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  • From the drama cd, Kurose telling Shirotani that he's actually an android with anti-bacterial skin. This leads to Shirotani poking his cheek and holding his hand before Kurose tells him that he was joking. Shirotani leaves in embarrassment.
  • Shirotani standing at the door of the coffee shop, hesitating to touch the door handle while Kurose pays at the counter. Kurose turns around only to find that Shirotani hasn't budged. It's really his face that sells it.
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  • Shirotani telling Kurose that his staring is making him feel self-conscious. Kurose responds by staring even harder. He does the same thing in a later chapter while Shirotani is being measured for a suit.
  • In an extra, the pair run into each other buying medicine for their hay fever. Kurose offers to buy medicine for Shirotani that will make him drowsy, but comments that Shirotani "becoming teary-eyed is nice too." Shirotani comments that Kurose is a little weird.
  • Shirotani's reaction to Kurose giving him a butt plug as a gift.