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Funny / Teri Gumball: In Between Worlds

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     Nighttime Attack 
  • Carrie giving Gumball a scythe and a bucket of foreshadowing.
  • Gumball being annoyed by Teri's Hypochondria.
    (After opening the closest)
    Teri: What the-?! Why's your closet such a mess? When's the last time you cleaned it out?"
    Gumball: I'm sorry if I don't waste my life making sure every square centimeter of my room is bleached. Not all of us are neat freaks like you. And if you hate this mess, then you're going to loathe the one under the bed.
    • Teri does look and is horrified, comparing it to a scene out of a horror movie.
    Teri: (angry) You know what! I'd rather sleep on your sister's bunk then on the same level as whatever potential pandemic that is brewing under your bed.

     Giants Of Old 
  • Gumball's response to Teri telling him that she has a severe nut allergy.
    Gumball: If you're allergic to nuts then why are you sitting across from me?
    Teri: Seriously! take someone else's health a bit more seriously!"
    Gumball: Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to get Teri-ed away There!
    (Teri throws a piece of burnt bread in Gumball's face)
    Teri: Sorry, your jokes are so bad, I thought I'd dish out some punishment.
  • Teri hits Gumball so hard in the stomach with a basketball that he falls, and then she drags him out of the gym. The entire gymnasium is left in shock.
  • Tobias mocks Gumball and Teri because he thinks that they're a couple, but Banana Joe is oblivious. Tobias has to explain the joke to him, and Joe still doesn't get it.

     Magic For Teri 
  • Gumball meets Teri's parents and her mom teasingly asks if they're dating.
    Yui: Say Gumball, I've been wondering. How long have you and Teri been going out?
    Teri: (while blushing) MOM! THAT'S NOT- WE'RE NOT-!
    • Gumball was unsure how Mr. Pepakuma would react. Luckily for him, he just smirks at his wife's sense of humor.
  • Teri throws a bottle of hand sanitizer at Gumball's face after he says that she already has wrinkles due to being made of paper.
    Teri: I wasn't throwing it at you. Your big head just got in the way was all!
  • Gumball asking Rob if he has anyone else like an aunt, pet, girlfriend, a clingy roommate, or lazy college roommate.
    Rob: Does my personal life interest you that much?
    Gumball: Uh no, not really...

     Bridging The Gap 
  • Gumball calling Teri a wizard.
    Teri: "I'm not some D&D wizard".
  • After Teri convincingly lies to Carrie and Masami, she then tells them:
    Teri: Yeah I'm glad we all got out okay Gumball was REALLY good company.
    Gumball: (annoyed) You're not helping!
    • The two get into a fight using curses and insults at each other while Carrie and Masami watch.

     Looking Glass 
  • Yui teasing Teri about Gumball.
    Yui: And also make sure that you and your boyfriend are only hugging and holding hands now, understood?
    Teri: (embarrassed) MOM! That's so gross, we're not even like that!
    • Then again before Teri closed the door
    Yui: Okay, Okay. You guys have fun but remember. If you need to make the first move, just guide him into a secluded place and-!
    Teri: BYE MOM, LOVE YOU!
  • After Gumball calls Teri cute when she's embarrassed. She stops at the door and asks him
    Teri: Hang on a sec! Did you say I look cute when I'm embarrassed?
    • This causes Gumball to stop laughing and freeze for a sec to think of what he just said to Teri. His eyes shrink and his skin changes from cyan to a shade of strawberry. He makes a flimsy excuse to avoid the awkward moment.

     Forest Of Light 
  • The rest of Gumball's family teasing him about his crush on Teri, which he denies.
  • When they arrive at Lelei World
    Teri:"Wha-er we are we?"
    Gumball: "We're in the land of people who worry too much about cleanliness and hygiene! A land where paranoid hypochondriacs are chased and tormented by sarcastic classmates and vile dise- OUCH!"
  • Teri trying to calm down.
    Teri: I-It's fine! Just a f-few scratches is all! No need to worry about it or the fact that millions of germs are probably culminating into the open areas now and- AAAUGH! WHERE'S MY DISINFECTANT!"
  • Teri after Gumball calls her Captain Pepakuma again
    Teri: He called me captain Pepakuma again! I really like that title, maybe I should have him call me that more often. Although, I will never let him name our kids because he really is ridiculous when… wait a minute! Kids? With him!? What is wrong with me? When did I start thinking of such stupid things in the first place? There must be something wrong with this place and it's making me go crazy!
  • One of the Nephilims is named [[Disney/Frozen Olaf]].
  • Teri practicality stole Gumball's jacket after he gave it to her. Even after she said it's filled with his sweat and germs, Teri refuses to take it off and sticks her tongue at him.

     Burning Skies 
  • Carmen teasing Teri over her crush on Gumball.
    • Plus Teri's face turning red and compared to a tomato.
  • Carrie telling Teri that Gumball was checking her out even when he was eating a sandwich. He stops midbite to check Teri out.
  • Teri tells the nurse that she was feeling butterflies in her stomach and random increases in body temperature when she was near Gumball. The nurse's response?
    Teri: And what did she mean, "Take him out to dinner and let the situation solve itself?"
  • Gumball comparing Sherry to if Carrie and Darwin's love child from the future that somehow fused her hand with her phone and the personality of a dill pickle.

     Fear Without Form Part One 
  • Fukijima being woken up by Teri yelling at Gumball.
    Fukijima: (annoyed) Who needs an alarm clock when you have these two getting up early and squawking at each other.
  • Teri yelling at Gumball to get off of the keyboard while he's sleeping on it and ignoring her protests. It's as if a cat owner were yelling at their cat.

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