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Funny / The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle

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  • Spike's recollection of Twilight's attempt at researching while drunk.
  • Pinkie Pie freaking out Trixie by randomly appearing while Trixie and Twilight are in the middle of teleporting.
  • Rarity doing a Double Take when she finds Rainbow Dash hiding in Twilight Sparkle's kitchen cabinet.
  • Rainbow Dash's introduction as Twilight Sparkle's legal counsel. Somehow made funnier when we find Rainbow does know what she's talking about.
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  • Pinkie Pie sneaking up on a security guard, wearing a Sam Fischer-esque mask, and... begging the guard to let her and her friends peep on Applejack and Rainbow Dash.
  • "What happened to your illeism?" "My what?"
  • Twilight getting trolled by Trixie in chapter 14, followed by Miss Spelling attempting to explain what a "polymath" is to Twilight's friends:
    Miss Spelling: It means that she dominates numerous subjects.
    Applejack: Well shoot, Ah could figure out that much, Sug, but what's goin' on behind closed doors between a Princess an’ her subjects ain't no concern of mine.
  • In Chapter 15, Gummie Horseshoe tries to interrogate Ditzy Doo after she is sent by the Cutie Mark Crusaders to deliver a cake with a file and a blowtorch in it to Rarity. Hilarity ensues.


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