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  • In a Black Comedy kind of way, the multiple times Blueblood tries to kill himself count, especially once it culminates in him burning Canterlot to the ground and everyone going crazy in fear.
  • Prince Blueblood is utterly confounded by Pinkie Pie, who, despite him being trapped in a "Groundhog Day" Loop, finds himself dealing with something new every time he gets to her.
    Blueblood: I - eh - what? What? You didn't ask that last time!
    Pinkie Pie: I didn't? Heeeey! What do you mean 'last time?'
    Blueblood: I'm repeating the same day over and over. The last time I talked to you, you said something different.
    Pinkie Pie: That sounds like me, alright!
    Blueblood: (facehoof)
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  • Also highly amusing, the part where the Royal Guardsman can't tell if he's supposed to be rescuing Trixie from the Diamond Dogs, or if he's supposed to be rescuing the Diamond Dogs from Trixie.
  • Canon!Luna greeting at the Gala instead of Celestia. Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice and all.
  • Blueblood showing up at the gala with Sapphire Shores.
    A cream colored leg emerged first, teasingly, tantalizingly, sporting a sparkling slipper that probably cost more than most ponies made in a year. It was followed soon after by the Pony of Pop herself, Sapphire Shores. No mere dress would do for The Sensation, and instead she appeared in an intricate French Maid outfit, as saucy as it was ridiculously overpriced. Tiny diamonds caught the light along the lace filigree as the pony superstar emerged, lighting her up the center of the universe.

    A step behind her, Blueblood reveled in the scene he was making. Gone was the proper dinner suit. Instead, his flanks scintillated with rhinestones, the silver spurs on his cowboy boots jingling. He'd expressly purchased the most gaudy, tacky, inappropriate and expensive ensemble within a thousand miles. A blue silk scarf and cowboy hat completed the utterly atrocious look.

    Sapphire Shores loved it.

    Further proof in Blueblood's mind that he had done well in picking something truly terrible.

    The effect could not be argued with. A hundred ponies stood, stunned, staring at the pair. The spotlight hadn't just been stolen. It had been put in a safe, locked with a key, the key had been buried, and a house had been built over it. But nothing – nothing at all – compared to the look of shock on Auntie Celestia's face when she saw the duo walk through the gate. Priceless. Beyond priceless!

    Blueblood choose that moment to propose to the Pony of Pop.

    Let her be the Princess of Pop!

    Sapphire was the perfect partner in crime. She didn't even mind when, accepting, they began to make out right in the center of the Royal Oratory.
  • Blueblood's first attempt at interrupting the loop: getting blasted by the Elements of Harmony. So he asks Twilight and co... Who don't have them:
    "You six ARE the gods damned Elements of Harmony! What? Did you lose yourselves? Sell your souls maybe?!"
    • The punchline to the scene and Blueblood's long rant:
    Pinkie: And ponies call ME crazy!
  • Blueblood realizes that the only way to get himself out of the time loop would be to make the Gala go well. That includes making the Elements of Harmony happy, so he starts with Rarity, who he visits at home... Sweetie Belle answers at the door:
    Blueblood stared at the polite little filly.

    He... just couldn't help it...

    "I am Prince Blueblood. Tell me, Sweetie Belle, is your mother home?"
    • Take 2:
    Blueblood composed himself. No jokes this time.

    "I'm Sweetie Belle!" The adorable little filly, just like before, first thought about trying to shake hooves before remembering to bow in greeting. No jokes this. time. No jokes this time. No jokes this time.

    "I am Prince Blueblood. Tell me, Sweetie Belle, would you like to go to the Gala with me?"
    • Take 3:
    Okay. Seriously.

    No jokes this time.

    "I'm Sweetie Belle!"

    "I am Prince Blueblood. Tell me, Sweetie Belle, is your sister home? I would dearly like to ask her something."

    There: Blueblood felt quite proud. No need to make yet another hard reset of reality.
    • And his plan?
    Yes: Rarity would theoretically be the easiest of the six. All he had to do was not ruin her night while also possibly convincing her that she didn't want to marry into his family. If his harridan of a mother had been alive, Blueblood was sure that would have been much easier. He'd work out those particulars later.
    • After Rarity, he goes to Pinkie Pie:
    Halfway into sitting at one of the indoor tables, Blueblood nearly jumped out of his skin. Impossibly, some pony was actually staring at him, upside down. Was she perched on his head? It didn't feel like it. Was she hanging from the ceiling like one of Luna's bats? He never got to see how the mare pulled the trick off, because a second later she was seated opposite him, her hooves placed innocently on the table.

    This was the pink terror of the Gala.
    • And as detailed above, every time he tries to talk to her she does a different crazy thing. In the end, he succeeds.
    • Third pony to prepare for the gala, Applejack. He expected it to be easy. Then he found out that his office cost them a few acres of land and a whole crop of their best apple trees when he straightened out the borders of Everfree Forest and paid their land half of what Applejack's grandfather had paid it a hundred years earlier. And it was part of a land scam conducted by one of his subordinates and an agricoltural company from Hoofington. And, of course, Applejack was thoroughly pissed at him for rubber-stamping the thing without reading.
      • When he finally solves that, he has to explain Apple Bloom how he got his Cutie Mark.
    "I got a little lost one day," Blueblood told her.

    Apple Bloom blinked a few times, expecting more.

    "That's it," he finished.
    • During one of the attempts, he learns about all the different kinds of apple desserts from Applejack. Next loop, he smashes his alarm clock and makes his way down stairs, cackling maniacally as he goes to the kitchens to add them to the menu for tonight's Gala.
    • Before going at it for the first time, we get this oath from him:
    Come hell, high water, or Celestial menopause he would make at least one Gala work. For peace of mind if nothing else, he had to try.


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