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  • An episode is spent trying to prevent crooks from misusing a scientist's new supercomputer (an "electronic brain" in those days) to deduce Superman's secret identity. After they've been stopped, the scientist (played by Sterling Holloway) is alone with the machine and realizes he wants to know the answer himself, so he asks it. Its answer is a strip of ticker tape that says, "Wouldn't you like to know!"
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  • This moment from "The Mysterious Cube":
  • In "The Defeat of Superman", a moment at the hero's expense:
    Jimmy (referring to the block in the room): They called it Kryptonite.
    Superman: I don't care what they call it.
    He walks up to the door and hits it, to no effect.
    Superman: Did you say Kryptonite?
  • "The Big Freeze": A Freeze Ray turns Superman's hair, skin, and costume a permanent icy white. How does Clark Kent hide this? He sneaks into Lois lane's office and helps himself to her make-up.
  • Lois spraying the room with a machine gun in "Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor." Yes, it's awesome, but it's also hilarious because it's, well, Lois Lane spraying the room with a machine gun! The looks on the villains' faces seem only half horror at the prospect of being shot and half "What the hell am I seeing?!", as if they can't believe she actually did it.
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  • In "The Mind Machine," Clark Kent and the Scientist of the Week are in a plane together and manage to locate the villain's hideout. When Clark phones the information in, he learns the plan that will kill Lois is going down right at that moment, much earlier than he expected.
    Dr. Hadley: Good heavens! What'll we do?
    Clark: I'm afraid there's only one thing to do... Look! (points, then knocks the guy out when he turns to look)
  • In "The Secret of Superman," the Secret Chaser of a villain considers it a strong possibility that Superman would be the ultimate disguise if he was actually... a woman. Lois Lane, in fact!
  • The scene in "Semi-Private Eye" where Lois tries to prove that Clark is Superman by planting a phone book hollowed out and filled with weights on his desk. Clark, naturally, spots the trick and swaps the book with his own before she comes back.
    Lois: Oh, Clark, I need to look up a number, would you hand me the book, please?
    Clark: Why, certainly, Miss Lane, here ya' go.
    (He tosses it at her, freaking her out until it lands in her lap and she realizes its harmless.)
    Clark: (innocently) Something the matter?
    Lois: Nothing. Not a thing. Come on, Jim, let's go.
    Clark: Oh, Miss Lane... aren't you going to call your number?
    Lois: (fuming) Never mind. Thank you, Mr. Kent.
    Clark: (grinning ear to ear) You're welcome, Miss Lane.

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