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When not actively competing with original game in terms of horror, The Bike also makes Lighter and Softer videos that — while still disconcerting — nevertheless heavily employ Black Comedy.

  • Cooking with Monika and Yuri:
    • Nearly everything involving Yuri's psychosis is humorously dark. Yuri starts the video off relatively normal until she gets too fixated with chopping the vegetables with a kitchen knife and then begins ranting about bizarre, unrelated subjects like paying child support. The funniest gem, however, is Yuri slicing a watermelon over and over and insisting that she could hear the fruit's screams. If that wasn't enough, she then stabs the counter so hard, the butt of the knife comes off. So instead, she gets a chainsaw and slices the counter with it. Cue more chaos and the kitchen getting set ablaze with Monika hiding on the ceiling out of fear of Yuri. MC, Sayori, and Natsuki also arrive and witness the madness only to floor it when Yuri informs them that they were next.
    MC: My kitchen, my beautiful kitchen, who could've done such a thing!?
    Yuri: Ready to dance the dance of death, fuckboy!?
    MC: OH SHIT!
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  • MC buys Yuri a Snack: Yuri is the only one who notices the odd texts that accompany a character's speaking and becomes disturbed by it.
  • When Sayori loses her bow, she discovers that Yuri had stolen it. After an offscreen scuffle, Sayori reclaims it happily mentioning that she had to choke Yuri to death to get it back.
  • The Dokis go to Wal-Mart has several from Yuri having one of her bouts of insanity and attempting to hold control over the supermarket until she got her hands on some heavy stabbing cream, and Sayori horribly singing songs that the supermarket played on repeat.
  • After Sayori is prescribed medical drugs to deal with her depression, the other girls decide to also use them: Natsuki is able to get more work done, but she sacrificed sleeping in order to do so becoming an insomniac; Yuri's mental prowess decreased tremendously where she uses Hulk Speak and her poems are indecipherable; and Monika becomes immensely lustful.

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