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  • After they finally get through the horror of Marina's power reveal, the cops show up due to (mainly) Erin's constant screaming. Having to think fast, Jezelle run's interference why Trevor hides the puddle that was Marina. Where does he hide her? The washing machine. Then he removes the drain hose. Just in case.
  • After the hospital visits incident, the party, split between a hospital room and Trevor's car, were having a speaker phone conversation. Trevor's sneeze introduced him to the complications have snot and fur.
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  • During their first power training in the forest, after Marina turned into a coat, Trevor's Jump Scare ended up with him a Cat Up a Tree.
  • The Jezelle clones decided to pass the time by playing a few video games. The fact that they are clones of the same person and share a mind link led to all sorts of laughs.
  • Henry and doors do not get along. He's broken three so far.
  • For some inexplicable reason, 80% of the female NPC somehow get smitten with Henry. He has the lowest charisma in the cast. Even the Game Master can't explain it. It must be the muscles.
    Greycat: I swear... I'm not doing this on purpose... It just keeps happening...
  • Trevor got fleas. He refused to talk about them.
  • Alex has a bit of a mishap when experimenting with his new equipment.
  • During the Street Fight battle between some of the PCs and a horde of bugs, Jezelle and Alex took refuge in a car. The bugs attempted to crash through the windshield after them. Of the three that tried it. Only one survived and only one made it through. They weren't the same bug.
  • Erin, one of the offensively weaker party members, managed to break Trevor's nose while under control of the queen bug. Dainty Punch!!!
    • Of course, Henry eventually got annoyed and just tossed her out the front door and into the building across the road.
  • Erin when she found out her house got burned down.
    • And her second laptop, the first getting smashed in the Hospital Incident, got destroyed.
  • Alex didn't want to go on con, and that was pretty damn in character. Solution?
    Irbynx: Allright, Alex is not going to con.
    Greycat: He is getting possessed by ghost. Roll Will.

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