckles) And then after that, it gets a bit more difficult.
    • Rabbit then receives a suggestion that says "Rabbit's garden smells", so naturally he becomes furious. He then finds that the back of the paper says "wonderful". Eeyore reveals that the suggestion was his; he meant to write "Rabbit's garden smells wonderful", but ran out of room so he had to finish on the back.
  • The episode "Mr Narrator" is A Day in the Limelight for the Narrator. After the animals of the wood are all getting on too peacefully, the Narrator attempts to improvise a story with them, his first attempt is incredibly muddied and gets all their roles mixed up.
    • Pooh was bouncing (and getting cramps).
    • Tigger was eating honey (which he hates).
    • Kessie was doing garden work (and struggling to even lift the trowel).
    • Owl was confused due to being an owl of very little brain (a description that leaves Owl indignant).
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    • Eeyore was flying across the wood (cue Eeyore trying to fly by flapping his ears).
    • Piglet cuts off the narrator before his role, terrified of what he might end up doing.
  • In the episode "Happy Harvest Rabbit", Owl discusses with Piglet how Rabbit might have worked himself silly. Later on he checks on Rabbit, who has decided to celebrate tending to his garden by dancing to some samba records. This alone is hilarious, but then when seen out of context, Piglet is convinced Rabbit has literally worked himself silly. Rabbit later introduces more of the animals to his samba records, leading Piglet to take measures against what he thinks is an epidemic:
    Piglet: *flying on balloon, wearing a surgeon mask and headphones, and speaking through a megaphone* Ahem, attention my poor silly friends, this is Piglet! Hear me! You must resist the silliness! Think of serious things! Laundry, er, black hats, erm....pages and pages of numbers...
    Rabbit: What on earth is he talking about?
    • Earlier, Tigger sends Piglet flying to stop Pooh and Rabbit from dancing. Pooh, upon noticing this, asks Rabbit about the time he asked for honey. Rabbit replied that he'd give Pooh some "when pigs fly". Pooh then agrees and, in a suddenly stern voice, states that Rabbit now owes him some honey pots.
  • In "Home, Very Sweet Home", Pooh does a "Mission: Impossible" Cable Drop to get a beehive out of his house (It Makes Sense in Context). Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore are holding the other end of the robe, and are quit to point out that he's not exactly as light as Tom Cruise:
    Piglet: (dangling from rope) Oh, d-d-dear!
    Tigger: I know what you mean, little buddy! He may be a 'Bear of Very Little Brain', but the rest of him weighs a ton!
    Tigger: You said it, Eeeyore! ...whatever it is you said.
    Eeyore: *muffled* Uh-oh...
    (The bee stings Eeyore's nose, causing him to let go of the rope)
  • After Rabbit thinks he's been given a prestigious award in “Blue Ribbon Bunny”, he donates his old furniture in preparation to leave the Woods in light of his apparent fame. Tigger takes immediate interest in the easy chair, completely ignoring the rest of the scene as he wonders aloud if it reclines.
    • When Pooh and Piglet confess that they made the “Gardener of the Year” ribbon, Rabbit is understandably heartbroken. It’s a sad moment... except when Tigger pipes up.
      Tigger: Okay, but what does this mean in terms of the easy chair?!
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    • In the middle of The song "Gardener of the Year'', Pooh and Tigger comment on how prideful Rabbit has become despite only having had the ribbon for a day. Eeyore is ever the optimist about the situation:
      Eeyore: Maybe it's time to throw in the trowel!
    • Pooh once again being Literal-Minded when Piglet tells him their plan to show Rabbit their appreciation has Gone Horribly Right.
      Piglet: I'm afraid we may have created something of a monster, Pooh.
      Pooh: (alarmed) Oh, dear. Where, Piglet?!
      Piglet: Oh, no, Pooh. I mean Rabbit is getting a bit too big for his britches. Don't you think?
      Pooh: Well, I don't believe he wears any, Piglet.
      Piglet: No, Pooh. I think we may have to tell Rabbit that we sent the ribbon.
      Pooh:: Oh. Well, why didn't you just say so? (beat, as Piglet gives him a disbelieving look) What?
  • "Enter Braying" has Rabbit deciding to recreate Eeyore's new play on stage, and promptly becoming a Prima Donna Director. The first rehearsal is repeatedly cut off before Pooh can finish the first sentence of the script, with Rabbit making increasingly grandiose alterations to the dialogue. By the end of it, the cast has fallen asleep.
  • "You Can Lead Eeyore To Books" sees the characters trying to find a book from Owl's library for Eeyore. Unfortunately, they pick the books based on what they like. Each time, Eeyore returns their books whilst building up an escalating litany of offscreen Amusing Injuries.
    • Pooh gives Eeyore a book about honey. Eeyore returns the book covered in plasters after getting stung all over by bees.
    • Tigger gives Eeyore a book about "Bouncing Your Way to Better Health". When Eeyore returns the book, he's covered in banadges on top of the plasters, and reveals that he ended up bouncing down a steep, rocky hill instead.
    Tigger: Oooooh, that's gonna hurt!
  • In "The Case of the Disappeared Donkey" where Tigger takes on a detective role, and confuses everyone by monologuing his work to the screen. Rather ironic for a show with No Fourth Wall.
    Pooh: Erm, Tigger....Who are you talking to?
    Tigger: NOBODY! *Aside Glance* I told him I wasn't talking to nobody, or anybody. You get the idea.
    Pooh: I'm rather confused.
  • "Do the Roo" has Roo wanting to learn how to dance so he can dance with Kanga on her birthday. However, his attempts don't end well...
    • Rabbit suggests he learn to tango, but learning it takes years which is too long for the boy.
    • Pooh tries to show off his "dance" of attracting bees. Unfortunately it works and Pooh skedaddles as bees chase him
    • Finally, Roo asks Piglet to dance. Cue both in ballet tutus and ballet shoes.
  • Some of the wacky musical numbers are pretty humorous, especially when the whole group, even Eeyore and Kanga join in on the goofy dancing. "Enter Braying's" broadway dance and "The Case of the Disappeared Donkey's" jazz band gig are key examples.

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