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Funny / The Adventures of Irving and Friends

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Funny moments in the fan fiction series, The Adventures of Irving and Friends

  • "Fired Fanboy" has a TON of these. This is just one example.
    Baljeet: Oh where am I?
    Irving: Baljeet! Your alright!
    Baljeet: What just happened?
    Phineas: You turned into a giant robot and tried to destroy all humans!
    Baljeet:: Did I crush anyone?
    Irving: No.
    Baljeet: Aw man!
    • This bit from "Irving Who?"
    Phineas: Buford, we have to get his memory back no matter what.
    Buford: Whatever floats your ship.
    Phineas: Don't you mean boat?
    Buford (grinning): No.
    Phineas: O...kay...
  • Pretty much all of "Irving's Fan".
  • "Irving Does Drugs And Goes To Jail". That is all.

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