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Funny / The Andromeda Strain

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1971 Movie

  • Dr. Ruth Leavitt's sarcasm is top notch.
    Ruth: Yes, until now we've had to admire each other from afar.
    Mark: (gives her a bewildered look)
    • And later.
  • I thought it was hilarious when Mr. Jackson tried to grab the nurse's thigh (through her Hazmat suit!) while being examined. Doesn't waste any time does he?
    Anson: Feeling "better" aren't you, Mr. Jackson?
    Jackson: Eee-YEP!
  • Nurse Anson immediately shows she can give as good as she gets....
    Jackson: Do you really have to wear that iron suit?
    Anson: Eee-YEP!
  • "Hell of a way to run a hospital."

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