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Funny / The Amazon Trail

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  • "Termites ate my underwear!"
  • Giving Aguirre either ipecac, a drug that causes insanity when taken while healthy, or a plant that paralyzes the eater if too much is taken. All while telling him "It's like candy".
    • The silly walk his henchman does when he says Screw This, I'm Out of Here!
    • The entire Aguirre sequence is this thanks to Aguirre's insanity and Evil Is Hammy tendencies.
    • To top it all off, you actually get to say "So long, sucker!" to Aguirre once you trick him.
  • Occasionally, you might catch a red-belled piranha with a pirate's eye patch and bandanna, a tiny harpoon stuck in its tailfin, and a tattoo.
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  • Catch a piranha, a shark, a stingray, or an electric eel and keep it. You are greeted with a voice clip of "Ooooooow" in a really Narmy voice.
  • The sheer number of Amazon natives who, if asked for their identity, matter-of-factly reply, "I don't have a name." What kind of parents did they all have??!
  • The oil executive insisting that his company's oil spills look much worse than they are. ("The water underneath the oil is perfectly fine!")
  • In the first game, while fishing you can accidently catch a floating log instead of a fish. What makes it funny is that you can still decide to keep this log afterwards rather than throw it back. Doing so will result in your guide calling you out on this when the fishing is done.

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