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same as the cartoon.
  • A cat landing right on Tintin's face.
  • Tintin trolling Sakharine when the man asks him about the scroll from the Unicorn model.
    Tintin: You mean the poem?
    Sakharine: Yes.
    Tintin: The poem written in old English?
    Sakharine: Yes.
    Tintin: It was inside a cylinder...
    Sakharine: (growing irritated) Yes!
    Tintin: Concealed in the mast.
    Sakharine: Yes!
    Tintin: (Tiny smirk) ...I don't have it.
  • Captain Haddock lighting a fire in a boat he and Tintin are stranded in. Made better by the fact that he doesn't seem to see anything wrong with this.
    Tintin: Captain? What have you done?
    Haddock: No need to thank me.
    Tintin: What?!
    Haddock: Well, you looked a little cold. So I lit a wee fire.
    (the fire in question is a large, blazing pile of wood taking up a third of the boat)
    Tintin: (frantically trying to put it out) IN A BOAT?!
    • When Tintin protests that they NEED the oars he's burning, Haddock calmly replies "Yes, but not for much longer". His logic is undeniable.
    • Then he comes to his senses and tries to put it out... by pouring whiskey on it.
    • Cut to: "Well, this is a fine mess!"
    • The reason Tintin didn't notice that Haddock was building a fire was because Haddock accidentally knocked out both him and Snowy while adjusting the oars.
  • The Captain's reaction to the Karaboudjan's seaplane attacking him and Tintin.
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  • After hijacking the seaplane, Haddock expresses his concerns over Tintin's lack of piloting experience.
    Haddock: Uh... Y-You do know what yer doing, eh, Tintin?
    Tintin: (reading a manual and playing around with the controls) Um... more or less.
    Haddock: Well, which is it; more or less?!
    Tintin: Relax! I interviewed a pilot once!
    (Haddock promptly starts panicking.)
  • Tintin beaning himself in the head with his own grappling hook.
  • Thompson falling down a flight of stairs after tripping over a cat, which is even done in the animated series!
    Thomson: Thompson? Where are you?
    Thompson: Well, I'm already downstairs! Do try and keep up.
  • As an informant is shot right in front of Tintin's building:
    Tintin: Mrs. Finch! A man's been shot on our doorstep!
    Mrs. Finch: Not again?
  • Thomson and Thompson come to the house of a pickpocket. He thinks they've come to apprehend him, when really they've come to return his wallet. They spend most of their time there babbling amongst themselves while the pickpocket confesses to his crime, and the contrast between their conversations just... makes this scene. Especially when they are seeing the wonderful collection of stolen wallets the robber has, and they believe they are all his, finding like six or seven of theirs... and still believing they are the pickpocket's, while the man is still confessing and they aren't paying attention. They don't even get the hint after finding their own wallets! (Or the wallets of each other, hard to tell with those two.)
    Mr. Silk: I'm not a bad person! I'm a kleptomaniac.
    Thomson: A what?
    Thompson: It's a fear of open spaces.
    Thomson: Poor man. No wonder he keeps all his wallets in the living room.
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  • One subtle moment in Bagghar. A local hotel owner finds that his building has been pushed down to the harbor by a tank. His reaction is to happily add another star to the sign.
  • Haddock accidentally firing a bazooka backwards into Bagghar's dam. He's quite rattled, while Tintin didn't even notice.
    Tintin: Did you hit anything?
    Haddock: Oh, dear.
  • When Tintin first meets Captain Haddock, the drunken man mistakes him for a "baby-faced assassin".
    Haddock: So you thought you could sneak in behind me and catch me with my trousers down, eh?!
  • Allan preparing to use Tom as a Human Shield after he lights the dynamite fuse, Tom's confused "Wha?" really makes it.
  • Once the door is blown open, the smugglers are pelted by champagne corks that Tintin set as a distraction. After the initial onslaught is over, a single cork hits Tom in the forehead and he drops to the ground like a sack of potatoes.
  • A subtle one: While talking about a way to escape the ship, Haddock breathes into Tintin's face, with the alcohol fumes in his breath causing the poor boy to stagger around drunkenly for a moment afterwards.
  • Tintin and Haddock's very different reactions to see a banner announcing Bianca Castafiore's performance. Tintin is intrigued because he recognizes her nickname from something Sakharine's goons said earlier. Haddock just stares, mouth hanging wide open.
    Haddock: What a dish!
  • Haddock freaking out and hitting his head repeatedly against a chair during Bianca's performance.
  • Tintin's mind silently and visibly breaking for a few seconds after learning the Captain's name.
  • There's just something about the way Tintin screams his ridiculous Catchphrase in dead seriousness after his apartment gets ransacked. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome if you're a fan of the comics.
  • After Tintin buys the Unicorn in the market, Barnaby Dawes approaches and offers to pay him double. This annoys the man Tintin bought it from, not least because Tintin had already haggled him down to half price. It only gets worse when Sakharine appears. "Ten years I've been flogging bric-a-brac and I miss 'name your price' by one bleeding minute!"
  • When Haddock prepares a lifeboat to escape from the Karaboudjan, he's confronted by a crewman with a gun, who had been sleeping inside it. Haddock is told to put his hands up, and he does - letting go of the rope in the process, dropping the boat out from underneath him and leaving him dangling from a loop hanging off the side.
    Haddock: An' let tha' be a lesson to ye!
  • Haddock in a pink dress. Combined with him gently lifting the skirt while chasing Sakharine's falcon:
  • Allan's first line:
    Allan: Mister Tin... (pauses to read paper) ...tin?
  • Tintin going through the trouble of going into a room full of sleeping crew members (which is already funny enough as it is) to get a key which Haddock uses to open the door to the liquor cabinet. Tintin's utterly deadpan expression in the background is priceless.
  • Near the end:
    Sakharine: Do I pay you to talk to me?
    Nestor: You don't pay me at all.
  • So Tintin and Captain Haddock are in a plane that's being thrown about in a storm, and Haddock, terrified and desperate for an alcohol fix, spots a bottle of medicinal alcohol. He tries to drink it just as the plane lurches downwards, resulting in the liquid floating out of the bottle in zero-gravity, which Haddock proceeds to slurp up. And then Tintin tells Haddock that the plane is running out of fuel, and that Haddock has to refuel the plane manually. While it's still in the air. With the alcohol he just drank. So he climbs out of the flying plane and belches into the engine, reigniting it with alcohol fumes from his breath. Needless to say, Tintin was a little more than a little worried when he realized what the Captain was planning.
  • Every single moment Thompson and Thomson are on screen.
  • This little gem when Tintin first meets Haddock:
    Haddock: I've been locked in this room for days with only whiskey to sustain my mortal soul...
    (Tintin walks over to the door and opens it effortlessly, then gives Haddock a "Really?" look.)
    Haddock: Well... I assumed it was locked...
    Tintin: Well, it's not.
  • Haddock's perpetual alcohol-induced forgetfulness.
    Haddock: My memory's not what it used to be.
    Tintin: What did it use to be?
    Haddock: I've forgotten.
  • In the desert...
    Tintin: Congratulations, Captain. You're sober.
    (the word continues to echo faintly)
  • Snowy is chasing a car that Tintin has been chloroformed and stuffed into. He ends up going through an enclosure full of cows, brushing up against the udder of the first cow. The cow responds by raising its head and mooing loudly in shock. Cue a trail of cows raising their heads and mooing. A very Spielbergian way of showing things.
  • The pickpocket gets hit on the head, and we see Circling Birdies, like you would expect if this were a comic or a traditionally animated cartoon. Then a guy with a net appears and catches the birds... It turns out that they escaped from the nearby pet shop!
  • The sheets of paper that make up the code. Strongest material in the world. They've been wet, they've been in the mouths of several animals, they held up a dog's weight as they and he were carried off by a hawk...
  • As they're escaping from the Karaboudjan, Tintin tries to hit a mook over the head with a whiskey bottle the Captain was drinking from, only for Haddock to pull it out of Tintin's hand mid-swing to finish drinking. Tintin still knocks the mook out, but you can see him holding his hand afterward, glaring at the Captain.
    • The mook Tintin knocks out is the same one he and the Captain took down just a few minutes prior. Then, a few minutes after that, Tintin ends up knocking him down some stairs. That guy has been having a pretty bad night.
  • Thompson and Thomson get distracted while looking at the newspaper.
    Thomson: Great Scotland Yard! That's extraordinary!
    Tintin: What is?
    Thomson: Worthington's are having a half-price sale on bowler hats!
    Thompson: (snatches the newspaper) Really, Thomson! This is hardly the time...
    (looks at the newspaper)
    Thompson: Great Scotland Yard!
    Thomson: What is it?!
    Thompson: Canes are on sale, too!
    • Tintin looks like he's about to Face Palm at this.


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