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  • It's Strong Bad himself voicing all the characters (In-Universe) so it's a Funny Moment when you imagine Strong Bad sitting there, with these voices coming out of his mouth. Both Strong Bad's actor and Strong Bad himself can be considered a Man of a Thousand Voices.

Issue 1

  • The Ugly One's death.
    The Ugly One: I have a crush on every boy!
    The Ugly One: Ow, my skin!

Issue 2

  • So and So's date randomly gets run over by the Arrow'd Guy driving a truck with the word CHILDREN! written on the side.

Issue 3

  • The Ugly One gets MSG'D!! when the girls stop for some "pan-Asian cuisine".
    The Ugly One: Ow! My stomach lining!
    Cheerleader: We'll worry about that one later.
  • Cheerleader's idea for "a whole new style": an elephant-head mask.
  • On her way home from the thrift store, What's Her Face is randomly threatened by "Possums..."
  • The girls strike a pose at the end, and What's Her Face (who's still got a possum biting her leg) complains "My blood hurts."

Issue 4

  • This is Cheerleader's response to an inappropriately-timed "SO GOOD!" from her friends.
    Cheerleader: Y'all are so whack.
    The Ugly One: Wiggidy-wack?
    Cheerleader: No, just regular type.
  • What's Her Face is "weirded out" by So-and-So talking to her imaginary boyfriend, Brett Bretterson.
  • So-and-So ends up stumbling into the Fighting Growlbacks Bottomless Spirit Pit.
    So-And-So: (falls in) Aaah! Go Growlbacks!
    What's Her Face: When you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation.
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  • After Cheerleader goes to impress the quarterback:
    The Ugly One: Tee hee.
    What's Her Face: We're cool.
    (What's Her Face and The Ugly One get squashed by a "NO pounds" weight and a sack of "YOU'RE NOT" potatoes)
    Narrator Strong Bad: NO! YOU'RE NOT!
  • Cheerleader attempting (and failing) to get Quarterback to date her.
    Cheerleader: So, Quarterman, how's about you and me?
    Quarterback: How's about you get some brains?
    (Cut to Cheerleader being attacked by the Arrow'd Guy in a brain-shaped mecha)

Issue 5

  • The Ugly One gets her head stuck in the sand. "My lungs are filling up with sand. And cigarette butts."
  • Cheerleader tries to impress some olda boys, despite So-and-So blabbing that they're in eight grade, insisting that So-and-So is her younger sister and "I'M FIVE YEARS OLDER AND IN COLLEGE!!!" Then she's cut off by a SAILING MISHAP!!
    Olda Boy 2: I'm gonna miss her.
    Olda Boy 1: I'm gonna miss video games.
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  • After getting her head stuck in the sand, The Ugly One worries that "someone cool or famous" might be staring at her. Cue George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Henry Rollins showing up to gawk.
    George Washington: Look, look at that girl.
  • What's Her Face is at the skate park with Thomas the Alien, when So-and-So goes para-sailing by.
    What's Her Face: I think my friend and some presidents just flew by.

Issue 6

  • The Ugly One is totally gung-ho about jumping into a lion's mouth for a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. "I want presents! I WANT PRESENTS!! CANNONBALL!"
  • So-and-So does some mental arithmetic: "Let's see... Lion's mouth plus Decemberween present divided by peer pressure times height equals... TRIPLE SALCHOW!"
  • Cheerleader's attempt at a dive: "Double-double whipless mochacinno half-caf!"
    • 3 noses?
  • What's Her Face is randomly hit by a "Wave o' babies...", complete with a guy playing ukulele.
  • So-and-So gets Cheerleader "a gift card for fashion" for Decemberween. What does The Ugly One get her? A half-digested gazelle carcass.

Issue 7

  • The girls tease Tompkins for saying "heck".
    Tompkins: WAAAAAAAAAA!!
  • Strong Bad sounds unsure on what to say when killing Tompkins off.
    Narrator Strong Bad: AGGH-! GRAGH-! And... he died somehow.
  • Later, Strong Bad apparently strains his voice after depicting Li'l Cheerleader throwing a tantrum.
    Cheerleader: IT'S MINE! IT'S A HUNDRED! SHUT IT OFF!
    Narrator Strong Bad: (coughs and sputters) Squished.
  • The episode ends with an Easter egg involving the Cheat Commandos and the Teeny-Tiny Girl Squad's archaeopteryx preschool teacher.
    Singers: Mrs. Commanderson, she's some kind of bird reptile
    And she teaches pre-k!

    Mrs. Commanderson: EERRAAAK!

Issue 8

  • "Tompkins, point your rear end in the direction of the principal's office." "Aw, peas!"
  • The Ugly One's "16-hour drum solo" is interrupted by her being FLOOR TOM'D!, STEP MOM'D!, and even Pom-pom'd?
  • So-and-So is trying out her new "gloomy keyboardist look", when some goblins barge into her dressing room to ask for her autograph. Then she gets squashed by a polyhedral die.
    Narrator Strong Bad: TWELVE-SIDED DIE'D!! Oh, that's rough.
  • What's Her Face's bass guitar turns into a shark. She notes that it feels seaworthy, before it suddenly eats her.
    What's Her Face: Ow! My most of me!
  • "This be my new back-up band: a shark."

Issue 9

  • The girls reacting to Cheerleader's death by the Crazy Learner's Permit Girl:
    So and So: Whoa...Cheerleader's gone.
    All 3 girls: WE'RE FREE!
    Mr. Pitters: We're ointment!
    The Ugly One: The tyranny is over!
    So and So: I can overachieve like a bandit!
    What's Her Face: I can date Science Fiction Greg again!
    The Ugly One: I can stop showering!!!
    Mr. Pitters: I can be a teen girl!
    Vultures: Ain't no teen girl.
    (Cut to a dining room table where the vultures are seen eating Mr. Pitters.)
    Narrator Strong Bad: Chomp chomp chomp chomp...
    Vultures: Quite good, quite good.
    Narrator Strong Bad: ...chomp chomp...
  • The Best Friends Squad song.
    What's Her Face ate staple sauce
    A heaping bowl of staple sauce
    And Crazy Learner's Permit Girl
    Gave me a ride to Babbage's.

Issue 10

  • A tiny samurai jumps out of The Ugly One's lunch on "Corn and Corn Alone Day".
    Mighty Warrior: Corn is no place for a mighty warrior!
  • What's Her Face gets stuck on Spin Mode. "Wheeeeeeeeeee."
  • Cheerleader tries to talk up some burly Scotsmen, only to get CABER TOSSED!
    Scotsman: BAGH! Only 23 metres!
  • What's Her Face ends up getting "lathe'd" by the tiny samurai. "Oww! I hope they have these corn chips in heaven!"
  • Strong Bad ends up making out with the paper that The Ugly One post-makeover is drawn on. His brothers' confused reactions only make it better.
    Strong Bad: [making out with the paper] Oh... mmm, not bad... oh, twice...
    [Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and The Cheat stare at Strong Bad in confusion.]
    Strong Mad: Huh?
    Strong Sad: Uhh...
    The Cheat: Meh?
    Strong Bad: [startled and embarassed] AH! Uh, this is a piece of, uh, pi-izzaa-aaaa. [Stuffs the paper into his mouth] It's over!
    Strong Sad: Uh, Strong Bad, were you just first-basin' it with that piece of loose-leaf?!

Issue 11

  • As the girls take the bus to camp, the Grim Reaper looms in the distance with a hamburger. "Forebode... CHOMP!"
  • So and So meets her boss at the Shirt Folding Store, whose face is made from magazine clippings:
    Manager: Here's you're name tag, MARK! Now get to minimum wage-in'!
    Narrator Strong Bad: MEET A FIST! (Manager gets punched out by an astronaut)
    Astronaut: Ckhk. She killed my dog.
    So and So: Uuum... 'kay.
    Astronaut: (sprouts a superhero cape and flies away) Ckhk. Da da da DA!
  • The Teen Girl Squad (minus So and So) at their cabin:
    Cheerleader: Does "Ugs" have one 'g', or 2?
    The Ugly One: The deuce.
    Cheerleader: Alright Uggs, since So and So's not here, you're bunkin' with me! I'll take snoring over night-terrors any day.
    What's Her Face: Then who's sharing my bunk?
    (zoom out to reveal What's Her Face's bunkmate is an emaciated anthropomorphic raccoon in a skirt and bow)
    Raccoon Girl: Hiya bunkmate. Do you love me?
  • A fat guy coughs up a miniature baseball stadium while trying to buy a "coughiversary" gift for his wife. ("A coughiversary?! How romantic!")
    Stadium: "...and it's a double play!" "Yaaaay!"
    Coughing Man: ...That's not my wife.
    So and So: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuum... 'kay.
  • Cheerleader and The Ugly One sneak over to the boys' camp at the other side of the lake... which turns out to be a "Cosplayover Camp", where the two are greeted by D&D Greg and Science Fiction Greg.
    D&D Greg: (dressed like a medieval swordsman) Welcome, fair maidens, to our fair village.
    Science Fiction Greg: (dressed in a Starfleet jumpsuit) I think you mean "Welcome, earthlings, to our fair star system."
    D&D Greg: Village!
    Science Fiction Greg: Star system!
    D&D Greg: BEHOLDERS!
    Science Fiction Greg: SENTIENT NEBULAE!
  • Strong Bad, dressed as a leprechaun, tempts So-and-So to do some "SHOOOOOOPLIFTING?"
  • The campfire song:
    And the chumbly wumbly bear came a-tumblin' down!
    Did he sell beans?
    Lord no!
    Did he sell eggs?
    Lord no!
    But he couldn't and he wouldn't and he shouldn't, so he stapled it down!

Issue 12

  • The girls' suggestions on how to get "several boys".
    So and So: Mock U.N. medals?
    What's Her Face: Wearing unflattering clothing?
    The Ugly One: Voodoo? Is it voodoo? VOODOO!
  • Cheerleader clubbing boys on the head after getting Valentines from them. "CLONK!"
  • "I got valentime cards from every football player except one!" "I got cards from every lunch lady except one!":
    The Ugly One: (speaking to skeleton lunchlady) Excuse me, Mrs. Embalmo...
    Arrow'd Guy: (with impaled voodoo doll resembling TUO) BAD JUJU!!!
    The Ugly One: Owww! My the fact that I was alive a second ago!
  • After the Ugly One bites it, So and So feels obliged to inform "her next of... um... fruit cup".
    Cheerleader: Stop talking to fruit! Valentimes is serious times!
    So and So: -tines.
    Cheerleader: (angrily) Whaaaaaaaaat?
    So and So: VALEN-TINES! T-I-N-
    (An anthropomorphic fork in a race car drives in and runs over So and So)
    Strong Bad: (imitating a race car) Tiiiiiiines, tiiiiiines, tiiiiiiiines, TINES!
  • Cheerleader incurs the wrath of the Wireless Wizard.

Issue 13

  • Tompkins and his virtual pet. "Please stop feeding me!" ("Heh heh heh heh.")
  • "Ding dong. Ding dong, yo."
  • Mrs. Tompkins-robot-mom-erson's Long List of instructions:
    Momkins: Listen, I'll be at a place until a time. My cell phone number is some numbers. The baby needs stuff. What's poison control? Punch Tompkins in the gut. Good luck! (bolts out the door with a crazed expression on her face)
    Narrator Strong Bad: SHE GONE!
    • "Don't let Timkins play my PSone!"
  • Cheerleader's, What's Her Face's, and The Ugly One's babysitting rates are, respectively, "$15/hour", "$4.75/hour", and "plain yogurt/hour".
  • "SHHH! Keep it down! The baby is studying for the SAT."
    • "Goo goo is ga-ga. Wah wah is ga-ga. Are all goo goos wah wahs?"
  • Either Cheerleader got a seriously wrong number and is too self-absorbed to notice, or her "B-List" of cute boys to call includes a fat, middle-aged plumber named Randy.
    Plumber: And this is for a how many gallon toilet, ma'am?
    Cheerleader: Bring all your hot friends! They've got two pantries!
  • So and So's face when she yells, "STOP! How many of those have you had?!"
    • "Don't you remember health class?! You'll microwave the baby!!" (while holding a book that says "(strike)urban legends(strike) i mean, health class")
  • The Ugly One is apparently a fan of rapper Peacey P, who just happens to randomly appear when she mentions him.
    Peacey P: Crample-o-stow wha clamminuh whaow... My new album drop next Sursdai, y'all biscuitheads!
    The Ugly One: Can a sister get an autograph?
    (Peacey P's bodyguard dangles TUO off a balcony)
    Narrator Strong Bad: DANGLED OFF A HOTEL BALCONY'D!
    The Ugly One: That's it?
    Narrator Strong Bad: Uh, and then DROPPED FROM SAID HOTEL BALCONY'D!
    (The Ugly One is dropped onto a "Bayonet Tailgate Party")
    The Ugly One: That's better!
  • So and So, after going to jail in Issue 11, panics when the police show up
    So and So: Ahh! The popo! I can’t do another nickel!
  • The Garbage Disposal Song.
  • "Snack Mix. In Tompkins' parlor. WITH THE PRETZEL STICK!"
  • The ending, where Timkins suddenly shouts at the cop flirting with Momkins "You're not my real father!"

Issue 14

  • What's Her Face cleaning out her locker.
    What's Her Face: Old papers, old pencil, old person... (pulls out Mr. Pitters)
    Mr. Pitters: I left a check for last month's rent on the table!
    What's Her Face: See you in September! Ooo, what's this? (gets eaten by a cake monster)
    Evil Cake: Tastes like nine-minute miles!
  • The mock end credits sequence.
    It's over!
    And you're walking into a parking lot
    With the hot guy
    It's over!
    And they all made fun of you
    But they got stuff dumped on top of them!

Issue 15

  • So and So bragging "I was on every committee ever!" with a manic look on her face.
  • Sci-fi Greg's reaction to Japanese Culture Greg's robotic date:
    Sci-Fi Greg: You'd think I'd be into life-size, realistic robots, but that thing makes me wanna barf up my earlier energy drink into the one I'm currently drinking.
  • "What is this... 'dress' you speak of? Is a... food?"

4 Gregs

  • D&D Greg displays a surprising knowledge of the rules of football, much to the confusion of his peers.
    D&D Greg: The offensive team has four chances to advance the ball ten yards at a time with the objective being to...
    (cricket noises)
    Sci-Fi Greg: It's like I don't even know you anymore.
    D&D Greg: (slightly defensive) Fantasy football still counts as fantasy!
  • D&D Greg mistakes the school mascot for a "shambling krenshar" and starts beating the stuffing out of him (much to the amusement of the "slightly attractive, slightly overweight color guard maiden" Greg was trying to defend).
    Mascot: Stop! It's just me, Regular Greg, from AP Calculus!
    D&D Greg: Trying to take human form, eh? I'll not fall for your sorcery, shape-shifter!
  • The ending where the girls and the Gregs are apparently writing each other's comics. It gets so heated and so confusing that Strong Bad falls over.

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