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Funny / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

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  • Michelangelo mishears the Turtle formation for the Squirrel formation.
  • Donnie trying to get Raph to pull a trick while in freefall.
    Donnie: Raph, do that thing!
    Raph: No, I don't wanna do it, it hurts!
  • Michelangelo accidentally drops a piece of Pizza on the basketball court causing a visiting basketball player to slip and fall. Said player raises his leg with the pizza still stuck to his foot; to his utter bewilderment.
    Player: There's pizza on my Nike! Why is there pizza on my Nike?!
    Referee: Hey man, welcome to New York.
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  • It's funny that the Turtles can head out to a basketball game and even though they have to hide up on the rafters, they can still be as loud as they like because EVERYBODY is cheering and screaming.
  • Michelangelo and Raphael sniping Vernon with spitballs during the Knicks game.
  • April calls Donnie in the middle of the game, and Mikey starts pestering him trying to butt in on the conversation. Donnie's solution to this? Use the cattle prod at the end of his bo to give Mikey a quick zap.
  • During his brief foray into the Halloween parade, Mikey meets a cosplayer who is dressed as Bumblebee.
  • The first interactions between the turtles and Casey Jones where he mistakes them for aliens and they just decide to roll with it in order to mess with him.
    • While April explains to Donatello and Leonardo about what she had witnessed at the lab of Bebop and Rocksteady's transformation from the Purple Ooze, in the background Casey is wearing his hockey mask and trying to fend off Raphael and Michelangelo's "attacks," who continue to take playful jabs at him.
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    • When Casey first sees Splinter he freaks out and warns the Turtles a "giant rat" is in their home. Mikey and Raph tell Casey he needs to charge him to make him go away. Casey does this and Splinter promptly knocks Casey right on his ass, having played along himself.
    Splinter: Giant rat: one. New guy: zero.
    • Adding to the joke is the fact Leonardo is frantically trying to get Raph and Mikey to stop with no success as they tell Casey this, while trying not to laugh.
    • After tricking Casey into getting his own ass beat, Mikey suggests they should have guests over more often.
  • One of the first things that Bebop and Rocksteady do once they're mutated is to look down their pants. They're rather thrilled with what they see.
  • Vern has become so famous for supposedly defeating Shredder that he's actually making a pretty profit from selling "Falcon Breath," that is, ziplock bags filled with his "hot air."
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  • Mikey's reaction to finding out that Bebop and Rocksteady are moving at a supersonic speed toward Brazil.
    Mikey: Oh, they've achieved the power of flight! Good for them.
  • The Turtles' reactions to Donatello jumping from the plane.
    Michelangelo: Uh... dudes?
    Leonardo: What?
    Michelangelo: He jumped.
    (Beat. Leonardo and Raphael turned to the door after registering what Michelangelo said)
    Raphael: HE JUMPED!?
  • Raphael trying to bring himself to jump out of a plane to land on Bebop and Rocksteady's plane. First, he gets himself a parachute (making him the only Turtle that bothered to put one on). Next, he frets over the insanity of the act. Lastly, he asks himself "What would Vin Diesel do?" This allows him to make the leap, but because he missed the 30-second window, he winds up smacking against the cockpit of the enemy plane.
    Raphael: No regrets, no fear. No regrets, no fear! No regrets, NO FEAR! (Jumps out the plane) GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I REGRET THIS! FEAR SUCKS!!!
  • After getting into the plane and discovering a bunch of Foot ninja, Raph and Mikey have this fun exchange:
    Raph: The Good News is you're wearing chutes.
    Mikey: Chutes.
    Raph: The Bad News is? [knocks Foot guards out of the plane; Foot guards fall screaming briefly before opening their parachutes]
  • When Krang is done talking with Shredder the first time around, he realizes he's too big to fit back in the android's abdomen. He commands it to push him back in, which it does... clumsily and cartoonishly, as if he's a pillow. It eventually settles on punching him back into itself.
  • Rocksteady foregoing hand-to-hand combat against the Turtles' 2-to-1 advantage by using a tank's machine gun to blow them apart? A pretty smart idea. Firing that while they're all on a plane thousands of feet up in the air, utterly destroying the cockpit and sending the entire craft into a nosedive? Much less so. Even Bebop was ticked off. Rocksteady realizes what he's done with a pretty good Oh, Crap! expression on his rhino face when the plane is ripped apart.
    Bebop: Dude! Seriously!
    Rocksteady: Yeah, that's my bad, I got a little carried away.
    • Bonus points for the look on Raphael's face after the cockpit is destroyed.
  • Bebop's response to being thrown out of the plane as it's falling to the ground?
    Bebop: This pig is flying!
  • One ad for the film features a fake ad for beauty products, only for Bebop and Rocksteady to literally tear a hole in the ad and begin running amok. Bebop even declares, "This is OUR commercial now!" Can be seen here.
  • Leo calling Krang bubbilicious.
    • He probably got the idea from Mikey's initial reaction to Krang.
      Mikey: It's like a chewed up piece of gum! With a face!
  • Mikey introducing the turtles to Casey Jones to the tune of the Dating Game. It's a testament to Leonardo's patience that he let Mikey finish his whole spiel before he asked April what was going on.
    Mikey: Raphael over there in the red is like a big cuddly teddy bear... if big cuddly teddy bears were incredibly violent.
    • Donnie does a little diva turn for his intro.
    • For Leo's intro, Mikey sneaks in a fart joke.
      Mikey: This is Leonardo. He's in the blue. Fearless leader. Silent, but deadly.
  • Bebop has body image issues about his new form... or not.
    Bebop: Hey, I gotta ask... do I look fat to you?
    Rocksteady: [reassuringly] No, Beebs! No, of course not! You look... [beat] ...REALLY FAT!
    [Rocksteady jiggles Bebop's gut and the two of them laugh like idiots]
  • Before they're mutated, Bebop and Rocksteady are chilling in a bar. Bebop then proposes that since the Shredder is behind bars, they quit being errand boys, and start their own criminal organization to rise in the city's food chain.
    Bebop: Yeah! We could start our own Foot Clan, maybe work our way up to our own Leg Clan!
  • We're used to seeing Stephen Amell as the Arrow barking orders to his Badass Army like a well-oiled machine — the final fight has him re-explaining all his action hero terminology to April and Vernon.
    Vern: "Secure" the portal device? What does that mean?!

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