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  • A bit of Black Comedy but: "Don't worry, Hunter, if anyone of us is eaten, it won't be your scrawny ass." Guess who gets his leg munched on TWO SECONDS LATER.
  • Jim's initial job is as an agricultural assistant.
    Jim: I can do weeding. [sees the size of the weeds; stunned silence]
  • Jim and Elisabeth getting "interrupted" by pterosaurs. Even funnier the second time.
    Jim: Unbelievable!
  • Jim struggling to cook dinner.
    Maddy: Dad, how do you know if a boy likes you?
    Jim: You can't— What boy? Why are you asking? You're only sixteen!
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  • Malcolm's pathetic attempt to name a newly discovered pterosaur species after himself.
  • This exchange in the fourth episode, though it falls under Heartwarming and Awesome as well. It comes after Commander Taylor has had his memory reset to a war twenty years before, forcing Lieutenant Washington to shoot him with a sonic stun pistol to prevent him from killing himself:
    Taylor: [somewhat confused] Lieutenant. You shot me.
    Washington: Yes, sir.
    Taylor: [nods] Good work.
  • When Maddie is trying to get a new power core for her tablet computer, she ends up being led to Boylan. He's initially unwilling to give it up, until she offers to help him with his bookkeeping. Then she gives her last name, and suddenly he's stumbling over himself to accommodate her in any way possible.
  • Elisabeth's Refuge in Audacity plan to break Jim out of the brig crosses between this and a Moment of Awesome. First she convinces Weaver she's injected him with a deadly parasite to get him to get Jim out, then the "cure" she gives him is actually a sedative to knock him unconscious. Her final line to him is amazing:
    Elisabeth: You're a paranoid hypochondriac, Mr. Weaver. You really should see a doctor about that.
    The sheer awesomeness of it is even lampshaded by the show. Josh: Mom, that was AWESOME.

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