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    Honest Review: X 2 
  • ERod tells about that the day he first went to see the movie at the theatre:
    ERod: Oh, yes. I remember it like it was yesterday. After about a year of attending college in Tallahassee, and barely making money enough for rent every month, I finally managed to scrape enough money together to go to the movies. And right as the Children of the Adam were about to risk their lives yet again for the people who fear and hate them... [BLACKOUT] Some motherfucker pulled the fire alarm. I don't know who did this, but if you're watching, I hope that in the Afterlife you're forced to watch the Twilight movies for all eternity. You inconsiderate prick.
  • Favorite Character:
    ERod: Once again, the full cast returns with the same level of awesomeness [enter Halle Berry] ... Or blandness.

    Honest Review: Iron Man 2 
  • He mentions that Tony discovering the cure lacked explanation.
    ERod: What was he doing wrong? What did his father know that he didn't know? Hell, I'd be more than happy with a completely made up scientific expanation. But no. He shoots a laser in the Tri-Force and he's Iron Man again. Whoopie.
  • ERod addresses the circulating WMG of the alleged Captain America's shield in Tony's workshop.
    ERod: IT MEANS NOTHING!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It's just a prop in the background. So get over it.

    Honest Review: The 11 Doctors 

    Honest Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
  • Talking about Willow:
    ERod: Interestingly enough, Willow was among the first characters to get a lot of attention from the male fans, almost as if they're saying that Willow was more preferable than the other gorgeous girls on the show because, quote and quote, "She is the girl you can actually get". Well, just to clarify: No. No, she's not.
  • When describing Buffy and Angel's relationship, he also adds:
    ERod: A slayer in love with a vampire. Incidentaly, Stephenie Meyer can GO FUCK HERSELF!!
  • "Dumb reasons to keep Cordelia around!"
  • ERod explained that the only thing that stained season 5 was Dawn.
    "Why the fuck did they have to make Dawn the most annoying worthless person ever?!"
    "In the following seasons, she's just the coleslaw that comes with the hamburger. You didn't order it, it just comes with your hamburger wether you want it or not."
  • During his summary of season 7, ERod points out the downside that all the potential slayers had to be sheltered at Buffy's house, describing it like "Dividing the time between the show's main cast and all these annoying girls felt like someone poured water over Dawn and she multiplied like a mogwai."
  • As a stinger, there's a scene where Bruce Campbell says "Next time you unleash an ancient demon, call that Buffy chick"

    Honest Review: The Dark Knight Rises 
  • States Batman in the movie is a moron, since Batman is well known for being paranoid, especially if compared with his DCAU portrayals.
  • Althought he liked Catwoman's characterization in the film, he still felt Anne Hathaway looks too young, and her kiss scenes with Christian Bale creeped him. It was like watching his dad making out with Hannah Montana, brrrr.
  • ERod mentions Talia Al Ghul's motivations to avenge her father are very inconsistent, going from nobody killing him, Ra's abandoning her in a prision and excomunicated her boyfriend, crowning with "WORST DEATH EVER".
  • Meaningless Fanboy Gripes: Corrects pronunciation of Ra's Al Ghul's name. "Oh my God! It's been three movies! Could someone please teach these assholes how to say it right?!"
    • And then apologises to Alfred when he sees him cry.
  • "And after viewing and reviewing his performance multiple times I have to ask. WHY THE FUCK DOES HE SOUND LIKE SEAN CONNERY TALKING THROUGHT A KARAOKE MACHINE?!"
    • Then asks the audience if they would take him seriously if he did an entire review with that voice.
    • The voice returns at the stinger, inviting everyone to subscribe to the page.

    Honest Review: Star Trek (2009) 
  • Starts out with the normal intro monologue, then switches "To boldly go where no man has gone before" with "To boldly have kickass adventures in space!"
  • About Tyler Perry making a cameo as the Disciplinary judge.
    ERod: And then there's Tyler Perry. Did they really expect me to take Tyler Perry seriously during a disciplinary hearing? 'Cause I can't do that. Specially not after this.
  • When talking about the supporting cast, he talks about the people playing Kirk's parents (Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Morrison). "So Kirk is the son of Thor and Sheriff Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time...yeah, that sounds about right."
  • ERod points out when all the Trekies started bitching because in the Movieverse, Uhura and Spock were an Official Couple.
    ERod: Really? THIS is what the hardcore fans are complaintning about? May I remind you that this is the same movie in which the entire planet Vulcan is destroyed. We witnessed the near extinction of the Vulcan people and that's fine. But Uhura kissing Spock, that's bullshit.
    • Needless to point out that ERod is fine with this.
  • How Chris Pine got casted as Kirk? He won against William Shatner at arm wrestling.
  • His favorite line of the movie is Spock's Catchphrase, but not for it, but because of the context he used it in:
    ERod: But my favorite line is actually when Spock says "Live long and prosper" to the Vulcan High Council, after they insult him. It's not the line, it's the infliction behind the line. He is not really saying "Live long and prosper", he's actually saying "Go fuck yourselves".
    Spock: Live long and prosper...
    ERod!Spock: ...bitches.

     Honest Review: Angel 
  • The return on full force of:
    • Reason 1: Cordelia suggests Angel to open a Paranormal Investigation office. The same girl who picked a spatula as a weapon.
    • Reason 2: "Angel is The Hero, Doyle is The Messenger and Cordelia is... there. Upon Doyle's departure, he passes his ability to receive visions from The Powers That Be to her. Yup. Cordelia gets the visions now. Hooray!"
    ERod: Oh Yeah, it's time
    • Reason 3: Even though her ability to receive visions from The Powers That Be gave her a defined role in the team, Lorne's hilarius honest pesimism and Fred's sweet lovable stands as the then mother of the group made Cordelia's presence even more superfluous than before. What's the solution? TO HOOK HER UP WITH ANGEL, OF COURSE!!
    • The crown of all the Dumbest "Dumb Reasons to keep Cordelia around": Making Cordelia the villain, because they literally ran out of things for her to do.
  • About Fred being attacked by tentacle monsters in both Angel and The Cabin in the Woods.
    ERod: Also, I find curious that Joss often has Amy attacked by giant tentacle creatures in his projects. Freud would have a field with this.
  • "Now, are you ready for the best part? You wanna know who's the baby's father? Connor. Just a quick reminder: A year ago... he was a baby. If you just threw up a little in your mouth, believe me, I understand."

    Honest Reviews: Firefly & Serenity 
  • He says that when Fox was running the show, they did utterly horrible ads. He can't find any of these ads (and he suspects there's a Browncoat conspiracy to bury them), so he reproduces one as best he can to prove it. All accompanied by music that does not fit the show at all.
    Annoyingly cheerful ERod: It's intergalactic adventure from the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Packed with space cowboys, a boy named Jayne, a cosmic hooker, and a girl in a box! Firefly! It's out there!
    ERod: I wish I was exaggerating the shittiness of these ads, but believe me, I'm not!
  • When Firefly was airing, he tried to watch it, only to find the episodes had been unexpectedly moved and he was watching football. He tried again, and got baseball. Later, he was just flipping through channels and finally came across the episode "Bushwhacked", which starts with the crew playing Calvinball.
  • Sarcastically, ERod says he wasn't surprised Firefly got cancelled, "since FOX wouldn't fuckin' SHOW IT".

     Honest Review: Lucha Underground 

     Honest Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service 

     Honest Review: Mad Max: Fury Road 


     Honest Review: DC Universe Animated Original Movies 
  • When talking about the Catwoman short before the animated Batman: Year One, he has this to say:
    ERod: ...and it is excellent. [The Catwoman animated short] makes the live-action Catwoman movie look like kitty litter. Well, actually, cheap puppet theater makes the Catwoman movie look like kitty litter.
  • All his mentions of Frank Miller
    ERod: Ok, back to Year One. Based on the Frank Miller graphic novel, which he wrote before he went Cuckoo-For-Cocoa-Puffs
    ERod!Frank Miller: Boobies.
    ERod: Based on the famed graphic novel written by Frank Miller, once again, before he went Banana-Balls...
    ERod!Frank Miller: Boobies

     Honest Review: Batman The Brave And The Bold 

    Honest Review: DC Animated Movies 2014 
  • In his review of Justice League: War:
    • How he describes the Justice League members (with the exception of The Flash and Cyborg, who he finds to be the most tolerable of the group): They should all be shipped in a rocket to Planet Hulk. Billy Batson is a Jerkass, Batman is a Know-It-All doucheface strangely familiar with the procedures of an alien invasion, Wonder Woman is a barbaric moron that doesn't even qualify to be the embassador of an outhouse, Superman is as detached and cold as his portrayal in Man of Steel. And last but not least:
    • He lays out Hal Jordan's credentials as an experienced intergalactic police officer trained to deal with alien threats and with a vast database at his disposal. We then cut to this movie's version, confronted with an unknown alien weapon.
    ERod: Gee, I'm so glad the Corps recruited him. I feel so safe.
    • In the same vein, he lays out Darkseid's credentials as a god who would never sully his own hands with the trivial affairs of mortals. Cut to Darkseid flying around blowing things up, "like he's Godzilla, or some shit".
  • Moving on to Son of Batman, he states not only did he hate Deathstroke's portrayal, but he also though Damian was an even worse character than Deathstroke. During the climax, ERod was hoping both would off each other rather than having either of them as a winner.

    Honest Review: DC Animated Movies 2015 

     Honest Review: Batman: The Animated Series 

     Honest Review: Superman: The Animated Series 

     Honest Review: Batman Beyond 

     Honest Review: Static Shock 
  • At one point, he refers to She-Bang as "She-LAME.
  • When Static asks Batman about Robin, he replies that he is with the Titans.
    Batman: You'll meet them someday.
    ERod: No , he won't. But c'est la vie.

Countdown to Age of Ultron

    Honest Reviews: Marvel Animated Movies 
  • After explaining why The Invincible Iron Man sucks:
    ERod: I give it NOTHING (accompanied by 0 points in the Bad-ass-a-tude)

    Honest Reviews: Top 10 Mortifying Marvel Movies 

    Honest Reviews: X-Men: Days of Future Past 
  • Just with mentioning how X-Men: Apocalypse will incorporate Gambit into the story, he giggles a bit remembering he will be played by Channing Tatum. He previously had laughed a lot when he did a quick video of his thoughts on the Marvel new castings.

    Honest Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy 
  • After remembering DC Comics has an alleged Justice League movie in production, he says it in a frustrated tone and calls Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice "Dawn of the Justice of The Apes".
    ERod: It's not easy being a DC Fan.
  • References his previous video about his response to Critics dismissing the Movie after it succeeded.
  • When talking about Rocket:
    • Regarding his look appearance:
      ERod: But he is fierce and-! All right, damn. He's really cute.
    • ERod mentions fans have been compairing him to Rocket, and he didn't object at all. Followed by the scene with Rocket firing a BFG
  • About Drax:
    • After his Blunt Metaphors Trauma Literal-Minded persona.
      Rocket: [Drax's] people are completely literal. Metaphors are gonna go over his head.
      Drax: Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.
      ERod: (Watching a fanart of Drax catching a Metaphor over his head) Whoa! Well, he did say he was swift.
    • After applauding Batista being good at his role and signing up for acting lessons:
      ERod: And I hope The Rock is taking some fucking notes!!
  • About Gamora's outfit in the comics.
    • ERod: First things first. I like Gamora's look in the movie a hell of a lot more than the comics. Why does she dress like a space hooker? Did she and Starfire shop at the same Trampy Intergalatic Boutique? What part of this says "Greatest Assassin in the Universe"? All it says to me is "I'm ready for Pole Dancing".
  • About Star-Lord, ERod kept saying he was copying his style by being a Pop-Culture speaking adventurer and a Dance Battler.
    ERod: (After all the times Star-Lord made some reference) I could accuse him of stealing my routine, but Immitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery
    ERod: (When Star-Lord challenges Ronan to a Dance Battle) Oh, come on! I was defeating Bad Guys with sweet dance moves way before it was cool. (Cuts to his dancing duel with Evil-E in his Resident Evil Afterlife review) Now stop copying me! It's not funny anymore!
    • Also citing that Word of God confirmed that his ship, The Milano, was named after 80s hottie Alyssa Milano.
      ERod: I guess if I was a Space Hero, I would name my ship "The Gellar". Oh yeah.

    Honest Reviews: Ironman 3 
  • About Tony giving his address:
    ERod!Fanboy: But Tony Stark is a genius, why would he be stupid enough to invite the bad guys to his house?
    ERod: Yes. Tony Stark is a genius... at building things. On the flipside of that, he is the most impulsive and worst desition maker EVER. There's a reason Pepper Potts runs his life, 'cause the guy can't make adult desitions on his own.

    Honest Reviews: Thor The Dark World 
  • ERod mentions that Dr. Selvig became his favorite character in the movie after he became insane after The Avengers.
    ERod: [...] And I think Darcy puts it the best.
    Darcy: Our friend Erik... went "Banana Balls"
    ERod: No, I don't know how being naked at Stonehenge helps his scientific research. It's funny as hell! It's all I care about.
  • About Jane becoming more sympathetic:
    ERod: The question is, How will she react when she sees Thor again?
    (Jane slaps Thor)
    ERod: Wow! I told you I liked her more now.
    (Jane slaps Thor again)
    Jane: Where were you?!
    ERod: Wow! I really really like her. In fact, I don't think I could possibly like her more.
    (Jane slaps Loki)
    ERod: I stand corrected.
  • "Now let's talk about The Star of the movie", before introducing Loki at the Comicon 2013, where everybody in the crowd is chanting Loki's name and cheering.
    ERod: Incidentally, This is not a joke. When I first watched this movie at the theatre, the first moment where Tom Hiddleston appears on screen as Loki, all the girls in the movie theatre went insane. You'd think The Beatles entered into the room.
    • ERod then explains that Loki has become "The Spike" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since both characters had to appear every season after becoming Fan Favorites.
      ERod: This might me Thor's movie, but it's Loki who rules the Fanbase.
  • Finally talks about Malekeith near the end of the review.
    ERod: (...) But this is one of the most boring villains in the entire Cinematic Universe. We went from Vanko, to Red Skull, to this guy. "Malekeith The Accursed". What was he cursed with? A lack of personality? He is the most expresionless wet-blanket of a character of an antagonist we have seen so far. And his dullness is just amplified by Loki's presence. There's even a scene where he destroys Odin's throne and he takes no pleasure in it. He just destroyed the symbol of power of one of his greatest enemies... and he just keeps walking completely unfazed by it. Like a robot. And to top things off, his motivations are really hard to understand. He wants to plunge the Universe into darkness. Why? I can understand him wanting to do something along those lines to Asgard, as they were the ones who massacred his people, but why does he want to do the same to the rest of the Universe? Does he hate sunlight? 'Cause he's so pale he gets sunburned everytime he goes outside? EXPLAIN, DAMN IT!! EXPLAIN!!

    Honest Reviews: Captain America: The Winter Soldier 
  • When talking about Chris Evans nailing again the role of Captain America:
    ERod: Yes, I know. "It's ironic...". Get off my back.
  • BALS.
    ERod: Finally! After Iron Man 3 and Thor The Dark World left us hanging in the breeze, we finally got a teaser for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Which shows, there's still a small faction of HYDRA that is still active, and being led by one of Captain America's greatest enemy, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker. We also see that they somehow gain possesion of Loki's scepter, which, as we learned in Guardians of the Galaxy, contains the Mind Gem, which apparently Strucker is using to control two future avengers: Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch. So in the next movie, The Avengers must face off agains a subdivision of HYDRA and two brainwashed superheroes. It's a good thing they don't also have to deal with a fifteen-foot-tall killer robot who- (A picture of Ultron appears) Uh, nevermind.

    Honest Reviews: Avengers - Earth Mightiest Heroes 

Final Countdown to Age of Ultron

    Honest Reviews: Big Hero 6 
  • "Woman Up" should have its own merchandise.
  • Fred being a mascot suit guy instead of a kaijuu.
    ERod: I dub it LAME!

    Honest Reviews: Daredevil (Netflix) 

     Honest Review: Jessica Jones 

    Honest Reviews: Ant-Man 

    Honest Reviews: Avengers: Age of Ultron 
  • He mentions that it bothered him that Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson wasn't part of the supporting cast.
  • Mentions that Ultron's new personality is a fusion of Tony's dry sense of humor and the Internet, as he behaves like a Know-Nothing Know-It-All Insufferable Genius teenager who is good at destruction and witty comebacks.
  • Everytime he talks about Tony and Bruce working together, he calls them "Science Bros!!"
    ERod: Science Bros!! Later, bitches! We're off to do some science.
    ERod: Science Bros!! Yeah, Science gets all the chicks.
  • Since Vision's origin became a union of Cap's shield material, Tony and Bruce's knowledge and Thor's lightning...
    ERod: It's Alive!! It's ALIVE!!!... Uhm, sorry. I couldn't resist.
  • After Quicksilver dies being shot, he counters that unlike X-Men: Days of Future Past, the bullets were faster because they were fired by a machinegun on a Quinjet and by a super-intelligent robot who could have easily target him... "but I digress".
  • When talking about Hawkeye's role:
    ERod: First of all, while the rest of the Avengers may be more powerful, Hawkeye still won! Awesome house, cute kids and he is married to the super gorgeous Linda Cardellini. Dipper may have a crush on her, but it is Hawkeye who took her home.
  • The only scene he considers the worst of the movie, he dubbed it "The Jacuzzi of Exposition", as it was completely out of place and it could also be another excuse to get Chris Hemsworth without a shirt.
    • Also mentions that putting Thor on a sidequest was a good example of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character, as he could have been doing a lot of more interesting things in the second act: goofing around the farm, telling Hawkeye's kids inappropiated stories about slaughtering Ice Giants or helping Cap in Korea.
  • When mentioning The Avengers in South Korea, it's shown a clip of Thor and Tony doing a bit of Gangnam Style.
  • ERod doesn't do a Take That! to Man of Steel once... but twice.
    ERod: Oh, yeah. I went there again.
  • Points out that in Thor's vision, there was a Wolf, a Ram and a Hart.
    ERod: Seriously, If you don't get this reference, you need to start watching Angel to death.
  • His Second Favorite Scene is "The Battle of Sokovia":
    ERod: What and asshole. But, man do I love him.


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