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  • Sadly, many terrans find this particular Silver-age comic funny because it combines Badass Decay and So Bad, It's Good in a way that many terrans would describe as "funny." Bear in mind that this comic was "Spidey Super Stories", a non-canon comic specifically made for very young readers.
    • According to Jim Starlin, this had been integrated into cinema, in part. In Avengers: Endgame, the double edged sword of which a time-displaced version of my film counterpart wielded was based off of the propeller of the vehicle I piloted, the "Thanoscopter"...I speak no hyperbole. Starlin was about as disappointed as I, leading to yet another barrage of comedic pictures Terrans entitled "memes", all centered around the similarities of the two objects. Unruly wretches.
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  • I have made a few appearances in one terran's travel through space/time when Victor von Doom scammed me of my Infinity Gauntlet for Cross Gauge and Defense Gems. And then when Max defeated a younger version of myself with an infinit. I still plan on finding those too, so that I may kick them in the nuts. Forever.
  • Even I have to admit sometimes that it's the simple pleasures that make life worth living.

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