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  • Zara's first big house part of the 2013 school year. It also doubles as an introduction to drunk!Ren, and gives us Bully and Jason high on shrooms. Particularly notable being Bully seeing Rissa as a giant mushroom, and biting her on the forehead, causing her to run screaming to the bathroom and lock herself in there for the rest of the night.
  • Jason calling Bully to let him know to meet he and Darian at the hospital, right after the latter had fractured his leg attempting to superman off a flight of stairs. Bully asks Jason to give Penny his number, mid-conversation, and Jason actually stops what he's doing to give it to her, to Jac's obvious consternation.
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  • Rissa going slowly insane over the course of the camping trip event, as it seems like nature itself is out to get her.
  • Although it was more cringe comedy than anything else, Jason and Jac's one-month anniversary was full of unintentional humor, from Jason's disproportionate level of panic and immediate denial to Jac taking his example at face value when he attempts to explain why he thinks "I love you" is such a loaded term.
Jac: [completely serious] Jason, I'm not going to end up pregnant at sixteen just because I said 'I love you'.
  • Jules approaching Travis and calmly carrying on a conversation with him, without her player realizing he'd been "writing his name on a tree" at the time until he zipped up his pants, and said player's ensuing disgusted reaction.
  • When Jerry is running for Student Body Vice President, the entire campaign Travis designs for him is based around slinging groundless accusations at Bully and taking advantage of his already larger-than-life reputation. Claims include that he'll turn the school into a communist dictatorship, secede it from the United States, and invoke jus primae noctis to forcibly recruit every woman in school into his personal harem... Including his younger sister.
  • During Grapevine Fires, Bully dead-seriously explaining to Jason that he suspects Rissa is secretly in love with Zara, followed by Jason's stunned silence.
    • During the same conversation, Jason sarcastically asking Bully if he thinks Rissa plans to "turn" Zara at a sleepover via naked pillow fight... and then both trailing off to stare wistfully off into the distance, visualizing just that.
  • Rockie's initial opponent in fight club being a sweet, Betty White-like old lady... who turns out to have been a retired hitwoman, and carries a purse full of rocks around for just such an occasion.
  • Ren stating, matter-of-factly, that she's as smart as every other person in the circle combined during the cabin group's getting-to-know-you circle, coupled with Lanie and Zara's visible annoyance and Boone just shrugging in tacit agreement.
  • The VP election brawl in general was pretty funny, but the teachers passing around a sign-in sheet to keep track of who'd been involved, and almost every student there signing as "Xavier Alexander" makes it even better.
  • During the Disney World event, Lanie and Adam having a wand fight while dressed in full Harry Potter gear.
    • Jason walking into his and Adam's hotel room right as Lanie's about to get Adam's wand. He essentially walks in, turns around, and wordlessly walks out, looking like he's seen a ghost.
  • The wing-eating contest. Lanie over-eating and throwing up all over the wings, Bully throwing up on Zara in response, Jason trying to get to the bathroom, bowling over a waiter and then accidentally puking on him. The night only goes downhill from there.
  • Boone and Ruby having a very serious conversation about their respective futures, and confirming that they're absolutely in each other's future plans? Heartwarming. Rockie repeating Boone's exact points, almost word-for-word, to Ren, only about twelve feet away, moments after he said them? Hysterical.
  • Jason and Bully finding a taxidermy cougar in the basement, then positioning him in front of the cabin as a "guard dog".
    • Additionally, Jason and Rissa playfully arguing about what to name it, between Fluffy (Rissa's idea of a good name for a pet) and Hitler (Jason's idea of a good name for a guard dog that was supposed to be offputting)- As well as his eventually shot-down compromise idea, "Fluffy Hitler".
  • Rissa's entire collection of knock-knock jokes are usually considered to be So Bad, It's Good
  • Travis' confusion upon finding out that Jerry let Xavier give him a handjob, and Jerry's ensuing explanation that he was "only gay for fifteen minutes."
  • Bully's text to Jason the day after the latter first consummated his relationship with Rissa
  • Ana's and Virginia's utter conviction that they're currently dealing with a pair of gold-digging expert lotharios in Jason and Bully, and discussing how they're going to go about getting their respective daughters away from them.

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