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Funny / The Blacklist: Redemption

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"Leland Bray"

  • Solomon asked Tom on whether he knows that Bray is still together with his girl. His reply was "Have you seen the girl?"
    • Dumont later agrees with Tom, seeing pictures of her on the internet.

"Kevin Jensen"

  • Dumont's debriefing introduction.
    Dumont: For those of you joining our game in progress, today, we'll be talking about Kyrkistan, the brutal and unseasonably chilly nation state located on the eastern border of Turkey.
  • Solomon's thought on the Kyrkis government.
    Solomon: Our journey begins with the European Union. They've got a partnership and cooperation agreement with Kyrkistan, but President Aberjan's been acting like a real dictator lately.

"Independence, U.S.A."

  • Solomon mentioning the Pod people when he found the corpse of a victim targeted by Russian agents.
  • Also the black comedy when he found the three agents.
    Solomon: I don't really know what people say right now. You got so much to live for? Think of your families? I don't know. I'll say that was a hell of plot you guys almost pulled off. It was elaborate, so elaborate. But I bet you that this van was not supposed to be the end of your life. Am I right? So why don't we keep it that way? Nobody has to leave this square in a body bag. Just hand us the detonator, and we can all go our separate ways. What do you say, comrade?
    Russian agent: I say screw you!
    Solomon: I'm sorry you feel that way. I didn't want to have to give the green light.
    Russian agent: Green light?

"Borealis 301"

  • Tom getting into his role as a flight attendant in Borealis Flight 301.
    Tom: Welcome to Borealis Flight 301, nonstop from Seattle to Beijing. Expected flight time is 11 hours and 30 minutes.
    Solomon: I'll do the belt, but I'm not doing the vest. Definitely not the vest.
    Tom: We request your attention as Phil demonstrates the safety features of this aircraft. Ordinarily we'd begin with a seat-belt demonstration, but Phil is so good with the vest, we're gonna go ahead and flip the script.
    [Solomon glares at Tom]

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