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Moments from Suede's Pokémon Journey videos can be found here.

  • Suede parodying his viewer mail in his Comment Special and Trigun videos.
    "You play the worst Air Guitar I have ever seen. But, I liked the vid. meh, not bad."
    "Oh, and it's not like I don't respect your opinion, but i also have to disagree that anime openings are more creative than American intro songs for cartoons, in general. They both have a bunch of good, and not so good, intro themes. Some of my favorite theme songs for animated series are American, just like how some of my favorites are also anime openings."
    "This is outstanding. Great editing and acting. Love the curtains."
    "You suck! Why must you rip off The Nostalgia Critic? Every time someone like AVGN and NC show up someone has to copy them!
    "You Rock! I hope you're also going to do reviews, why not review this fine anime?
    "I don't like you! You have a weird accent, and things that are different make me fell threatened.Why don't you act more like the NC?"
    "LOL dude amv heaven is great but could you review this anime? I'll lose respect for you and tell the internet that you find boys interesting if you do not."
    "You suck! You aren't creative enough to review an anime and I compensate for things outside of my control by putting people who caught a break down."
    "So, I heard you like mudkips?"
    "Review an anime!"
    "YOU SUCK!!!"
    "So I like your curtains..."
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  • The opening to AMV Heaven synchronizes a song and a clip of an anime to represent a angel singing. The song used in the intro? Smack My Bitch Up.
  • During the Trigun review, the entire lead-in to the actual review, with the conflicting messages, conflicting Suedes, and a compliment on the curtains. Said curtains were also randomly praised in the (parody) comment special.
  • You know Evil Brits? Well Suede has in his Top 11 Anime Villains list, what can only be described as an Evil Kiwi.
    • His...reaction to Mion (Shion?) from Higurashi: When They Cry.
      Suede: AHHHHHHH! I'm unclean! AHHHHHHH!
    • His Breathless Non Sequitur at the end of his portion on Orochimaru.
      Suede: Orochimaru; He's a cold-hearted snake and HOLY CRAP he's a woman.
    • It's topped by his reaction to the Mushi from Mushishi:
      Suede: Nothing is safe! Nowhere is safe! [They'll] come in through your eyeballs and make your drawings come to life! You're dead, I'm dead, WE'RE ALL DEAD! [headdesks] Dang, that's creepy!
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    • And this moment when he talks about Frieza:
      Frieza: You ruined everything, you Saiyan freakshow! How dare you meddle in my affairs!
      Subtitle: WHAR'S MAH METAMUSIL!!?!?
    • Suede trying to be dark and creepy, which basically means turning down the lights, dropping his voice an octave, speaking slowly, and having ominous organ music playing in the background.
    • Benzaie tries to interrupt the episode while holding the book from Death Note, and Suede tells him to shut up. Suede suffers a heart attack as the episode ends.
  • His Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children review contains many:
    • The Exposition Song:
      Suede: Exposition is really lame, I'm bored out of my skull, heaven it's way too long my gosh, maybe I'll watch Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
      Suede: Final Fantasy VII! Answering the phone!
    • The constant captions of "LYING" whenever he says that the movie will get better or that something makes sense.
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    • His summarizing of certain scenes.
      Suede: Then Kadaj gives the children a really whiny speech that pretty much goes like this: "I am eeeeevil! I want to destroy the world! Look at my leather! Don't dream it, be it! Religious subtext!"
    • After showing several clips of Cloud angsting, he deadpans the chorus from 'Crawling" by Linkin Park.
      Suede: Dang, Cloud is depressing! It must've been all that making out with Squall during the Kingdom Hearts period. (shows a picture of Cloud dressed as a schoolgirl kissing Squall) This picture was too easy to come across!
    • "And so in typical anime fashion, Cloud defeats the giant beast with the help of his friends. Awwww."
    • His reasoning behind why Rufus covered his face, despite the fact that the audience already knew who he was. He was just too pretty.
    • His Advent Children review contains many, but one of the best is:
      "Well, Cloud found out in an earlier fight that the stuff actually comes off with water (which makes me wonder about the hygiene of these little kids) and he gathers all the kids to...
      (Cloud walks through a pool water over to one of the kids) "No..."
      (Cloud grabs one of the kids and brings him into the pool of water with him) "No they can't..."
      (Cloud cups water in his hands above the kid) "Oh, you have GOT to be..."
      (Ode to Joy plays as Cloud pours water over the kid's head with the message "RELIGION IS GOOD AND CLOUD IS JEEBUS" over the screen) "For the love of! WHY, MOVIE, WHY!? You could have been cool, you know! You could have been a contender!"
    • And in his commentary he discusses the angry Youtube comments he got when he posted the review there, including "You suck", "You n00b", and "You sound like Mr. Bean."
  • From his "Top 11 American Anime" review:
  • During the filming of MarzGurl's Character Description (that was made in front of the doorway of Doug's house), he enters the house, turns his head, notices what's going on, makes a 'Oh Crap!' face and tries to sneak to the other side of the house with his wife, Jessica, following him. Unfortunately his character description was filmed outside Doug's house, so the same doesn't happen with him.
  • Suede Played Ninja Gaiden Sigma Level 1. "Forget my sword, I'm so confident in my ninja skills I'm going to kill you with three kicks to the face!"
    • Plus the running gag about 'Gaping holes in your defenses' and Ninja Accountants.
  • His boiling point when reviewing the Phoenix Wright musical. Complete with text saying he's a "closet Phoenix/Maya shipper"!
  • The giant otaku troll drawing in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time review.
  • From his review of "Hold Me Now" AMV.
    Suede: I now want to watch an anime called Princess Tutu about ballet - after listening to Swedish pop music! *awful coughing commences with confused Suede checking himself* Pretty sure that was my macho.
  • Suede Played: Nancy Drew At Night.
    • His reactions to the butchered Japanese and the robotic cat are especially funny.
    • When having to trace Nancy's name in katakana, where the slightest mistake means a reset.
    Suede: Inner peace, inner... peace. Inner peace, inner peace!. Inner peace, inner peace, Nike swoosh. Hyphen. Bamboo. Leaf. Raindrop. Raindrop. ...Thing. (The puzzle resets) Nooo! Oh, you... (rattles his keyboard)
    • Watching him go from 'meh, how can a Nancy Drew game be scary?' to 'OHMYGODthe demon cat!' is very gratifying.
  • Suede's review of Pokémon: The First Movie feat. Linkara and JewWario is full of funny moments.
    • When they log into the Pokémon MMO, Suede and Linkara look like cartoon drawings of themselves, then Suede asks where JewWario is, when suddenly..
      JewWario: Hey guys! Man, these graphics are amazing!
      Linkara and Suede: (stunned silence)
      JewWario: ... What? Don't you judge me!
      • Also, this (and their expressions are priceless!):
        Suede: It's not a matter of judgement, JewWario, it's a matter of my brain having to shift gears without a clutch.
        Linkara: I hurt myself in my confusion!
        Suede: Kindly remove part of one your X-chromosomes and meet us back here, please.
      • "...You've reached a higher level of nerd, haven't you?"
    • Photoshopping Pikachu's face on top of Zeus and Moby-Dick.
    • In a nice Call-Back to Suburban Knights, Suede gets fed up at Mewtwo's hypocrisy and has JewWario explain what hypocrisy is to him. It goes as well as you'd expect.
    • When the clone Pokémon start waking up:
      Linkara: It looks like a Rhydon giving birth!
    • Near the end when Pikachu is trying to shock Ash out of his "death". But even with the riffing, a Pokéfan may still find themselves both laughing and crying.
      JewWario: CLEAR!
      Linkara: LIVE! DARN YOU, LIVE!
      Suede: No, Pikachu, Electric isn't effective against rock! Get Squirtle... get Squirtle...
    • The part where they make fun of Giovanni's Italian nature. Extra points for having him sounds like Italy.
    • Suede (as Giovanni): I wonder what's on MythBusters...
    • JewWario points out that Mew's "it's what's on the inside that counts" speech from the 4kids version, actually was about that the true Pokémon would always win over the copies in one-to-one battle in the original Japanese. The trio looks on in horror, as the same clip is now rendered in black and white, and dubbed over with one of Hitler's speeches.
    • The beginning of a Running Gag for the reviews.
      Nurse Joy: Pokémon are not meant to fight. Not like this.
      Linkara: (crying fakely) Not like thiiis!
  • In his Damekko Dobutsu review, he starts off with a speech stating that he likes something beyond his age and gender demographic.. He is of course talking about Damekko Dobutsu, but just as he cuts to himself saying this, there's a DJ Pon-3 plushie on his shoulder.
    • And the pony jokes don't stop there; when talking about a unicorn and a pegasus that are twins (pointing out earlier that the pegasus' personality is similar to Fluttershy's), he can't help but cut to the beginning scene of "Baby Cakes."
    • The photo montage of Harajuku fashion-goers set to the can-can, the music swelling at just the right times when tanned kogals are shown.
  • Part two of the crossover with Linkara and JewWario, The Power of One is still full of the funny.
    • Their reaction to Lawrence III's Cool Ship and how ridiculous it is:
      Suede: this guy?
      Linkara: Why does he have a pneumatic chair that rises through his Sistine Chapel-sized ceiling into a flying Steampunk fortress of death?
      Suede: OK, when did this character suddenly become amazing? I mean, sure it's goofy and over the top, but I just want to keep watching to know this guy's story. How'd he get this thing? Why does he want the birds?
      Linkara: How does he keep his Doom-coptor afloat when the blades don't spin nearly fast enough?
      Jew Wario: Maybe the propellers are just wind generators that power the anti-graviton or something.
      Suede: That just raises further questions!
    • Linkara and Suede start to feel their age when they realize that the film is over 12 years old. Jewario, who is in his forties, cuts in to tell them that now they know how he feels. Linkara and Suede's reaction is pure gold.
      Suede & Linkara: (like chastised little kids talking to an adult) Yes, Mr. Carmical...
      Jew Wario: NOW CUT THAT OUT!
    • When Team Rocket decides to prepare a lifeboat, while they're still on a boat...that isn't sinking.
      Jew Wario: Yo dawg! I heard you like boats!
      Suede: Boatception!
    • The playing chess Running Gag.
    • Linkara's and Suede's increasing irritation at changes made to the movie by 4Kids.
    • Linkara and Jewario teasing Suede about being a Pokéshipper as a kid. Even the narrator gets in on it!
    • Every time someone in the movie says "Shamuti", and the guys incorporate it into the "Shipoopi" song from The Music Man.
  • From the review of Pikachu's Vacation and Pikachu's Rescue Adventure:
    • Pikachu's Vacation begins with Pikachu peeking from inside a circle, so Suede plays the James Bond theme to make it feel a little bit like a Bond Gun Barrel opening.
    • When watching Pikachu's Rescue Adventure, Suede comments on the seemingly random appearance of a Leaf Stone. A minute later, he sees Exeggcute evolve into Exeggutor and launches into a lengthy rant about how inaccurate it is for Exeggcute to evolve by levelling when every fan knows that Exeggcute evolve with a... leaf... stone. The longer it takes for the penny to drop, the funnier his realisation is.
  • The review of Pokémon 3: Spell of the Unown:
    • The episode opens with both Suede and Linkara giving dark, noir-style narration about the last two videos. Then it cuts to JewWario.
      JewWario: Cats are funny.
    • "Holy crap, a giant rock!" It helps that the character in question is voiced by Dan Green.
      • Linkara turns it into a Dan Green/YGOTAS Running Gag.
    • Linkara's reaction to Suede asking, without a trace of irony, if Miyazaki directed it.
      Linkara: (as if about to start railing at his stupidity) Miyazaki. You're asking me if Hayao Miyazaki, the Steven Spielberg of anime, the highest grossing director in all of Japan, directed Pokémon 3?
      Suede: ...Yes?
      Linkara: (nonchalantly) No, he didn't do this one.
    • Suede pens "Miyazaki's Disease" to describe whenever young characters in anime are amazed at something they should be terrified of.
      Linkara: Seriously, she should have at least given us a better expression than mild surprise.
    • Linkara brings up the Official Internet Reviewer's Law Book, which states that if he likes a movie, he can say anything he wants about it without consequence. JewWario then says that it also states that any joke that was popular in previous reviews must be referenced as much as possible in later ones.
      Suede: Man, I need a copy of that book. Can I borrow yours, Linkara?
      Linkara: Sure, if you can beat me in a game of chess.
      Suede: Moving on.
    • Linkara explains how the Cold Opening is basically Silent Hill for kids. Cut to Suede and JewWario with horrified expressions on their faces.
      JewWario: If you'll excuse me, I need to go bleach my childhood.
      Suede: We're not even to the freaking opening titles yet. Oh wait, there they are.
    • JewWario points out that the Pokémon battle during the opening credits is so well done, it distracts you from the fact that they used Comic Sans as the font for the credits.
      Linkara: Mother of mercy, you're right!
      Suede: Well played, 4Kids.
    • "Why are you leaving me, mother?"
    • This cute bit:
    • They all are really impressed with the opening...Suede in particular, who is practically drooling.
    • The fake dialogue Suede adds from Molly talking about how wonderful it is not to have any tragedy to have in their lives, only to be shocked when it's revealed her father has gone missing, and suddenly the Pokémon logo jumps out.
    • When it cuts to Ash running up the glass stairway:
    • Linkara channelling Harry S. Plinkett:
      Professor Oak: It's the Unown! They have generated so much psychic energy that they're unable to control it!
      Linkara: (in Plinkett voice) How do you know that? I said, how do you know that?! Answer me, dang it! Is it on your computer? What's that there on the screen? Is that the script?
    • "Ash just beat Entei while riding on a Charizard. I think your argument is invalid."
    • This gem:
      Jew Wario: Hey, don’t Just Run away! If the books prophesizing this, turn to the last page and figure out how this all ends!
      Linkara: Hmm… so the dark worm Giratina rises from its eternal slumber and crushes the princess’s bones before devouring the Earth and condemning its inhabitants to Endless insanityGood to know!
  • From his review of Mewtwo Returns:
    • Suede claims he's reviewing this because of the reveal of the "Mewthree" form in Pokémon X and Y. "Also, my Pokémon reviews give me the most money."
    • Suede reenacting the (in)famous "Eva-Unit 01 stares at Kaworu" scene with the DVD case.
    • Suede points out how anticlimactic it sounds for Mewtwo to introduce Mew as his nemesis.
      Suede: BEHOLD! The ancestor of all Pokémon! The most diverse of all creatures on this planet! Able to change form at whim and second in overall stance only to those considered gods among 'Mon! Behold Mewtwo's folly! The being that singlehandedly destroyed one of the greatest threats to humanity ever unleashed. (clip of Mew mewing) Aww!
    • When Brock says his memetic "drying pan" line, Suede says he'll just leave that scene alone. Cue the next scene with the "Top 10 Frying Pan Puns Brock Could Have Used In The Course Of The Show."
    • Suede states that he enjoys whenever anime dubbing requires the voice actors to sound like Christopher Walken.
    • Suede using his copy of Pokémon White to demonstrate why it makes no sense for Rhyhorn and Nidoqueen to breed.
    • Giovanni screaming the infamous line about bees from The Wicker Man (2006). The fact Giovanni's character-design makes him slightly resemble Nicolas Cage makes it especially funny.
    • His little joke about Pokémon Speak:
      James: Go, electricity-absorbing wire!
      Electricity-Absorbing Wire: Electricity-Absorbing Wire!
    • When seeing baby Nidoqueens.
    • "Use Onix. Use Onix. Use Onix. *repeats six more times*"
      • Later, when Brock sends out all his Pokémon, including you-know-who. "Oh look, an Onix. *Aside Glance*"
    • Suede complaining about when Pokémon like Gyarados, Blastoise, and Charizard are in the cell and can easily break out with their attacks but don't actually do so, mainly because he was fully expecting them to do so when they were first locked up.
    • After a line by Ash implies he knows his memory was wiped, Suede imagines Mewtwo taking him aside to explain the last time they met.
      Mewtwo: Ash, come here. You know, I... haven't been entirely honest with you. We've met before.
      Ash: Huh?
      Mewtwo: Yes, you see, I was kinda in a bad place, you know, so I thought I'd enslave all of humanity and kinda killed you. Oh, it's okay, you got better, obviously. Luckily, all the magical tears of all the sad Pokémon turned you back from being solid rock. ...screw it. (wipes Ash's memory again)
      Ash: Just show me where it is and I'll tackle it!
    • After the weirdness with the oddly tasty spring, the closing song is "Something In The Water".
      Suede!Pikachu: (after tasting the water) Oh, baby, I can see Arceus!
    • The Stinger: "Oh yeah, where did Mew go?"
  • Pokémon 4Ever
    • After months, and months, and months of waiting, we finally get to see JesuOtaku's animated avatar revealed once he joins the gang. It's not Jesu, but his Ditto masquerading as him.
    • Jew Wario proclaiming Suede is "face-ist".
      Suede: I'm not "face-ist"! Some of my best friends have faces!
    • Linkara and J.O arguing over the movie in question.
      Linkara: I know! Let's settle this over a friendly game of chess.
      Suede: No! No chess!
    • Jesu Otaku's deadpan snark steals the show, here's an example:
      Ash: (having just seen Suicune) Was that a Pokémon?
      J.O: No Ash, that was Fabio on four legs. What are you, blind?
    • Suede's answer for why 4kids commissioned a pointless scene of Team Rocket bumbling. Cut to Spoony tossing money around like a stooge.
      Linkara: Yeah, I'll buy that.
    • After complaining about how ridiculous the Iron Masked Marauder's name is, JO is asked what his name is in the Japanese version.
      J.O: Jeffrey., I'm just kidding. It's Vicious. (cue Cowboy Bebop joke/reference)
    • The Reservoir Dogs references culminating in:
      Suede: Why am I Mister Pink?
    • The repeated comments about a phone booth that looks suspiciously like a urinal.
    • A shot of Ash jumping towards a paddle boat, only for the screen to go black as we cut back to the reviwers.
    • J.O revealing that the guy on the boat who meets the group is named "Mr. White/White-San". He proceeds to make a Breaking Bad joke.
      J.O: (as Mr. White with a picture of Jessie of Team Rocket next to him) Jessie! We need to cook!
    • The TARDIS materialisation sound being played over Sam and Celebi materialising in the forest.
    • Linkara flipping out over the movie's epic Arceus Ex Machina aka the army of Celebi from the past and future coming without any foreshadowing or build-up to magically bring the once dead Celebi back to life and the massive Broken Aesop that comes with it. It's made even funnier with the fact that Linkara follows trying to say something positive about the movie by cutting himself off and taking it all back.
      Linkara: This movie... can go crash its DeLorean into my TARDIS!! The Celebi of the past and present— (goes berserk) WHERE WERE ALL OF YOU BEFORE?!?!?! WHY DIDN'T YOU SEND A PLATOON OF YOURSELF TO HELP OUT WHEN, OH, I DON'T KNOW, YOU WERE DESTROYING THE FOREST?!?! WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE IS THIS SENDING KIDS?! "Don't worry, kids, you don't have to concern yourself with the environment or global warming or the ozone layer or anything like that, we'll invent a cure for that anyway when we invent the time machine! Just don't ask us why our future selves haven't shown up yet!" This movie sucks! We have learned nothing!!!
  • A few from his riff on "Pikachu & Pichu":
    • When a Gyarados erupts out of a river right next to what appears to be a tourboat:
      Suede: (as a tour guide) And to your right you can see a screaming Hellbeast. Luckily he has decided in his infinite wisdom not to slaughter us today! (crowd "ooooh"s)
    • After the dubbers goof and have Voltorb use Electrode's cry, Suede decides that they might as well keep going from there and dubs over the other Pokemon's cries with unfitting ones that get increasingly more ridiculous. It culminates in Clefa talking like Mewtwo
      Suede as Rattata: Raticate!
      Suede as Bellsprout: Scyther!
      Suede as Furret: Slooooow...!
  • When doing Batman: Gotham Knight for his Calling It Now series, Suede tries to follow his standard "come up with a logical prediction for this series, then throw it out and go for a completely outlandish theory instead" formula. With difficulty, since his first outlandish theory (Scarecrow has drugged everyone into nightmarish illusions) has been done many times before. So instead he imagines that all of the nightmarish takes on Batman shared in this episode do exist, were brought together as evil versions of Batman, and the real one will have to face off with them in the end... and then learns that that's been done, too.
  • From the Mewtwo Strikes Back re-review
    • One significant change from the original review is the lack of a framing device to justify everyone's involvement. Instead, Suede introduces the review in a straightforward manner as part of his Journey series. "Oh, and I brought Linkara back." Cue Linkara falling from the ceiling suddenly.
    • Suede talks about how dark Takeshi Shudō's writing could get, "like killing a child in his previous series". Linkara's Delayed Reaction to this (about twenty seconds) is funnier than it should be, as is Suede's response: "Yep, the main character. Seventeen episodes before the series ended," accompanied by explanatory clips of the scene in question from Magical Princess Minky Momo.
    • A new joke: Something's off with Brainwashed Joy...
      Mouth of Mewtwo: My master bids thee welcome.
    • The "Not like thiiis!" Running Gag is used over and over during the list of Patreon sponsors for about a minute.
  • Stantler's Little Helpers", the video description:
    A merry Christmas to all, except for Santa's old ponyta which was probably sold to the hot glue factory...
  • His video on the first Pokémon Detective Pikachu trailer:
    • He points out that Tim's trick with the stapler would actually be a pretty effective intimidation move, compared to what Pikachu's threat would look and sound like if Tim couldn't understand him. "Calm down and wipe my butt."
    • Suede brings up his issue with how well the Pokémon seem to have been integrated into the world of the film (compared to well how the anime portrays a world where Pokémon and their abilities are part of everyday life), arguing that the movie comes across as no different to a hypothetical movie featuring regular animals.
    Suede: Obviously the fact that Pokémon are in this world is what gives it its flavour, no doubt, but bear with me for a second. What if Pikachu was a cat? A Talking Cat!?! Yes, a talking cat. (Shows clips from the film with a cat's face over Pikachu's) "Put down the stapler, or I will claw you." "Every time I say something all people can hear is 'Meow Meow'."

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