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Since TFS is a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits composed of veteran Abridged Series creators, they tend to be funny. Here are some moments that aren't associated with their actual abridgements, which can be found in the following pages:

To reduce page size, the following sub-pages have been set up for some of their playthroughs.


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    TFS Let's Play - Left 4 Dead 2 
From their Let's Play of Left 4 Dead 2: (Videos now here.)

Hard Rain

  • The very first campaign shown, "Hard Rain", only Kaiser gets out alive. In a later campaign, he gets his comeuppance for abandoning his comrades when they shoot him in the finale.
  • At the end of their "Hard Rain" campaign, before Kaiser accidentally makes the boat leave without everyone else, Lani is shooting at a Tank, who runs at him and smashes him into the river, killing him. His frantic screaming of "NO! NO NO! AAAAARGH!" before he gets knocked in make it even funnier.

Dead Center

  • Before the campaign even starts (i.e., in the lobby), the gang questions Antfish for picking Rochelle. Ant's response?
    Ant: "There is nothing wrong with black chicks, goddammit!"
    Everyone bursts into laughter
    Lani: (still laughing) "We never said that."
    Gan: "It's okay. Rochelle likes Depeche Mode, apparently."
    Kaiser: "So, she likes gay bands?"
    Ant: "Only the band is gay, first of all!"
    Again, everyone bursts into laughter
    Ant: "The singer is straight as an arrow!"
    Kaiser: "Come on! We're talking about fucking De! Pesche! MODE!"
    Ant: "Enjoy The Silence was a good song!"
    Lani: "Ah, this is gonna be fun."
    • Fridge Brilliance kicks in, too. Of course Kaiser would know what bands are gay. He's gay.
  • In the first part of the campaign, we get this little gem in response to the effectiveness of the cricket bat as a formidable bludgeoning weapon:
    Lani: Stupid British sports make for good weapons!
    • Also, this one from Antfish:
    Ant: Why are we not allowed to use the phone as a weapon?
  • This conversation at the beginning of "Dead Center" stage 2, where the zombies outside the safe room are crowding the door:
    Ant: Ladies, there is enough Rochelle for everyone.
    Kaiser: Wow, that is some hot lesbian zombie action.
    Ant: That's the best lesbian action there is.
    Lani: Rochelle has aroused the Witch.

The Passing

  • Also when Lani falls down a hole into a pit of zombies in "The Passing Part 2".
    • Moments after one of the other guys was singing "Ring of Fire"
  • They did this playthrough fairly late at night, so Taka is sitting close to his mic and talking in a very low voice so as not to wake other people in his house. The result of this is that he sounds like a serial killer for the whole video.

The Sacrifice

  • In an early part of the campaign, we get this little gem after Lani mistakes a broom closet for a Safe Room:
    Gan: "This is a- this is a closet."
    Lani: "It's a safehouse now!"
    Taka: "This is our base of operations."
    Lani: "We will live here forever. WE WILL BECOME A FAMILY."
  • During "The Sacrifice", Lani, playing as Bill, takes some adrenaline and leaps out a window.
  • In the final part of "The Sacrifice", right as Lani is about to jump down and perform the titular act, a Smoker yanks him off the platform and drags him towards the generator.

Dead Aboard

  • Lani shouting "EL KABONG!" when he melees zombies after getting his hands on a guitar.
    • Later on, turning Ax-Crazy after obtaining a chainsaw, shouting "COME AT ME!" at common infected and charging a Tank head-on while screaming.
    • Speaking of "Death Aboard", there are two moments towards the end. First, on the Ship level, when Taka is suddenly incapacitated. Everyone is baffled at how Taka was quickly knocked down, only for them to find out after the fact that the container door that leads forward has a lovely surprise behind it: a car that tumbles out. Then on the finale, everyone is expecting the hot-air balloon to land on the rooftop...only for the balloon to drift down to the docks below the lighthouse they are holed up in. What follows is one hell of a mad dash to the escape vehicle that is flat-out hilarious to watch.
    Lani: "IT'S ON THE BEACH!"
  • During the beginning of Death Aboard, when someone jokes about turning it to Realism...
    Kaiser: That would be like, like Hard Rain-
    Gan: That would be like a really shitty metaphor, is what it would be.
    Lani (smugly): Using 'Like' or 'As' is a simile.
    Gan: Fuck you....I went to college.

I Hate Mountains

  • The guys try and come up with an explanation as to why there's a safehouse conveniently placed right along the path that opens up from the helicopter crash.
    Kaiser: Okay, if we were supposed to get the rescue, then why is there another sign here saying "You will survive"?
    Lani: (laughing) That's very true. Hey, just make sure you get the rescue, the helicopter will crash the same place every time. The zombies keep rebuilding the fence, they're kind of assholes like that.
  • The custom graffiti is a hilarious touch.
    Graffiti 2: Here it comes again
    Graffiti 3: No, seriously, he's fucking dead.
    Entire group cracks up
  • The search for the Batcave.
    • The debate about whether there could be a zombie Batman (there wouldn't) or even a zombie Superman.
    • Also, from "I Hate Mountains," after they absentmindedly begin to follow Kaiser (again) because he thinks he knows the way down an underground railway and he leads them smack into a wall of sheer rock:
      Gan: This, is a wall. Thank you, Magellan.
  • "I Hate Mountains". The guys fight through the lumberyard, and Lani peeks out a door to scout ahead... only to spot a Tank. Unfortunately for Gan, the guys throw a Molotov and he ends up on the wrong side of the fire, alone with the Tank... and then a Charger rushes toward him. He somehow survives with minimal damage, which probably makes this a Moment of Awesome as well.
  • The ending of I Hate Mountains, as the guys are getting swarmed.
    Gan: "Guys, jump on the truck until Virgil's here. What did we learn from Hard Rain...what did we REALLY learn from Hard Rain?"
    Kaiser: "That water is our friend?"
    Gan: "Actually, HERE's is what we learned from Hard Rain!" (Starts shooting at Kaiser)
    Kaiser: "Ow! OW! Stop shooting me!"
    Lani: "Oh yeah, that's right! Fuck you!" (Joins Gan in shooting Kaiser, eventually downing him)
    Gan: "Oh, no! Kaiser's down! We can't save him! He's gone! Oh, no!"
    A Tank shows up and starts attacking them
    Lani: "ANOTHER Tank?!?"
    Gan: "Oh, SHIT! This is Karma Tank!!!"
    Kaiser: "That's what you get!!"
    • And just as they were shooting Kaiser, Gan's cam is renamed to Jerk cam.

Detour Ahead

  • The epic mess that was "Detour Ahead 5".
    • Particularly in the fourth stage- after fighting off a ridiculous horde, the guys are chatting about how glad they are to have survived and now they can heal... and then the Tank theme starts to play.
      • This is not long after their only Molotov was used to make a wall of fire behind them during the event so they wouldn't get mobbed from behind.
    • Don't forget the beginning of the third stage, where they go into a warehouse and are attacked by a tank, a charger, and a jockey. First Taka is downed by the tank, then after being helped back up, the charger downs him again.
    Gan: This is so unnecessary!
    • During a break in the action the group finds a ladder leading up through a trap door. Taka gets sent to check for a Witch, but as soon as he reaches the top of the ladder, he gets jumped by a Hunter and falls back to the ground with it riding on top of him.
    • And also the first stage, when they're waiting for a Witch in their way to calm down. It doesn't, so Taka just finally opens fire while shouting. Lani's response? "God Damn it, Leeroy!" And then the group agrees that that was something Ellis would have done. Later, when they enter the house, Taka is attacked and downed by a Tank, and since he used his health pack after the witch attack, he has to go the remainder of the stage without a heal up.
      • The best part is what leads up to the Tank attack. Taka finds a chainsaw in the basement of the house, and tells the others that he'll 'clear the house.' He exits upstairs and runs into the Tank. While he's trying to fight it off, the others start laughing, Lani yelling "Clear the house, Taka!"
    Taka: I walked into the house, there was a tank drinking a beer and watching the game!

Dark Carnival

  • In "Dark Carnival", the gang runs from a Tank. Taka, holding up the rear, asks "is it behind me?" only to get hit with a thrown chunk of concrete.
  • In the finale of "Dark Carnival", the guys survive long enough for the helicopter to arrive. Gan and Kaiser immediately hop on, but Lani- holding Gnome Chomski- has trouble getting into it. Suddenly they realize Taka is nowhere near them, as it turns out he glitched through the bottom of the helicopter and went back around only to be overwhelmed as the chopper takes off. His attempt at a heroic final speech makes it even better.
    • About 5 minutes into "Dark Carnival Part 1", the guys are at the hotel and scouting around for more supplies. Que sobbing, meaning a witch was nearby. So nearby, she was inside the rooms above the pool (players will know where). Kaiser found out the hard way, then ran off the second floor to avoid her and tried to lead her up the staircase so the others could take her down. Except the Witch decided to take the stairs down to the first floor, and meet him half-way. Or it tried to, but it had to run past three full-autos, and promptly died before Kaiser got back up to the second floor.
    • A little before that, Kaiser and Taka are innocently strolling into a room... Just before Gan shoots the gas can inside of it. Kaiser, luckily, was still half way out. Taka, on the other hand...
      Taka: OH MY GOD.
    • "You ever wonder why we're here?"
    • When the gang reaches the roller coaster event, Lani repeatedly warns the others not to let a charger tackle anyone so that the gnome doesn't get lost. Cue charger coming in from the rear and carrying Lani (who was holding the gnome) right off of the track and into the fence before anyone else even sees what happened.

No Mercy

  • During the first stage of "No Mercy", Gan finds the safe house just as Lani sets off a car alarm, alerting the horde. Problem is, there is a Witch, a Jockey and a Spitter in their way, and Gan is caught between the horde and the door, and is incapacitated, and the others closed the door, forcing them go back out and saving him. In the second stage, after suffering a number of setbacks, including being incapacitated by Lani while trying to save Taka and being chased by the Witch, there is another car with an alarm near the safe house, and Gan, who is already closer to the safe house than the others, sets off the alarm as revenge, then closes the door. He's fully content to let them all die until an incapacitated Taka starts singing again.
    • Also, in the second stage:
    Lani (As Bill, after taking adrenaline): Oooh yeah! OLD MAN ON SPEED!
    [Charges into a dark room full of Commons and starts firing wildly.]
    Taka: (without missing a beat, as Francis) I hate bullets.
    • Third stage. Gan shoots and kills Taka for being incapacitated by Common Infected, climbs out of the sewer hole... and gets jumped and incapacitated by a Jockey, while Lani and Kaiser make a break for it. Lani botches a Molotov throw and dies in his own flames, and Kaiser makes it to the safe room. He sets himself on fire too. (Maybe he felt left out.)
      • Earlier in the third stage, the gang comes across a Witch at the bottom of some spiral stairs. Naturally surprised, they quickly try to formulate a plan- only to be interrupted by a Boomer who runs through the door and pukes everyone but Lani.
    Lani: I died the way I lived — screaming and on fire!
  • In the lobby for "No Mercy", after some jabs at Taka:
    Kaiser: Children, don't make me turn this game around.
    Lani: I swear, I will switch it to Swamp Fever and you will like it!
  • On Part 4 of "No Mercy", Gan says he's never seen a Tank spawn on this level. Kaiser says he has, but Lani and Taka share Gan's opinion and doubt it. Then a Tank appears. Cue the usual reactions from the group.
    • Lani killing said Tank with his cricket-bat (while the others provide covering fire) is also this, doubling as a CMOA.
    Lani (bludgeoning the Tank with his cricket-bat): TAKE THAT! Eat cricket-bat, you whore! I'm kickin' your ass! Die! Die! (Continues hitting said Tank after its dead) Urgh! Urgh! Urgh!
    • And once they reach the elevator and take it down, the group rescues Kaiser from a closet, have Lani die after getting incapacitated for the third time, limp through the maze to the safe room... only to have Kaiser shoot Gan and take him out at the very last second.
      • The last portion is especially funny because this occurred after a tense argument between Taka and Gan, and Kaiser made everyone promise to stop the Team Killing.
  • In the finale of "No Mercy" advanced, during their first attempt of the helipad fight, as Gan is trying to revive Lani and Kaiser, they're all suddenly hit by a spitter...which causes someone to hit a gas can...
    Taka: Acid! Oh, you've gotta be kidding me...
    [everything explodes]
    Lani: OH MY! AND FIRE!?!? WHYYYYYY!?
    • During their second attempt, the group are ascending the ladder up to the helipad area, talking casually, wondering why you never see any wheelchair zombies. Kaiser makes it to the top first, and nonchalantly notes...
      Kaiser: ...there's a Charger up here?
      [Gan, who was behind Kaiser on the ladder, suddenly gets spear tackled by a Hunter, while Kaiser is slammed by the Charger]
      Gan: OH MY GOD!
      • Next time they reach that ladder, Kaiser goes up...and is immediately soaked in Boomer bile AND pounced by a Hunter, almost simultaneously.
    • Later during the second attempt, Kaiser get dragged off the roof by a Smoker, rammed into a wall by a Charger, coated in acid by a Spitter, and grabbed by another Charger... all within the space of about thirty seconds. The AI really doesn't like cats, it seems.
  • The epic clusterf*ck that results from Kaiser hitting the elevator button too soon on No Mercy Advanced, leaving Gan and Kaiser to die while getting mobbed by the horde as Lani and Taka hole up in a room at the end of the hallway. Taka opens the door to throw a pipe bomb and a Charger comes through, hitting Lani. Then as the zombies eventually break down the door, Taka throws a Molotov and Lani is caught by a Smoker, which then proceeds to drag him through the fire to Lani's screams of "HE WAS WAITING!", Lani gets mauled by the Infected while everyone else proceeds to crack up. The remaining zombies charge at Taka and he kills them, then runs out into the hallway and gets caught by the same Smoker and dies.
    • They were suffering even before that, mostly because Taka and Gan were still spending more time trying to kill each other over what happened in the second stage. It's only after they die that Kaiser and Lani's suggestion of not killing each other starts to make sense to them.
  • While trying to climb a stairwell in "No Mercy Advanced", Taka gets downed, then spat upon. Gan goes to rescue him, only to get downed by Lani and his lousy shooting. Lani rescues Gan, Kaiser foolishly tosses a Moly, and Taka says in surprise "Oh, so that's what that looks like!" when he's set on fire. By now it's become mass confusion, so as the others laugh and let Taka roast, he decides to voice his complaints in true Francis style:
    Taka: I hate fire. I hate acid. I hate dying. I hate you guys.
  • "Merry fuckin Christmas, Tank! I got you fire and bullets!"

Helm's Deep

  • During their attempts at the "Helm's Deep" challenge, these tend to happen... A lot.
    Lani (being swarmed by Commons while trying to kill a Tank): AH GOD! EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE!
    • After Taka gets a Charger off of him, a Hunter jumps right on him.
  • In the final attempt of Helm's Deep they all turn against each other with hilarious results. Though, mainly this was directed at Taka to begin with, but it just devolved into them trying to slaughter one another after they'd finally downed him, leaving Gan and Lani to go out there on their own. Just hearing Gan raving at Taka for "leaving them to die" is simply priceless.

Dead Air

  • In the third portion of "Dead Air" on Advanced, they STILL have trouble opening doors!
    • Also in Part Three, they're making their way through an abandoned parking garage that links to the airport via skybridge. As they do so, Lani turns around a dark corner and switches on his flashlight. What greets him is the sight of a male and female zombie humorously engaged in a fist-fight, in turn, prompting this exchange:
    Lani: Okay, yeah, I got money on Zombie-On-The-Right here.
    (Gan snaps off a precise series of shots that kills the zombies, starting with the one on the right.)
    Lani: Well, go to Hell. Well, go to Hell.
    Gan: Should've always bet on Gan.
  • At the beginning of "Dead Air" part four:
    Zoey: Through the offices!
    Gan: Thank you, Zoey. Zoey knows what's up.
    Lani: Zoey works in an airport. Apparently this airport.
    Kaiser: I've been escorted through here to get searched so many times...
    Lani: Damn FAA.
    Gan: If you weren't gay, I would suggest you were creeping.
  • Also in "Dead Air" part four, watching Gan get chased by a Witch during the event is so hilarious. All it really needs is to be set to the "Yakety Sax" to be complete.
  • Near the end, Lani walks through a metal detector in the airport, summoning a horde, so Gan throws a Boomer vial to buy them time to escape to the safe house. However, Lani is disappointed that they missed the horde, so he refuses to go in until he fights one. He ends up getting incapacitated, and Gan tells the others to not help him.
    Lani: I am waiting here for them. They are seeing us off.
    Louis: We've got to get inside!
    Lani: Shut up, Louis!
  • "If you having zombie problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a witch ain't one."

Suicide Blitz

  • The calamity we call "Suicide Blitz Part One" has to be seen to be believed. The fun starts when Kaiser's connection dies, leaving the AI to take over Rochelle while the others curse his computer. Soon after, Taka becomes inexplicably mute, with Gan & Lani both telling and typing at him to use the C button. Once outside, Taka's connection dies just as Kaiser returns, but is also mute, constantly running ahead of Lani & Gan, and setting off a car alarm and luring a Zerg Rush of infected, causing speculation as to whether an actual cat has taken over his controls. Then Lani somehow loses the Gnome: when he puts it down to use his guns, it phases through a truck and lands on surfaces that are outside the level, rendering it completely irretrievable. Gan now tries to punish Kaiser, only to have Kaiser die before Gan can get to him. Finally, Lani and Gan give up and shoot each other, leading to a Game Over and a restart.
    • During the second try, when Kaiser and Taka seem to have their connection back:
    Lani (after Gan cr0wns a Jockey): Cr0wning the Jockey! The Prince of the Useless Infected!
    Gan: Why a prince? Shouldn't the Jockey be in a more useless position? Like a Duke?
    • A bit before this, Lani is swarmed by a bunch of commons after being hit by a Charger, downing him, and then gets pounced by a Hunter, all while shouting, "GNOME CHOMPSKI SAVE MEH! GNOME CHOMPSKI SAVE MEH!." Well, as expected, he does not live through this encounter, and they later have to rescue him from a closet on the ground-floor, prompting this exchange:
    Gan: Well, I think some of us have some accepting to do before we get you out of there.
    • Further into this encounter in Part Two, they run though an abandoned parking lot and one of them makes a sarcastic remark to Kaiser about shooting the car, again.
      Gan: Hey, wanna shoot the car again, maybe?
      Kaiser: Yeah, okay, where is it?
      Lani: Yeah, that's a brilliant idea.
      * bang*
      Gan: Oh, wow, you actually shot it. You actually are that stupid.
      Kaiser: Well, you asked me to.
      Taka: Well, actually, he was being-
      Gan: Cats cannot detect sarcasm... Even if they are sentient.
  • And from Part Three:
    Taka: I don't get why we're bringing Gnome Chompski. I mean, is there some gain to this?
    • Lani's devotion to the gnome is eventually played out in the final act of the level... but we're not gonna tell you how. It's better if you see it for yourself.
      • "Lani, are you being silly?" "No, Gnome Chompski is talking to me! He says to go this way!" "Okaaay..."
    • Taka being put down. (As killing and then defibbing him would give a greater net gain than healing him.)
    Taka: ...I wanna kill myself.
    Lani: You'll hurt us in the process, so no.
    Kaiser: Yeah, sorry, this is assisted.
    Taka: What does that even mean?
    Lani: It means 'Shut up and take your bullet'.
  • At the beginning of Episode 2 of Suicide Blitz 2, Taka questions how there can even be a second, given the definition of suicide. Gan explains that it's a football term not involving actual suicide, leading Lani to quip:
    Lani: Oh, so that's why I got fired from coaching Peewee Football!
  • In Part 4 of Suicide Blitz, Team Four Star enters a police station, and starts asking questions.
    Lani: Now my question is: Why do they keep a chainsaw in the frickin' jail?
    Taka: In case?
    Gan: Because JUSTICE
    Kaiser: I don't know, that just sounds like a good way to quiet a riot.
    • Later, after being inside for a while, they finally leave the building.
    Gan: Ah, it's good to be outside.
    Lani: Yeah.
    Gan: Smell the rotting corpses and burning buildings.
    [A low flying fighter plane fires a missile into a building that they're right next to. REALLY LOUDLY.]
    Taka: WHOA!
    Lani: That one is really fresh!
    Gan: Yeah, it's so refreshing.
  • In Part 5 of Suicide Blitz, Kaiser is incapped and Gan makes him apologize for setting off the car alarm in Part 1 and Part 2:
    Kaiser: I'm sorry...I'm sorry you don't find my antics as cheeky as I do!
  • The finale of Suicide Blitz 2, and all the football jokes that they made.
    Gan, upon encountering a Tank in a red football jersey: "Red? What, are you with San Francisco? Don't worry, guys, this guy sucks."
    The Tank throws a rock at Gan, almost bringing him down.
    Gan: "Oh shit! Apparently, he was Frank Gore. Nevermind. The one good player on San Francisco!"

    Lani: "Oh my God, I'm about to get Palomal-owned!"

    Kaiser, after killing a Tank-in-a-Jersey: "Oh, Jesus Christ!"
    Gan: "What?"
    Kaiser: "Before he died, he sent me a picture of his dick on my phone!"
    Taka: "Aw, what a callous dick!"
    Lani: "Zombie Brett Farve is an ass!"

    Lani: "Guys, we just won the Super Bowl! We're going to DISNEYLAND!!!"
    Everyone except Kaiser: "YEAH!!!"
    Kaiser: "Disney World is superior!"
    Lani: "I will cut you!"

Blood Harvest

  • Blood Harvest. Sweet mother of God. Roughly the same number of thing go wrong as in Suicide Blitz 2, above. And then there are the quips...
    • The campaign loads. The camera pans slowly over a sparsely-wooded, rocky path, covered in mist and lingers on a decrepit National Forest billboard.
    Lanipator: Oh god, it's Resident Evil 4.
    Gan: Is it? Oh. Thank God Leon's not here.
    Kaiser: Awww, I like Leon!
    Gan: You're the only one who would. Foreeeeever a Leon...
    • The gang finds a pipe bomb in the woods. Taka promptly blames it on 'those punk kids drinkin' again'.
    • The sound glitching out (possibly due to triggering a Boomer horde in the ending room of the first level), leaving them with absolutely no warning whenever they fight a Tank. (For the record; Tanks have a very distinctive and loud music cue and theme, to the point where even the experienced foursome has trouble pinpointing if it was a Tank that roared or just a retarded Charger.)
    • Kaiser swinging between making mentions of well-known Versus slaughterfest corridors as they pass through and leading the others in completely the wrong direction, often with barely half a minute between the two extremes.
    • The third stage. Taka messes up the Witch's killing and talks trash. When she's gone, Gan and Kaiser begin debating whether to pick him up while Lani cuts out the middleman and begins shooting Taka. Cue a Charger ramming into Kaiser and slamming Lani into a nearby bit of rock. Quite possibly the definition of 'Karma Charger'.
    Lani (laughing hysterically): It was like a beautiful piece of art!
    • The group goes through a building and accidentally sets off a gas can, trapping Gan outside. Lani enthusiastically tosses a second gas can into the inferno followed by a propane tank. The icing on the cake is Gan's comment just after the propane tank goes off.
    Gan: I swear, if I get pounced— Oh God, a Boomer!
    • The cherry on top of the icing is Lani's instant karmic near-strangulation by Smoker. It doesn't stop him cracking up.
    • The absolute crowning glory is Gan getting jumped on by a Jockey, while still Boomed, and still cut off from his teammates by the blaze.
    • And then the group hears about why Taka isn't there with them, laughing at Gan.
    • After trials, tribulations, two Chargers picking Taka up (and down and up and down) in the space of about a minute, Kaiser trying to claim the Tank as being all the work of the Bile Jar, and Lani dropping to one health and setting a building on fire, they make it into the safe room. Where they accidentally open the door and get Spat on just as the end-of-level screen pops up.
    • Stage Four. In a virtual replay of the last stage, Lani sets off a propane tank and blocks Kaiser from rejoining the group. Moments before he is picked up and carried easily fifty metres by a Charger.
    • Kaiser jumping off a small ledge... and incapacitating himself. The group follows him cautiously, with Lani going to pick him up before quickly having to dodge out of the way of a Charger as Taka gets Jockeyed away.
      • Lani desperately picks up Kaiser, turns around and swats a Jockey off Gan and turns again... to see a Tank right up in his face, lashing out.
    (Lani swats the Jockey off Gan and turns around to see the Tank about an arm's width away.)
    Lani: OH NO!!
    ''(Beats a hasty retreat as it charges them while the others crack up at the impossibility of it all.)
    Lani (panicked): THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! (Hops onto the loading dock just as the Tank takes a swipe at him) IT HAPPENED! IT'S HAPPENING! OH GOD! HELP ME!
    • Thankfully, they manage to kill it (at the brief expense of Kaiser), forcing Taka to limp over and pick them up one by one.
    Lani: Taka, help! Help, Taka! RUN! Er, HOBBLE!
    • Once everyone is up, they have to go and revive Kaiser.
    Kaiser: By the way, somebody find my dead body back there with the Defib'.
    Gan: Your body had a Defib' on it? Cool, we can save that for when one of us dies.
    Kaiser (jokingly): Awwww! Why you so mean to me?
    Gan: Okay, okay, I have the Defib', there you are... CLEAR!
    (Revives Kaiser.)
    Kaiser: OH MAH GOD! I saw a Light!
    • At one point after this, Gan actually does what he always rips on Kaiser for doing completely by accident... He shoots a car while almost dead.
    Lani: What the-?! Gan!!
    Gan: I CAN'T SEE COLOR!!
    • Taka dies, and gets saved by Gan.
    Gan: Hey, I know you, you're that funny guy from the internet!
    Taka: That's right; I am from the internet. I do many hilarious voices, such as (in Nappa's voice) Nappa! (Still in the same voice) And Krump!
    • The catastrophe that was the Blood Harvest Finale. It took them three tries to get to the actual event, likely because the music wasn't giving them some vital clues.

Death Toll

  • In Part 1, we get this gem from Lani and Kaiser:
    Lani (in the middle of a killing spree): Dont test me, you sons of bitches! I just watched the premier of Walking Dead! DON'T FUCKING TEST ME! I GOT THIS SHIT!!!
    Kaiser: Um, I was watching My Little Pony earlier. What does that mean?
  • Part 2, and apparently Leeroy is contagious too.
    Kaiser: If I see her(witch), I am going to shoot her.
    a few moments and zombies later…
    Gan: Way to go, dipshit.
    Kaiser(incapped): I said I was going to shoot her!
    Taka drops a propane tank on him
    Taka: Hey Kaiser, look what I found!(shoots)
    then when Taka actually gets him up
    Lani: Taka, you have just doomed every gas can on this map.
    finally, near the safe room...
    Kaiser: Alright, where's the bitch?
    Gan: Oh nooo, wherever could she be SHESRIGHTBEHINDYOU!
    Kaiser: Ah! What the fuck?!?
    Taka, after Kaiser is downed: Don't worry Kaiser, I'll save you with my ax!
    Lani: We gotta put him down! He's turning!
    Kaiser: You guys are dicks!
    Lani, once Kaiser finally dies: Let's grab his stuff!
    Gan: Yaaay! (singsong)And nothing of value was lost!
    Kaiser: I'd just like to point out - that the three white people just ganged up and shot down the black man!
    Gan: You're like the whitest guy I know. You're not allowed to say that.
  • In part 3 of Death Toll, Lani's quick and irrational use of molotovs is stimulated when they find large amounts of them throughout the level. Even Kaiser gets in on it!
    • Gan nabs a chainsaw that Taka really wanted, leading Taka to splutter that Gan is stifling his creativity. "I'm an artist with the chainsaw!"
    • To TFS's detriment in part 4, where Lani is incapped by Kaiser, and Gan says he should stop lighting people on fire.
    Lani: The only incaps I have are from you guys!
    Gan: Maybe if you stopped lighting everyone on fire we wouldn't shoot you!
    Lani: You know what, FUCK YOU!!!
    [Lani throws a Molotov at Gan]
    Taka: He's an artist with fire.
    Gan: I HATE YOU I HATE YOU! I just used a healthpack! *he attempts to flee the fire, only to be incapped and skid to a halt at Lani's feet*
    • They are subsequently overrun and forced to restart the level in Part 5, at which point fire antics continue. For instance, Lani takes grief for using a Molotov on a Tank, despite this being standard procedure for dealing with one.
    Lani: Guys, I'm down again! The tank is not very happy that I lit him on fire. Just throwing that out there.
    Kaiser: Yeah? Well, neither were we!
    • Of course, the crowning moment of all crowning-moments-of-funny comes at the end of the third try. The survivors have limped their way down a set of narrow hallways, upstream against a horde of infinite zombies, and everyone has gone down at one point or another except for Gan. Taka's incap is right outside the door of the saferoom.
    Taka: Please. For the love of god.
    Gan: Goddammit, I've got one health!
    Lani: Run, Gan. I've got this. (throws Molotov) Fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!
    The Molotov lands perfectly, walling the survivors off as Kaiser comes forward to pick up Taka.
    Kaiser: May be your most legitimate use of fire thus far this game.
    Lani picks off the last few zombies and closes the safehouse door, ending the level.
    Taka: Congratulations, guys. We got this.
    Lani: Fi-yaaah! Fire good!
    Gan: Whew. Okay. Okay!...
    Gan: I can't believe that took us three tries.
    Lani: Everybody thank the fire!
    Gan: No.
    Taka: No!
    Kaiser: No.
  • In Part 5, Kaiser almost trips over a witch that had given Gan grief in the previous attempt.
    Kaiser: Oh God no!!
    Gan: Same place?? Okay, okay bitch, round two. I got this shit.
    Taka (simultaneously): Guys guys guys guys guys. I got this. I got this.
    Gan: No no no no no no.
    Taka (indignant): I got this. Shut the f— I got this!
    Gan: Aww, goddammit, Taka, back off...
    Taka begins to back off, having not yet fired a shot. But before he can...
    takahata101 startled the Witch
    Taka: Fuck! whoopwhoopwhoopwhoopwhoop
    Witch incapacitated takahata101
    Gan: This is not happening.
    Lani: I'm letting this happen, I'm letting this happen. I'm out of ammo.
  • In Part 6, Taka offers this joke about him and Gan being the only survivors of the campaign.
    Taka: It's up to me and Gan to repopulate the world now.


  • Their many door problems.
  • Gan constantly getting mad at everyone else (usually Taka) for constantly "Breaking the immersion".
  • Practically any time a Tank shows up outside of the final event. Half the time splicing in Yakkity Sax would be appropriate.
  • The way they talk to "Gnome Chompski".note 
    • It gets even better in the second part of Suicide Blitz, with Lani proudly declaring, "GNOME CHOMPSKI'S GOT THIS!" ... Except for Chargers.
    Lani: Three Cheers for Gnome Chompski, the slayer of Jockeys! HIP HIP!
    Kaiser: Hooray!
    Lani: HIP HIP!
    Kaiser: (noticeably less enthusiastic) Hooray.
    Lani: HIP HIP!
    Gan: Fuck you!
  • Anytime they get outnumbered.
  • Their frequent desires to take on the harmless, out of the way Witches they come across... which usually backfire horribly.
    • Gan attempts a Pre-Mortem One-Liner. "Hello, I have a package for Miss Witch?... SURPRISE, IT'S DEATH!" Unfortunately his shot misses and even more hilarity ensues.
  • Whenever they befriend an inanimate object only to sacrifice it against the zombies.
    • GAS CAN!
      • The Gas Can theme song from "Death Aboard", Pt. 3.
  • The constant arguments about how to pronounce "melee".
    • Taka actually pronounces it correctly on one occasion... and then quickly UN-corrects himself.
  • "Watch out for the one in the dark hoodie. He'll try to touch your nipples."
    • After reading this, Taka finds it necessary to point out that he is wearing a dark hoodie.
  • Taka's frequent Ho Yay. The first real sign of this is at the end of "Death Aboard" when he audibly whispers "I love you, Nick" as the credits begin to roll, and it only gets more frequent until "Dark Carnival" when the guys jokingly call him out on it and accuse him of just trying to "make an excuse."
  • Spot, the Boomer.
    • "'Sup guys. Have you seen my friend Spot? I know it's a strange name for a guy, but I'm worried about him. Think he might be trying to kill himself."
  • "Why do you have to be so quiet GOD?"

     TFS Let's Play - Halo Reach 
Lanipator: "Ghosts are scary."
Taka, as Ghost Nappa: "I know what you mean."
  • The trailer starts things off in fine style with an excerpt from the Firefight playthrough referencing the L4D LP:
    Taka: "What button is melee (pronounced as "meal-ee"?"
    Gan: "What-- I'm not gonna answer it until you say it right."
    (some overlapping chatter, out of which emerges...)
    Taka: "Stop stop stop stop stop. What button is melee (still pronounced incorrectly)?"
    *assorted giggles*
  • Fall back Kaiser! FALL BACK!
  • "Oh my god- I locked onto it- that's impossible!" "YOU LOCKED ONTO A SHRUBBERY."
    • Also from the Firefight escapades, Taka announces at one point that he'll be taking a Mongoose, while Gan (currently in the process of trying to kill an Elite) and the others think nothing of it and let him have it. Seconds later, Gan is still trying to slay the Elite, which is now coming up the stairs, when we hear, "VROOMVROOMVROOMVROOMVROOMVROOMVROOMVROOMVROOOOOOM!" Cue the sight of Taka flying past Gan in the Mongoose, down the stairs, and running over the Elite, not only killing, but causing it to cartwheel comically through the air before he himself crashes into a pillar.
  • "By the way the Warthog is okay." "It's not okay, it's on fire!"
  • The very end of the trailer has one. We cut from scenes of the guys fighting Covenant, only to cut to them outside a farmhouse. One of them is shrieking "HE'S GOTTA GUUUUUUUUUUUN!" as an unarmed farmer comes out of the house to talk to Noble Team. Then they kill him.
    • ...After which we are treated to the sight of Taka (in red) running around in circles, backwards, like a madman, screaming his head off in victory while firing his gun into the air, shrieking/chanting, "U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!"
    • ...Which leads to a great instance of Videogame Cruelty Punishment as they're then killed immediately for this. Upon respawning, they decide this time to "take him alive"- "You hear that, motherfucker? You're about to spend some time in Space Guantanamo."
  • BIRD!
  • "Lani! Let me ride you like a horse!"
  • Forklift Antics.
    • Followed immediately by:
      Taka: "Lani, Lani, let me ride you like a horse."
      Kaiser: "What."
    • Immediately following the destruction of Lani, Taka, said Forklift, and the Covenant Elite that was killed in the ensuing explosion:
      Lani: Where are my virgins?!
  • The guys constantly hitting on Kat.
  • Interrogations with TFS...
  • "He punched Hero Truck!"
  • Upon noticing that Taka is still wearing bright red armor even during a Stealth-Based Mission, Gan tell him that "You are the Naruto of Halo Reach!"
    • You will be the Master Chief one day. Believe it!
  • "What works? Teamworks!" "What's up? Shut up!"
  • "The ways of their people are shooting them with bullets!"
  • "1, 2, 3... Beautiful!" In perfect stereo.
  • "The safety bubble is down, I feel cold."
  • The guys finally telling Gan to "shut the hell up" with the gay jokes.
    • Made even funnier when Lani chimes in with "I thought you people were supposed to be jolly."
  • Plasma Launcher, the worst STD:
    Kaiser: "There is no cure for Plasma AIDS."
    Taka: "Except more cowbells."
    (Taka starts singing)
    Gan: "Oh hey, look at that, a grenade fell by you."
    (Throws grenade, which kills Taka)
  • "I got a rock"
  • "OH SHIT!"
  • "I got it! NO!"
  • The many hit and runs in "Tip of the Spear 1"
    • While it's not a hit-and-run, it is a vehicle moment- Lani decides to do a spectacular plummet off a cliff... with Kaiser as his unwitting victim passenger. The car explodes for no adequate reason, only serving to prove that even in the future, Every Car Is a Pinto.
      • The Epic Fail that was blowing up the Covenant Anti-Air guns. Both times.
      • And Lani getting double-killed by the second turret!
  • Lani's "YOU FOOL!" moment.
  • Lani's horrific experiences with vehicles and explosions in "Tip of the Spear 2", including:
    1. Stealing the one remaining Ghost with a triumphant cry of "Got it! See ya, suckers!" to the rest of the players, only to instantly crash and be destroyed by a host of Jackals and Elites.
    2. Stealing another hover-bike and zooming ahead alone, right into the middle of an enemy horde, which included numerous tanks.
    3. Destroying the enemy AA gun but dying in the explosion. He respawns...only to immediately be killed again by a large piece of debris.
    4. Taking the warthog and using it to crash into a Hunter, only for the Hunter to No-Sell the hit and then overturn the vehicle with a single punch.
  • Gan killed the other guys in the first few moments of part three of Tip of the Spear and they couldn't respawn.
  • "Tactical error. I didn't look up."
    • "I thought the planet had a ceiling for a moment."
  • "SAD FOR YOU!"
  • While playing "Long Night of Solace", Taka gets shot down during the space fight, and the others react:
    Kaiser: Oh God, did we loose Taka?
    Gan: We lost Porkins.
    Lani: GOOOOSSSE!!!
    Taka: I'd be okay with being Goose.
  • "All for one and none for Kaiser!"
  • On "Exodus", when they're heading out of the building with the Suicide Grunts, Kaiser takes several hits from the Brutes, so Lani says this:
    Lani: Don't worry, I'll protect you!
    [Hits Kaiser in the back of the head]
    Kaiser: God damn it!
  • Possible arc words for the entire TFS Let's Play series: "There's subtlety, and then there's Taka."
  • "Sorry, do you not like pure energy to the face? Most people don't. ...guess you're just status quo."
    • Speaking of Taka when he makes "that" scream this troper can't help but laugh. (someone really needs to make a montage of all the times he does it)
  • Vehicle Antics in Exodus Part 3:
    Taka: "Hey hey hey! Who's driving that thing?"
    Lani (with Kaiser on the Warthog's gun): "Me." *scoots off*
    Taka: "Let me get in the passenger seat, you dick!"
    Lani (total deadpan): "I don't think that will aid us in any way, shape or form."
  • Taka keeps going over his song limit and keeps ticking off the others.
    • When he finally starts singing "Springtime for Hitler", Gan resolves to kill him, even though they're trying to fight off some Thrustpack Elites.
  • When the group is about to board the Falcons for the flying part of "Exodus", they beg Gan not to shoot them down like he did on "Tip of the Spear". When they reach the first rooftop with evacuees fleeing the Brutes, one of the Brutes shoots Gan and kills him, forcing him to watch while the others ride out the level. He's even the first to admit that it was karma.
  • Gan gets stuck in Lani's elevator.
  • Taka, while riding in the Falcon on "New Alexandria", gives this request:
  • "That Brute should pitch for the Sox."
  • Whenever Taka rushes headfirst into a situation, hilarity will ensue.
  • Kaiser admitting to blowing up Gan's Falcon in "New Alexandria".
    • And Gan's reaction.
  • The group realizing that they're fighting four Hunters at Club Errera.
  • While landing at Club Errera:
    Gan: All right Lani, set us down.
    Lani: There's a red dot, I want to make sure it stays red.
    Gan: You...what?
    Lani With blood.
  • The group's reaction to Kat's death may cause an internal Dude, Not Funny! moment for a viewer. On the one hand, Kat is dead, on the other, the group's reactions are hilarious, especially Taka's singing.
  • The whole of trying to keep the Scorpion tank intact to get an achievement during "The Package", where they get wiped out three times. And then, when they think they're in the clear, another revenant appears and kills the tank.
  • Taka, using the hijacked revenant to kill Covenant inside the well as running over his teammates.
    Taka: MW-HA-HA! Mine now!
    [backs over Lani, killing him]
    Lani: God dammit Taka!
    [fires the cannon at an Elite Kaiser just killed, taking out Kaiser]
    Kaiser: God dammit Taka!
    [Nearly runs over Gan]
    Gan: Oh, my god, Taka, stop killing everyone!
    Lani: Get the fuck out of there! [Lani boards the revenant's passenger seat] Okay, now keep going.
  • Taka's controller dies.
    Lani: Wait Taka's standing there defenseless.
    Gan: It's fine.
    Lani: I know. *betrays Taka* Had to be done. *Taka re-spawns"
    Gan: Actually, good point. I gotta get him one. *throws grenade* *betrayal* Entirely worth it.
  • Taka has fallen behind
    Taka Wait for me!
    Everyone else NO!
  • After Gan has been complaining about Carter for a while, a noise is heard in the game causing Noble Team to snap to attention:
    Lani: Uh-oh, shit's going down!
    Carter: What is this, Dot?
    [A hidden door opens]
    Gan: That's a door, Carter.
    Lani:...KILL IT!
  • Team Four Star is setting up the turrets to defend Halsey's lab on the Forerunner relic.
    Taka: I'm going to get the one on the far right.
    Gan: Alright, I'm heading back to the one on the top.
    Lani: Okay, I'll die.
    [A Phantom fires a plasma blast at him]
    Lani: AH! Oh, God, I will die!
  • Super Magnet Ass.
  • While at the loading screen for The Pillar of Autumn
    [Dot's image blinks]
    Gan: Blink blink blink? Blink blink blink blink. Blink blink.
    [Taka begins meowing Mister Sandman]
    Gan: No! God, you turn everything into a song. Stop it! Stop! STOP!!!
    Lani: God, I'm supposed to be the one with the background in musical theater.
  • While Gan is driving a Mongoose and Lani is in the back when some Covenant drop pods hit the ground in front of them:
    Lani: Avoid those. At all cost.
    [A Scarab smashes down in front of them]
    Lani: OH DEAR GOD!
    Gan: Uh, yeah, that's a Scarab!
  • Upon seeing a forklift:
    Gan: Oh, you know what else there is here, Lani?
    Lani: What else?
    Gan: Forklift.
    [Forklift explodes]
    Gan: Never mind.
    Lani: Is it dead?
    Gan: Yeah, they knew our plan.
    Lani: THOSE MONSTERS! Our plan hinged on the forklift working.
  • The team are discussing a Spartan Laser that Kaiser has:
    Lani: Don't use it on anything smaller than a house.
    Kaiser: So, Your Mom and up?
    Gan: Oh, damn.
    Taka: Hey don't make fun of his mom. I sleep with her.
  • While fighting a Brute Chieftain:
    Gan: What up hammer guy. Shotgun beats hammer. Shotgun beats—
    [Lani runs up and stabs the Brute]
  • In the final level two of the guys get killed almost right away and proceed to moan and groan about it until they have to restart the level.
  • Lani: Kaiser, you went too early. If you had a girlfriend she'd be very disappointed.
  • During "Lone Wolf" (and paraphrased from memory):
    Taka: "Hey, I found a SPARTAN Laser!"
    Lani, who abandoned it: "Yeah, it's got like one shot left. Try to hit that Wraith way in the back that's peppering us with—"
    Gan: "He hit the ground."
  • In Nightfall Part 2
    Gan: Oh no, Taka, there's an elite behind you! *shoots Taka in the back of the head*
    Taka: What? He must be invisible! *drops back, whining about invisible elites while Gan snickers. Moments later, Gan is shot in the back of the head*
    Taka: Oh, he got you too, Gan.

     TFS Let's Play - Serious Sam 3 

  • The trailer for the Serious Sam 3 Let's Play, introducing their characters:
    GanXingba as Master Chief.
    Takahata101 as Serious Sam.
    Lanipator as Santa Claus.
    And KaiserNeko as ... Some Gay...Nightclub guy?
  • The gang's commentary during the opening cinematic is hilarious on it's own, including...
    Taka: (Tweeting) In desert. LOL.
    Lani: Skull…
    Taka: #SkullouttanowhereLOLwtf?
    Gan: That's a long hashtag.
    • Taka accidentally says the opening theme should be "Black in Black", leading to Gan and Lani poking fun at him.
    Lani: "Black in Black". Yeah, go Taka.
    Gan: Classic by DC/DC.
  • Before the credits even finish, Kaiser manages to kill himself. How'd he do this? He jumped off a building!
    • Then Taka gets hung up on the stairs while Lani and Gan descend. Lani kills the second enemy of the game.
    Taka: "Hey guys, I'm still in the building, where are you?"
    Gan: "Down the stairs! You were in the stairwell! How did you screw that up?! All you had to do was go down the stairs!"
    Kaiser, having respawned: "Hey, I found Taka, you guys!"
    Gan: "All you had to do is go down the stairs!..."
    Lani: "So far, body count? Lani: two. Kaiser, negative one. Taka? Stairs."
  • The first minute of gameplay in Cairo Part 1 has them playing soccer with a monster's eyeball that Santa Lani ripped out.
    Lani: It's like Pele. GOOOOAL! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!
  • When Lani melee kills the first headless gunner of the game by ripping out it's heart:
    Lani: I got it's heart!
    Gan: Nice! Wait, are you using your bare hands?
    Lani: Kali ma! KALI MAAAAAAA!!!
  • During Cairo: Part 1, near the end, they encounter headless kamikaze enemies screaming "AAAAAAGH!". They immediately compare it to Taka's Screaming Warrior tendencies during previous Let's Plays.
    Gan: It's Taka, shoot him!
    Lani: Put Taka down before he can hurt you!
    Taka: I get it. The joke is because they sound like me, right?
    Kaiser: It's like in Left 4 Dead 2 when he grabs a Chainsaw!
    • Right at the end of part 1/beginning of part 2, Lani states happily how cathartic the experience is, when more are heard:
    [Kamikazes screaming can be heard]
    Lani: Oh, no.
    [First wave appears, but before they're killed the second and third waves appear]
    Gan: Holy shit!
    Lani: OH MY GOD!
    Gan: Back up, back up, back up! Don't stop backing up! Oh, man.
    Taka: Shoot them in the testicles! It's my weakness.
    [Three waves are killed]
    Lani: Okay.
    Gan: Fuck yeah. [Fourth and fifth waves appear]. Oh, man.
    Lani: Oh, no, here they come!
    Taka: I'm out of ammo.
    Gan: Can you headshot something without a head? I'm going to try.
    Taka: I don't know.
    Lani: We've already established! Fire at the testicles!
  • In The Library: Part 2, TFS fights the boss, a giant centaur-like scorpion with machine guns in its pincers.
    Taka: We're fighting The Rock!
    Gan: Ah, Scorpion King joke. I remember 1999.
    Kaiser: That was in 1999?
    Gan: Yeah, it was a long fucking time ago.
    Lani: Yeah, it was early 2000 at least.
    Kaiser: 1999 was a long fucking time ago?!
    Taka: Yeah, this is what it feels like to get old, Kaiser.
    Lani: Hey, guys, remember VHS tapes?
    Gan: This guy sure doesn't. Or if he does, he's not very happy about it.
  • In The Streets: Part 1, TFS goes through a long wide corridor where they get nearly killed. They begin counting off their health stats.
    Kaiser: I have 2 health left.
    Gan: [Who has 48] 2? Damn.
    Lani: I have 10 armor and 23 health left.
    Taka: I have 57 health.
    [They round the corner, seeing a large group of headless pistol mooks]
    Kaiser: FUUUUCK!
    • After fighting off the above mentioned mooks, Gan's health is seriously depleted when he sees some armor and health at the end of the wall.
    Gan: Oh, my God! Armor! Run run run run! [A Sirian werebull bursts out of a cargo crate] OH, COME ON!
    • When fighting another giant scorpion:
    Lani: Okay, so my question is who's the guy responsible for bioengineering the scorpions with the chainguns in the claw?
    Gan: I think we should hire 'em.
    Lani: Sir, we would like to open negotiations. This is an—[Scorpion opens fire on Lani] AH, SHOW OF GOODWILL DENIED!
  • During the boss fight in The Streets: Part 2, Gan gets killed by the boss, and after respawning, is almost instantly spawn killed.
    Gan: WHAT?! WHAT?! Did you see that?!
    Lani: I did see that on my little cursor thing. This thing fucking hates you.
    Taka: Gan, stop sucking at this game!
    Gan: You're not evening fighting it! You're just running away!
    Lani: It's a legitimate strategy. Man, this thing is easy, I don't know what you guys are talking about.
    [Just as Lani says that, it turns to face him. Lani immediately starts running.]
    [Lani is killed]
  • In Tentacopter: Part 1, Lani upon seeing the eponymous tentacopter: "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going!"
  • Overpass: Part 1
    • Taka stating he's going away to get some carrots.
    • The level's opening cutscene, where the gang meets the new enemy introduced for this level, the harpy. That is completely naked. Kaiser puts it best.
    Kaiser: Uh-oh. Gonna have to censor that for Blip.
    • TFS proving that their mastery of the Brick Joke extends beyond abridging after fighting off the first Biomech:
    Gan: I think we got him. Boys, we got him!
    [Lani and Kaiser start cheering]
    Taka: U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!
    • After killing the second Biomech:
    Lani: Oh, he does not like C4! I threw two of those things and he just turned to dust.
    Taka: Good job, Lani. [Beat] Lani, you get a cookie!
    Lani: Yeah!
  • Overpass: Part 2, has Team Four Star's struggles to take down one of Mental's cruisersnote , which is sending down ground forces. Hilarious moments follow when Lani is trying to fight off/evade the ground forces:
    Oh, God, homicidal Takas! And these headless things!
    Oh, God, what is that sound? What is it throwing do—IT'S THROWING DOWN THE BULLS!
    • After clearing a particularly long wave of enemies at the beginning:
    Gan: Well, that was an adventure. [enemies appear] Oh, more adventure!
    Kaiser: Always more adventure. Adventure Time! Come on, grab your friends!
    Lani: We'll go to very distant lands, with Lani the human and Kaiser the cat and...Taka the...guy and...Gan the asshole!
    Taka: Taka the robot who knows where it's at!
    • Right after that, Lani plays off of Taka switching to the double-barrel shotgun with this quote from Hobo with a Shotgun:
    Lani: When you get to hell, you tell Satan that you rode shotgun!
    • When they enter the boss zone, all four realize that what's about to happen is going to suck hard. And then a wave of harpies appear, leading them astray as to what's really about to happen. Everyone is quite surprised by this.
    • While fighting the swarm of boobies harpies in the boss zone:
    Lani: It's like a more adult oriented Duck Hunt. Quack quack quack quack dilu-dilu-dilu-dilu-dilu!
    Kaiser: Scree! Scree!
    Gan: Except you don't have that stupid dog laughing at you. Mocking you!
    Kaiser: Yeah, but now there's just Taka.
    [Taka laughs evilly]
  • At the beginning of "Straight Outta Cairo, Part 1", Gan gets horribly out of position and depletes his remaining lives, leaving him in spectator mode. Whilst the video depicts Lani's video capture, we get the following over voice chat:
    Gan: "Oh, I can only spectate from Kaiser's perspective, oh wait— Ah-ha!, there we are. There's Lani... and there is the Taka. Let's see how Taka does, let's— I'm gonna critique everything you do, Taka. ... Taka, look at the enemy. The enemy. The enemy. There it is. Pull the trigger... Any time... Okay, that's the wall. Try using the—oh, nope, that didn't work."
    Taka: "I have it's head!"
  • In Straight Outta Cairo, Part 2, TFS finds a lot of ammo in a corridor. They immediately realize something bad is coming.
  • In Straight Outta Cairo, Part 3, in the caverns under the Sphinx Team Four Star has to jump a rising pillar which Gan, of all people, keeps failing to do succeed. Taka is the first to do it.
    Taka: Goodbye guys! I will always remember you!
    Lani: I just want to see it say "Takahata101 was killed by..." ...oh, fuck, it didn't happen.
    Taka [Off screen]: Okay, guys, there's something up here! And I don't know what it is.
    [Taka, off screen, immediately begins firing, and screaming in fear]
    Lani as Mr. Popo: Hi.
    • Before that, during the part where they reach the Sphinx, they immediately start placing C4 on the Sphinx, instead of finishing off the remaining enemies. As a result, when it goes to the cutscene, the enemies can be heard running around. Once it ends, cue TFS getting spawn attacked by the remaining foes, including a Sirian Were-Bull.
    Gan: What the fuck?! How is that fair?!
    (Lani is killed as Taka begins screaming)
    Lani: DAMN IT! This is so unnecessary!
    Kaiser: This is amazing!
    Lani: Why did it do that?!
    (TFS reaches a more defensible position)
    Kaiser: So, who died because of that?
    Lani: I did! Fuck! Spawned the bull right in-fucking-front of me!
    Gan: I'm at ten health.
    (Lani kills the bull)
    Lani: There, what now?
  • In Ye Old Ruins, Part 1, when TFS encounters a very large foe with rockets attached to its arm, and Gan reveals his disturbing dislike of fat people.
    Gan: I love killing fat people.
    Taka: Whoa, what?
    Kaiser: Geez, man.
    Gan: I mean, it's not like I've got bodies hidden out behind my apartment building or anything.
    Lani: That would be conspicuous.
    Taka: And they're fat bodies too, Gan. Shit, that has to be a big ass hole.
    Kaiser: I am so glad I'm losing weight.
    Lani: I am really happy the Zombie Apocalypse hasn't happened yet, Gan, because you would be surrounded by fucking Boomers.
  • In Ye Olde Ruins, Part 2, Taka gets hung up in a tomb full of monkey-like monsters, and the rest of the team offers him no help whatsoever.
    Taka: I'm still in the tunnels guys, where are you?
    Lani: Movin' right along. In search of good times, good news, good friends can't lose, you know, et cetra.
    Later, once Lani and Gan find the exit, revealing Kaiser had gotten out of the tomb before them
    Lani: Taka, havin' fun down there?
    Taka: Not really, I'm alone with them now. They wanna make me their king. I'm scared.
    Gan: Look, just talk really firmly to them, like "Down! Sit! Heel!" c'mon, you can do it.
    Lani: I expect you to ride out of that tomb on a sled pulled by them. (Beat) Now the sled will have to be makeshift, because I'm pretty sure you won't find a sled down there.
    • Upon discovering how to open the door:
    Gan: Oh, wait, we're supposed to find something to put in there.
    Kaiser: Is it my dick? I bet it's my dick.
    Lani: Knowing this game, probably.
    • Later, after collecting all the key stones:
    Lani: Okay, everybody reconvene at the place where we're supposed to shove our dicks in the hole.
    Taka: I'll get right on that.
    Kaiser: So, Your Mom's place.
    Lani: See, I knew you were going to say that.
    Taka: Whose mom?
    Kaiser: Yes.
    Lani: Oh, God, fat guys everywhere in there! Do not go in there! It's like they just closed the buffet!
    Taka: "Fat guy in a little—" SHIT!
  • in Ye Olde Ruins, Part 3, due to their lack of coordination (and Lani and Kaiser ending up suiciding in an attempt to leave a room), each member of the team ends up riding the elevator back to the surface alone. This means that Gan, the first up, had to deal with the level boss (a "khnum") without any backup while the others bickered over the elevator.
    Gan: Alright, I'm gonna try to solo this boss here, no pOOHHHMYYYGOD.
    • In the meanwhile, the others shuffle around in the ruins, trying to get up the lift. Lani's anguished wailing as first Kaiser and then Taka abandon him underground must be heard to be believed.
    Lani: [finally getting involved] "Hey come back here, Santa's got a gift for you! ...It's my dick!
    Taka: [deadpan] "That's a terrifying gift for Santa to give."
    Lani: "Well, what can I say? I'm a terrible Mall Santa."
  • In "The Dark Bride," TFS fight, well, the Dark Bride, who levitates, has Combat Tentacles, uses Mind over Matter powers to throw rocks and is only vulnerable at certain times. Lani has some very specific opinions on how to deal with her:
    Lani: "KILL HER! KILL THE BITCH! LIGHT HER UP oh okay hold off."
    Gan: "You know, this isn't Arkham City, you don't have to call her a bitch every time."
    Lani: "Okay: LIGHT HER UP! KILL THE CUNT!!"
  • In "The Dark Bride, Pt. 2," we get a lot of this, especially after they finally get to use the minigun.
    Gan: I think I am in love with this gun, guys.

     TFS Let's Play - Mass Effect 3 
  • While waiting for the game to start, we are already treated to several of these, including:
    Lani: My galactic readiness is ready!
    Gan: My galactic readiness is re-Most ready. My galaxy is (trying hard not to laugh), my galaxy is ready.
    Lani: My galaxy is readierist than your galaxy.
    Gan: Yeah, well my body and my galaxy are ready.
    Lani: My Commander Shepard can kick your Commander Shepard in the balls!
    Gan: My Commander Shepard is a lesbian female, so HA-HA! Well, actually that's just my Renegade.
    Lani: I think everybody has a Renegade lesbian.
  • The many, many, MANY death's of Taka during the first half of the Firebase Giant playthrough.
    Taka: And I'm dying AGAIN. Well, this is fun.
  • When the mission starts during the Firebase Giant playthrough, Lani is the one grabbing all the objectives, effectively separating himself from the group until they catch up with him. He takes several hits trying to get a single objective before Gan to step in and take care of it while he kills the Cerberus troops, prompting this exchange:
    Gan: No worries, I got this.
    Lani: Oh, yeah, you mean the thing I've been trying to get while getting blown apart.
    Gan (as an Infiltrator): Yeah, well, you see, I can cloak and get it.
    Lani: Ah, I see. You are cowardly baby man.
    Gan: No, Batman, is what I am Space Batman, is what I am.
  • "Space Manatees!!!"
  • During the second half of Firebase Dagger (which they started after failing Firebase Giant), Taka (playing as a Krogan) showcases a simple, yet effective strategy: headbutt everything into submission!! Surprisingly, it works out rather well for him.
    Gan (laughing): All you're doing is headbutting.
    Lani (also laughing): That's the strategy that seems to be working.
    Kaiser (laughing): Watching it is something mystical.
    Lani (still laughing): Its like, he won't stop!
    Gan (still laughing): I don't think "mystical" is the word I'd use, but it sure is something.
    Lani (again, still laughing): It won't stop. (Taka keeps headbutting) Look at it!
    • After Taka decimates a wave of enemies in this manner:
      Gan (chuckling): No, you're Canadian. That's something different entirely.
    • Not to mention that the krogan screams every time he headbutts, which leads to a small moment of silence while we just here "GRAH! GRAH! GRAH!" as Taka repeatedly headbutts people.
  • Lani affectionately naming his mini-assault robot "Skeets" which immediately escalates into comments about Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.
  • And then the dead krogan baby jokes...
    • "There were 3000 fatalities; all babies."

    Dragon Ball Evolution IRIFF 
  • Lani and Taka showing Kaiser that, at least on the most basic level, it is technically a Dragonball movie.
    Kaiser: This isn't Dragonball.
    Lani: Kaiser, who's the main character?
    Kaiser: ...Goku?
    Taka: And he's travelling with?
    Kaiser: Bulma?
    Lani: Along with?
    Kaiser: Yamcha?
    Taka: To find the?
    Kaiser: Dragonballs?
    Lani: Where along they meet...
    Kaiser: Master Roshi and Chichi?
    Lani: Who does what?
    Kaiser: Train Goku.
    Taka: So he can fight?
    Kaiser: Piccolo.
    Lani: See Kaiser, it IS Dragonball!
    Kaiser: No it isn't!
  • The ending.
  • The various LOTR jokes and references made.
  • While Goku fights the bullies at Chi-Chi's party, one of the bullies smashes a mirror of a yellow Camaro and we get this:
    Taka: BUMBLEBEE, NO!!!!
  • Lani joking about being a movie bully salesman.
  • Lani playing as Piccolo in various parts of the movie.
  • Kaiser wishing a Saibaman would leap forward and kill Yamcha.
    Kaiser: Oh please sweet merciful Saibaman, leap forth and free us from this man!
    Lani: I thought you were agnostic, Kaiser.
    Kaiser: Think I just found something to believe in.
  • After Goku manages to light the remaining torches with the "Kamehameha", we get this:
    Taka: Gotcha now, bitch!!
    • Just before when after Chichi makes the bet with the struggling Goku to be able to put out the torches and step near her, he instantly puts out one.
    Lani: Woah, Goku just sharked her like a boss!
  • Every time Oozaru bursts through a wall, one of the guys shouts "Oh yeah!"
  • All of the jokes about Yamcha being useless.
    • The subversion of this is what finally makes Lani lose his shit. After casually playing off the whole movie for being inaccurate, saying things to Kaiser like, "well I think the good people at 20th Century Fox clearly know a little bit more about Dragonball than you do", then we come to the finale, when Yamcha wins a fight. Cue Lani instantly breaking his joking facade and shouting:
      Lani: This is the most inaccurate, sloppily-written, asinine tripe I have ever seen!!
      Kaiser: Thank you!
      Lani: There is just one set formula: Yamcha always loses. HOW DO YOU FUCK THIS UP?!
  • Throughout the movie, Kaiser continues to try and come up with "the perfect wish," with all of his suggestions shot down until they get to the last one, which is essentially "wish this movie out of existence."

     Team Four Star Wars: Dicks of the Old Republic 
  • Lani's war cry for killing his enemies: "LIBERATION!"
  • Since Taka's character is blindnote , the guys quickly develop a Running Gag about him being hyper-sensitive, interpreting every mention of sight (either literal or metaphorical) as an insult and assuming that people are making fun of him "behind his back".
    Taka: LANI! Did he air quote me?!
    Lani: He air quoted you.
    Taka: GAWD DAMMIT!
  • Five minutes in, Lani and Taka are already lampshading the All Up to You nature of the game by noting that their quest giver is level 50 and could solve all of Tython's problems in two minutes if he just got off his butt. And then they note the exact same thing with the Jedi Council later.
  • So Lani and Taka are in the Jedi Council and Taka beckons Lani to come over here, so Lani jumps off a table. Unfortunately, he doesn't finish the jump and gets stuck in mid air. He tries to use some kind of "super manuever" to free himself... to no avail.
    Taka: Lani, get over here.
    Lani: It's not mine, oh it's yours, well... Ah, aggh! I'm stuck on the table! Help! Help! Help! (laughing) Help me! Help!
    Taka: There's a Sith in here! He's killing you!
    Lani: God damn it! Hold on... I'll use my super-patented back-slash-stuck manuever... Ah, shit! It didn't work! Fuck!
    Taka: Ah, you're a dead man, Lanipator.
    Lani: I must be. Hold on... (laughing) Oh no! Help! <beat> Shit.
  • In episode 3, Lani and Taka dub the Flesh Raiders Street Sharks
    Lani: Oh, look, more Street Sharks! Jawsome!
  • After they find an infant Flesh Raider:
    Taka: We have to gather meat for it, Lani.
    Lani: Or...
    Taka: Lani!
    Lani: Okay.
    • And then, when they bring it to a Cathar Jedi Master...
    Quilb: Leave him with me.
    Lani: I don't know if I should...
    Lani: (while laughing) Oh, God! We just fed the the man...
    Both: Darkest side! Darkest side! Darkest side!
  • Lani Force Pushing the Flesh Raider Jedi wannabe into a fire and he explodes.
    Taka: THIS! IS! TYTHON! And then...
    Lani: BOOOM! OH SHIT!
    (La-Ni Force-pushes the Flesh Raider off the cliff and into the pyre, where he explodes, causing Lani and Taka to begin laughing hysterically)
    • The laughing is so hysterical that it continues on the opening scroll of the next episode and when video cuts back to Lani and Taka they are still at it.
  • Lani and Taka's reaction to being stuck on Tython still.
  • Lani and Taka reacting to Qyzen as if he's an estranged step father for Varoosha.
    Taka: You're not my real dad!
    Lani: *in Creepy Monotone* Do you want to go on a hunt?
    Taka: *sounding on the verge of tears* No I don't want to go on a hunt, I want to study artifacts with Mom!
  • The constant poking fun at the typical MMO things that Lani and Taka have to do for quests.
  • Lani's commenting on how CP30 is actually more annoying then Jar Jar Binks and explaining why.
  • All the jokes about Lani's very tight purple pants.
  • Taka gets plenty of moments in Episode VII, namely shrieking like a girl when he catches on fire.
  • All Tython and no play makes La-Ni and Varoosha dull boys. All Tython and no play makes La-Ni and Varoosha dull boys. All Tythorn and no play makes La-Ni and Varoosha dull boys.
  • The pair's reaction to finally getting off Tython, a frantic dash to the hangar and joyful screams as they get onto the shuttle and head for the Republic fleet.
    • When they're getting a crystal for Taka's lightsaber, they're attacked by a creature in the caves:
    Lani: Oh, my god, it's a gremlin!
    Taka: It's Batista!
    Lani: It's a Batista gremlin!
    Taka: Oh, yea! I walked for miles in this pit of death—
    (The creature sets them on fire, causing Taka to scream in fear)
    Lani: It's Diablo!
  • Their frustration in episodes 8 and 9 that their troubles are because of yet another Twi'lek.
    Lani: Why is it that Twi'leks are always involved?!
    Taka: Who would have guessed that the PERSON SCREWING US was a Twi'lek?!
  • Episode 10:
    • Lani gets so excited at seeing Coruscant that he explores... by jumping off of a balcony.
    • When getting debriefed for a quest, one of the characters just appears suddenly out of nowhere.
    Taka: Ah!!
    Lani: Where the fuck did you come from?!
  • Episode 11:
    • Taka muses that it's a good thing that the game tells them they can still fight Guild forces, with Lani saying that otherwise they'd just walk by them, tips their fedoras and go "M'Lady"
    Lani: M'lady intensifies.
    • In what is becoming a pattern for Lani, he strikes down yet another defeated enemy.
  • Episode 13 has Lani and Taka coming up with the idea of a Boy Band composed entirely of Internet Nice Guys, named "Fedorable". Their songs (performed by Taka) include such hits as "M'Lady", "You're My Favorite Pony", and "The Friend Zone".
    • It gets even better: The guys are in the middle of a quest to rescue a man's girlfriend from a strip club, but when they get there, she tells them that she was trying to get away from him because he was a possessive creep — the exact kind of person they were mocking. His dialog when the guys turn in the quest even inspires another Fedorable song title: "My Most Valued Possession".
      • Capping it all off, Lani's character tells the guy "You're a sickening blight on the universe"...and the quest ends there, with the guys laughing about how there's no coming back from a slam like that.
  • In Episode 14, Taka reveals to Lani that he bought the carbon freezing trick and promptly freezes himself and screams in mock pain. Lani shouts that they're killing Taka and Qyzen should do something. Then Taka unfreezes and says that it felt great.
  • Episode 15 has this exchange after completing a quest:
    Taka: Oh god, Lani, it says we have to return to Naam-ak!note 
  • In Episode 23, we get a droid who uses "simple happy language words".
  • In Episode 24, the guys come across a mortally wounded man. The first thing Taka's character says to him is "Wow, somebody stomped you good!", which cracks them both up.

     TFS & Friends Play: Cards Against Humanity 
  • The entire game, but during the first game, Lani did not win a single point. Everyone comments on this.
    Kirran: Lani, you're Yamcha-ing it up right now.
    Taka: Lani, the whole chat is watching you fail in real time.
    Lani: I KNOW!
    • In the last round of that game, after Taka won, Lani asked what the second pick was. No points for guessing whose.
  • Taka's shitty Canadian internet connection.
    Lani: Oh no! Is there a Windows update?!
  • The gift that keeps on giving: AIDS
  • A card about DBZ comes up:
    Lani (as Vegeta): On the next episode of Dragon Ball Z, Goku— gah, it feels dirty saying it in that voice— On the next episode of Dragon Ball Z, Kakarot, fights Blank.
    • The card that wins? Studio Ghibli.
  • Lani wins with the white card.
    Lani: I GOT A POINT!
  • They note that "In a world ravaged by American Gladiators, our only solace is Kim Jong-Il" sounds like a description for an actual North Korean film.
    From the same round: "In a world ravaged by land mines, our only solace is frolicking."
  • In the third round, they play with the furry pack and have to continuously ask Kaiser what half of the cards mean.
    • The Running Gag of Kaiser remarking that whatever term he's defining has to do with sex and the others responding with "No shit?"
  • A blank card just saying Linkara comes up twice.
    Linkara: Once I started roleplaying Linkara, it was all downhill from there.
  • Linkara reads a card for a "crazy movie". When he sees what the punchline is, he's horrified, but Taka encourages him to finish it.
    Linkara: "And then there's some stuff about 'growing a pair', and then it ends with 'the Virginia Tech massacre'. I should not be laughing!
  • After Taka disconnects to the internet for the second time, the others take turns doing impersonations of his characters.
    Chris (as Taka): Hey guys, I'm Taka, guys, I'm back now. I'm gonna play the next round, yeah.
    Lani: That's not what Taka sounds like.
    Kaiser: First off, you forgot the eh.
    Chris (as Nappa): Hey guys, did you know I do the voice of Nappa? Will you lick my nuts?
    (Beat as everyone chuckles)
    • It continues as Kaiser wonders if he should add the furry pack.
    Linkara (as Alucard): I'm Taka. I think you should add the furry pack.
    • Finally, as Taka returns:
    Chris: Taka, why would ask someone to lick your nuts?
    Taka: (unfazed) Oh, dude, to see how it feels.
    Lani: Well played.
  • I drink to forget drinking alone.
    • And the other option - "I drink to forget Auschwitz".
  • Taka can make obvious statements very, very funny, as seen in their third video:
    Card: An oversized clitoris that acts as a functional penis.
    Kaiser: Oh shit, that's actually hyenas.
    (Beat as everyon considers how to respond to that)
    Lani: Shut up, Kaiser!
    Kirran: Okay, learn something new everyday.
    Linkara: The more you knoooow!
    Taka: (in Nappa's voice, somehow disgusted) Why do you know these things!?
    Kaiser: 'Cause my husband is a biologist?
    Taka: (still in Nappa's voice) Ooohh... gaaaay.
    Kaiser: Oh, shut up!
  • Chainsaws for hands, high five bro.
  • TFS at the Table: Cards Against Humanity. Due to Zito being sick at the time, that Tuesday was instead devoted to a stream of CAH, with Kaiser and later Taka (via voicechat) joining. Gems include:
    • When the Black Card reads "In the distant future, historians will agree that ____ marked the beginning of America's decline", several of the choices were so funny in their relevance. Some included "Hope", "Getting all offended", and "Not giving a shit about the Third World". But what got the guys roaring with laughter was ultimately the winning card: Seeing things from Hitler's perspective.

    TFS Plays: Mortal Kombat X 
  • The guys singing the 90's Mortal Kombat theme song.
  • General Ivan introducing himself, but ends up coughing
  • Lani calling Kenshi "Obi-Wan"
  • Lani singing the Team America theme.
  • Ivan steals Kirran's "waifu." …by throwing her at him.
    Kirran: I've heard of a wifebeater, but this is nuts!
  • The Fuckbox, which constitutes Kirran running back and forth as Torr, preventing his opponent from even getting up.
  • Kaiser complaining about the butchering of Japanese names.
  • GeneralIvan says that he prefers Mileena with a veil. He tries to come up with a reason before Kaiser calls him out on the real one:
    Kaiser: How can you masterbate like this?!
    Ivan: EASILY!
    Lani: Paper bag it, son!
    Kirran: Paper bag everything below the waist.
    Lani: She's got the DST: dick sucing teeth.
  • When fighting on the Sky Temple as Raiden and Jax:
    Kirran: Throw the monk throw the monk throw the monk throw the monk—
    (Ivan, as Raiden, tries to throw one of the praying monks, only to get it thrown out by Kaiser, as Jax)
    Kaiser: Sorry.
    Lani: (as monk) I was praying to you, Lord Raiden.note  (as Raiden) IT'S RAIDEN,note  YOU SHIT!
    • In the second round:
    Kirran: This guy is still dead!
    (Everyone cracks up)
    Kaiser: He's still dead. What's up with that?!
    Lani: Well, his brothers are now holding a funeral service now.

    TFS Let's Play - Evolve 
  • The first episode plays out in typical TFS Plays fashion with Taka running off on his own and getting the team killed in the process.
  • In the second episode the team seems to get their act together when they take down most of Moonstone's health. When the finally face him again in the end, Finagle's Law goes into full effect.
    • One of the things that screws them over is when Moonstone bats Lani off a cliff...and right into a Man-Eating Plant.
  • By the third episode, Lani is completely frustrated with Moonstone's winning streak.
    Lani: (after Moonstone had agreed to meet them at the drop point) Why are there tracks, Kirran?!
    Lani: Where ya going, Kirran?!

     TFS Plays: Star Wars games 
  • Team Four Star playing Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi. That is all that needs to be said.
  • Complaining that the games (which are mostly from the 90s and early 00s) suck and wondering why they'd bought them in the first place.
  • Lani and Kirran spend quite a while trying (and failing) to pause the Star Wars Kinect campaign so they can play Duels of Fate.
  • The end of part 2 of Star Wars Kinect ends with Kaiser unintentionally glitching out the Duels of Fate game, knocking out Lani's opponent with a boulder before Lani can properly defeat him and getting him stuck.
  • They immediately decide to settle things once and for all with a dance-off!
  • For 2016's Star Wars month they played "Racer Revenge" for the PS2. Unlike the previous year's podracing game this game considers you dead if your racer blows up. So Lani makes it his mission to kill Anakin and prevent the slaughter of the younglings.
  • Another entry in 2016's Star Wars month was ''Revenge of the Sith'. They have a lot of fun in the multiplayer mode, but when they pit General Grievous against Darth Vader, Grievous is taken down in Round 1. Grievous turns the tables in Round 2 through his Four Arms mode, but he runs out of it in Round 3. Grievous then proceeds to stow his arms and his lightsabers, and do some very bad things to Vader, much to the boys' glee. What's even funnier is that the capture apparently chose that time to glitch, making it seem as if the brutal Bane-esque maneuvers were being intentionally censored (or who knows, maybe they were.)
  • Flight of the Falcon doesn't start off too bad until they reach the second level with the land speeder. After dying within one second due to the level starting with them heading straight at a wall, the guys start breaking down in tears over how bad the graphics and frame rate are. And then Lani dies seconds before the end of the timer, forcing them to redo the entire level.
    Lani: This has been Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon. I do not recommend it. I enthusiastically give it a thumbs down. Unless you have eaten something poisonous and just need to get it out of your system. In that case make it to level 2 and you'll be fine. I am sorry I did this to all of you.
    • After multiple failed attempts, Grant finally makes it all the way to the end of the timer... and they break down in confused laughter when they get a Mission Failed screen. They didn't read the entire mission briefing so had no idea what the actual objective was.

     TFS Plays: Batman Arkham Knight 

  • When the camera reveals the Joker's corpse at the crematorium:
    Lani: He looks so peaceful.
    Kirran: He opens his eyes! Resident Evil 7!
  • While playing as a police officer at a dinner, TFS just wanders around the diner for a few minutes, coming across a man at a table wearing a Batman mask. Not aware that the game takes place on Halloween, TFS assumes that he's simply a Batman fanatic checking Batman blogs on his iphone.
  • When they head over to the smoker:
    Lani: Is that a vape?
    (Smoker turns into a zombie)
    Lani: No, that is not a vape!
    Kirran: Resident Evil 7!
    Kaiser: That is not okay!
    ("Zombie" throws officer to the floor as Scarecrow's fear toxin takes effect)
    Kirran: Ew, there's bugs everywhere!
    Lani: Ew, ew, ew! This place cannot pass the sanitary commission.
    (The wall starts to tear apart)
    Kirran: Holy shit!
    Lani: Okay, shit is happening.
    Kaiser: Silent Hills. Confirmed.
  • Once they finally take control of Batman:
    Lani: Oh, conveniently placed Batman.
    Kirran: He's just been waiting there for half an hour.
    Lani: (as Batman) Oh, god, finally. Crime!
  • Upon seeing the Bat symbol on the Batmobile, they break out laughing at the sheer absurdness of it. Especially when they see that the tread of the Batmobile's tires are shaped like the Batsymbol.
    Kaiser: His tread is his fucking insignia! That's hilarious!
  • Interrogating the driver of the APC:
    Soldier: Get away from me! Get away!
    Lani: Never. (as Batman) Tell me where the bomb is!
    Kirran: (as Batman) Where is she?!
    Lani: (as Batman) Where's Rachel?!
  • In Part 2, they drive the Batmobile to the GCPD headquarters, and try to jump over the river twice, failing both times. After the first one, they remember that Poison Ivy is also in the trunk prisoner section of the Batmobile.
    Lani: We have just drowned Pamela Isly.
    Kirran: She's a plant. They love water.
    • They realize later that she was in the trunk during the entire Riddler section (a race in the Batmobile) and probably being thrown around in there.
    • Lani discusses how despite as bad as everything is in Gotham City, he imagines living in Metropolis would be worse, since despite Superman living there, it also attracts world ending threats.
    Lani: You're running around Metropolis one day, then 27 guys who can bench-press a planet just standing there, and Superman has to fight them, and fuck up you whole city.
    Kirran: Yeah, but that's okay, because that's a hell of a vine.
    Kaiser: You know who else makes a hell of a vine?
    Kirran: Don't say it! Don't say it!
    Kaiser: Poison Ivy.
    Kirran: Fuck you!
    Kaiser: She makes the best vines.
    Kirran: You're so dumb! I knew you were going to say that!
  • In part 3 when they find out that Breaking out of an thugs hold was a rapid attack of elbows...
    Kirran: Them gatling elbows!
    Lani: WRYYYYYYYY!!!
  • What they thinks happens while Batman uses the Batmobile to make jumps while a Robin is inside.
    Kaiser: I'm imagining that any of the Robins would go like: WOOH! YEAH!
    Lani: (as Batman) It's not for entertainment, Dick.
    Kaiser: (as Robin) Ummm...I'm Todd.
    Lani: (as Batman) I know!!!
  • In Part 3 the many failures to complete the Riddler course, including one time they closed the door on themselves.
  • In Part 4, they discuss how Batman decides what gadgets to create.
    Lani: Can it be turned into the shape of a bat? And if no, then we aren't using it.
  • In Part 5, they theorize that the Fear Take down simulations are actually Batman just sitting there and imagining what he'd do.
    Lani!Batman: Yeah, that'd be awesome.
    • Kaiser points out that the original concept of the "Batmobile Edition" of the game was cancelled, and Lani thought it was a Batmobile skin, until Kaiser clarifies as it being a toy Batmobile. Kirran then adds onto the joke by saying it supposed to come with an actual Batmobile.
    Kaiser: It was a Five Hundred Fifty Thousand dollar Special Edition.
    • They also point out that, while Batman is busy changing into his new suit (outside) and running training simulations, there are three guys holding someone hostage less than 100 meters away the whole time.
    • Speaking of the training simulation, Lani has Batman grapple to hang above some of the virtual enemies in plain sight, which causes him to fail the mission.
    Lani (as one of the guards): Oh hey there Batm- IT'S THE BATMAN!
    • After completing the training, they go to rescue the hostage. When they try to enter a grate they're standing on, Batman leaps about 20 feet away and enters a different grate.
  • The Running Gag starting in Part 6 of screaming out "NO KILLING!" during some of the more absurd takedowns, such as Batman slamming a thug's face through a glass panel, into a bundle of live wires.
  • In Part 7, when Batman is in what looks like a Heroic Sacrifice situation, the guys start belting out Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing...with the lyrics slightly rewritten to mention Batman.
  • In Part 8, while playing as Commissioner Gordon, they get subjected Batman's usual greeting and get freaked out.
  • In Part 8 When they reveal to Gordon about what happened to Barbara.
    Batman: It's Barbara she's been taken
    Lani:(as Batman) So i need you to get Liam Neeson... Oooh wait he was Ra's Al-Ghul he's dead...
  • In Part 8:
    Taka: They are literally turning the Joker into Navi from fucking Ocarina Of Time
    Lani: (as The Joker) Ey, Bats! Listen! (giggles)
    • The fan-made abridging video adds to this with an image of Joker's face with fairy wings; when Lani giggles, it bounces around the screen.
  • The Adam West skin has been a source of jokes, ranging from the drawn details on the cowl, the cowl itself, how the material hangs off Bruce's body, and course the theme song.
  • Part 10:
    • Lani tries to do a "sick jump" and just ejects from the Batmobile... right in front of roughly 6 tanks.
    • After solving the car crash with Oracle and the Arkham Knight Batman sticks a memory card into his gauntlet. But since the guys equipped the Adam West skin, the card just hovers in midair before disappearing, provoking laughter at the sight.
      • Lani also pokes fun at the Crime Scene Reconstructor, saying it's thanks to the "magic fuzzy woolen cowl" aka the Adam West mask.
    • The team's posed conversation between two thugs confusing Batman with Man Bat.
    Thug 1: There's definitely some kind of creature flying around out there.
    Thug 2: You mean... Batman?
    Thug 1: No! No no! Like an actual creature! It's like a bat, but it's also like a man.
    Thug 2: Oh. So you mean like Batman.
    Thug 1: NO! No, like a man... who's a bat!
    Thug 2: Batman.
  • When the guys figure out how to make Catwoman crawl around on the ground they spend nearly 5 minutes 'being a kitty'.
  • All of the ways Lanipator exaggerates Batman being... well, Batman. Especially when he does something cool or funny.
    Lani: (As Batman) Good job, Batman!
    Lani: (As Batman) Thanks, Batman!
    Lani: (As Batman) Na-na na-na na-na na-na Meeeeeee!
    • The Running Gag of yelling out "BATMAN!" as a battle cry. A notable example in part 6:
    Lani: (as Batman, gliding) Oh boy. Sure it would suck if a Batman dropped in. (Beat, then starts divebombing into a glass roof) BAAAAATMAAAAAAN! BAAAAAAATMAAAAAAAAN!!!
  • In part 14, discussions on whether or not Harley Quinn is hot leads to too much information from Kirran:
    Kirran: She'd be hot if she didn't have pigtails.
    Lani: You don't like pigtails?!
    Kirran: Pigtails are gross as fuck.
    Lani: You're weird!
    Kaiser: Uh, dude, what are you supposed to grab onto to?
    Kirran: Uh, the fucking hair. Or the ass. Anything.
    Lani: Is that how your girlfriend rides you?
    Kirran: (Begins fake crying)
    Lani: Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Kaiser: Wow...
  • In part 15, Lani asks his wife if she'd rather have sex with Batman or Iron Man.
  • In part 18, Lani says that the Joker hallucination is Batman's "Ghost Nappa".
  • 1 hour and 48 minutes in the stream, they remember that they can tell Tim about Barbara's death. The group goes full Black Comedy on imagining the scene.
  • In the Batman: Arkham Knight RETURNS stream, they start speculating on all the other stuff the bad guys could have spent the money for the drones Batman keeps blowing up on, such as 3 Batmobiles, college, copies of Just Cause 3, islands...
    Weird, it's like these things he keeps stopping won't stop him.
  • While streaming, during a Joker line someone wonders what would happen if in the next Star Wars movie (this was a month after Episode 7 was released) Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill started talking like the Joker.
  • After walking out of a car crash unharmed, they say that Batman is immune to crashes. Cue the game itself crashing.
  • I don't remember the episode, but the moment they gain control after the cloudburst goes off and they marvel at how awesome it is, immediately wonder where Man-bat is.
  • During a stream, upon stopping the cloud burst, they notice a car happily driving by and they begin to question just who would be driving after the city was caught in a literal cloud of fear. They reason that someone wanted McDonald's and, this being Gotham, the public is really bland about such attacks.
    Goon: Jesus, first fear cloud of the year and everyone forgets how to drive!
  • The guys coming up with the idea that Batman gives Bat-Facts to the criminals he beats up. Which range from the scientific to the painfully obvious.

     TFS Plays: Transformers Devastation 
  • Just... Just the sheer unbridled joy they all have being able to play as giant transforming robots.
  • Optimus "Buttfucking" Prime.
  • In part 12, after Lanipator defeats Motormaster with Grimlock using a brutal hammer combo, we get this exchange while the Autobots are standing around his crumpled body:
    Kaiser (as Optimus Prime): Good work, Grimlock.
    Kirran (as Wheeljack): Holy shit, Grimlock, we were gonna question him!
    Lani (as Grimlock): Grimlock take no prisoners! Graaaaawr!
  • Everyone singing the Beetleborgs theme whenever the Insecticons were onscreen
  • Lani's Grimlock impression

DBCember was Team Four Star's contribution to the trend of Web Video producers creating multi-day Advent Calendar-style productions to celebrate the winter holidays, which was popularized in 2014. In this case, TFS created a list of their Top 24 series (non-film, non-GT) moment in Dragon Ball history.

  • A line for Takahata101 about #17 on the list, the destruction of Namek and the cliffhanger about Goku's fate.
    Takahata101: Well, Namek... So long, and thanks for all the frogs.
  • And from #14, the real hero of the Buu arc... Mr. Satan.
  • Number 12 is Goku impaling King Piccolo... with his own body.
    For Goku... this victory... was a hole-in-one. Hey, guys, where you goin'? (Splutters) C'mon, guys, c'mon, I didn't write this.
  • Number 11 is Vegeta’s Heroic Sacrifice against Majin Buu, and Lani describes it best.
    Lani: Easily the most selfless and dramatic moment in Vegeta’s life… and it amounts to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
  • Number 9 is the arrival/introduction of Future Trunks, and it mostly consists of Kaiser utterly fanboying over it.
  • Number 7 which is the first fight between Goku and Vegeta. Kaiser realizes that they didn't actually set aside a spot for the iconic beam struggle so he hastily includes it here. And then there was this gem:
    Takahata101: It also sets a precedence, for better or worse, of how future battles would play out. High level attacks. Advanced aerial fighting. Beam battles.
    Kaiser: Screaming.
    Takahata101: SO MUCH SCREAMING!
  • Number 4 has the guys poke fun at Bulma's initial wishes on the Dragonballs - a lifetime supply of strawberries, later amended to "the perfect boyfriend".
    Lani: Let's look at her dating record here for a sec. Yamcha... and Vegeta. Reaaally coulda used that wish.
  • In the honorable mentions, they show the clips that didn't make a number, but worth mentioning, then gets to the "9000 scene" with the subtitle "There! There it is!! Are you happy!?!"
    • They also include a moment from GT, which was the ending. Particularly, the fact that it ended. (Or you know, the actual ending itself.)
  • And with The Reveal of #1 being Goku turning Super Saiyan for the first time, they get defensive:
    Lani: Don't you judge us.
    Kaiser: You knew this scene would be here. It had to be here!
    Taka: Our most popular episode, by millions, starts with this scene.

For December 2015, they are now doing the Top 24 Best Movies and Specials, which they immediately point out is only possible because of Resurrection 'F''s release giving them enough material to work with. However, it's still not a best to worst list, as the GT special is not included, so once again, "NO GT!"

2016's DBCember has them listing the Top 24 Villains, and they're actually including GT this time. However, they're not including Super because it's not finished yet.

  • This exchange from the intro video:
    Kaiser: What makes a good hero?
    Taka: A theme song!
    Lani: Special effects?
    Kaiser: No, uh—
    Taka: Cool poses!
    Kaiser: No, that's not—
    Lani: Really, really tight outfits?
    Kaiser: A villain! It's a good villain.
    Taka: Ha, tell that to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
  • Hirudegarn ends with the team once again going over how frustrating they find the ending of the movie for giving the win to Goku, but that doesn't stop them from gushing over how awesome the final attack was.
    Lani: Dragon Fist is cool though!
    Taka: Oh f*ck yeah!
    Kaiser: Oh yeah 100%.
  • Number 23, Cooler, opens up with an obligatory reference to their Xenoverse 2 Let's Play.
  • Number 22, Janemba, includes a small gem when they mention how he brought back every single villain in the franchise including Goku's most monstrous dictator rival...Hitler!
    Taka: Make sure to play Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Führer on the GBA for more info!
  • GT's inclusion leads to entry 21 being all seven Shadow Dragons.
    Kaiser: Oh God, do we have to do this?
    Lani: Kaiser, get over it. GT happened.
    Kaiser: DID IT, THOUGH?!
    • Kaiser starts snarking at some of the dragons designs and personalities (or lack thereof) leading to this hilarious little exchange.
    Kaiser: Mole, question mark?
    Taka: C'mon, Kaiser, moles are just the dragons of the Earth.
    Kaiser: Oh right, and frogs are just the dragons of the ocean. Oh wait, THAT'S JUST DRAGONS!
    • The end of the entry gives us this gem:
  • When discussing Dr. Wheelo and Dr. Kochin at number 20, they do bring up the similarities between them and Dr. Gero and Android 19 later in canon.
    Evil scientist with brain in a jar.
    Robotic companion.
    Artificial soldiers.
    Plans for world domination.
    Both prefer their PB&J without crust.
  • At number 19 (The Frieza Forces, Dodoria, and Zarbon), they almost forgot someone and decide to give mention to the most memorable member of the force...Appule.
    Taka: "Give it up for Appule, everyone!" *sound of cheering in the background*
  • Their description for entry Number 18 states how this entry does NOT contain Android 18.
  • The number 17 entry starts with Kaiser steeling himself to talk about Broly, then giving a swift rundown on why Broly is where he is (design is terrifying, concept is cool but executed poorly, and two thirds of his films were terrible with the scene of Trunks wetting himself on Broly being used to emphasize that last point).
    • The fact that unlike all the previous entries on the list, Broly's name looks like it's been written in crayon.
    • The episode description deserves some credit as well.
    It’s only fitting that our number 17 villain this #DBcember is that GT great, Super Sevehahahhahahah couldn’t finish that with a straight face!
  • Number 16 has just Lani and Kaiser talking about Nappa because, for some reason, Taka has been tied up in the storage closet. He escapes at the end of the entry.
    Lani: Taka! Taka, get back in the room!
  • The number 14 spot goes to Raditz. While mentioning his hair:
    Taka: "How long do you think it takes him to dry that hair, by the way? I'm guessing...three hours? Two on a hot day?"
    Lani: "You're assuming Saiyans bathe."
    Lani: "Oh man, imagine being stuck in one of those pods for an entire year. I'd reek of sweat after a good night's sleep!"
    • At the end of it:
  • Number 13 is Baby. Kaiser hates GT with a burning passion. Lani and Taka expect him to freak out. Aaaaand Kaiser actually finds Baby kinda cool.
    Lani: "...excuse you?"
    Lani: "Does Goku dye his body hair? Like, where-where did his pants come from? Wasn't he a kid?"
    • At the end of the segment, they mention Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout.
  • Number 12 is the Pilaf Gang and it begins with Kaiser wondering what Pilaf himself is supposed to be.
    Kaiser: What even IS Pilaf? Is he a demon, a mutant?
    Lani: I think he's just Pilaf.
    • It took Lani long enough to realize that Shu and Mai's names are a pun on shumai.
  • Number 11 is Mercenary Tao.
    Taka: And now for the exact F**KING opposite!
    Lani: He's the man, the myth, the guy who wears his job description on his back, he's Tao Pai Pai! Also known as Mercenary Tao.
    • The end, where Kaiser and Taka discuss Tao's tongue.
    Taka: I mean, what's the point if it doesn't?
  • Shortly after the above, they mention the villains of Dragon Ball Super (before the next arc, of course) and talk about how well they stack up. For this video, Kirran (LordMoonstone) joins them in this discussion.
    Kirran: "I'm taking time away from my busy schedule of building Gundam models and violently whipping 1Kids to talk to you guys about the villains of Super!"
    Kaiser: "Okay, but...where's Taka?"
    • On Super's interpretation of the God of Destruction Beerus:
    Lani: "In Battle of Gods, we're not subject to the finer details of his craft. It's merely implied, though completely believable, that this cat man can cat man do the job of blowing the planet to smithereens before you can say Cat Loves--
    * BOOM*
    Kirran: "Woo boy, the Resurrection F arc! Way to waste an opportunity to expand on a film that desperately needed more time to explore its characters, then completely...well, we'd use the sound of a bowel movement here, but we're classier than that. But it's implied.
    Kaiser: "Also, we get to meet the Omni-King! Jury's still out on whether or not that's a good or bad thing, but personally, I love the little shit."
    Kirran: "Kaiser being wrong aside, he's right about the character moments!"
    • And then there's the Goku Black arc...
    Kaiser: "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, goodnight everybody!"
    Lani and Kirran: "Kaiser..."
    Kaiser: "What!?"
    • At the end, while capping off the video:
    Kirran: "Hey, did nobody bring up jelly Vegeta?"
    Lani: "Goodnight, everybody!"
  • Number 10 is the Red Ribbon Army.
    • When Taka mentions Staff Officer Black, he takes a moment to say this.
    Taka: Man, and I thought the Black Ranger from Power Rangers was a little on the nose.
  • Number 9 is the Ginyu Force.
    • Of course, Kaiser starts singing the Force's Kai theme.
    • Lani wonders if the punny names of the Ginyus are somewhat sexual.
  • Number 8 is Androids 16, 17, and 18.
    Kaiser: They [17 and 18] manhandle every fighter who steps up to them, leading to one of the most one-sided battles Vegeta has ever fought. And that's saying a lot for the guy who's major role in the series is making everything worse, then job as hard as possible.
    Lani: Jesus. Spoilers, Kaiser.
    • At the end of the entry...
    Taka: So are we gonna talk about how [17 and 18] are not Androids? How they're actually modified humans, aka Cyborgs?
    Lani: Well, what about Jinzōningen, eh, Kaiser?
    Kaiser: Don't be a f*bleep*ing weeb, Lani.
  • Number 7 is Piccolo Jr.
    Lani: Let it be known, by the way, that I thought Piccolo Jr. and King Piccolo should've been one entry.
    Kaiser: I respect your input, I value it, and I disagree with it.
    Lani: I hear your disagreement, I acknowledge it, and you're wrong.
  • Number 6 is Majin Buu.
    • Taka isn't too happy about how the pink blob isn't in the top five.
  • Number 5 is Beerus.
    • Taka is none too impressed that a movie villain made it into number five.
    Kaiser: Uh, Taka, it's your line.
    Taka: You put a movie villain in the top 5.
    Lani: Well he's not just a movie villain.
    • Lani has this to say about Beerus:
    Lani: Beerus is f***ing amazing and if you disagree with that fact then you're wrong and probably hate Dragon Ball! Mic Drop! Well I'm not actually going to drop the mic it's really expensive so...
    • Kaiser summarizing Beerus's role as the God of Destruction as the equivalent of being the guy who "destroys the old gas station in uptown so they can put in that bitching Artisan's pizza shop".
  • Number 4 is Cell.
    • Taka making sure to continually add the words "perfection" and "perfect" throughout the entry, even slipping into his Perfect Cell voice at times to do so.
  • Number 3 is King Piccolo
  • Number 2 is Vegeta... but they claim that "Then number one spot might surprise you... as long as you've never heard the name 'Freeza' before."
  • Number 1 is...Monster Carrot!
    Lani: "HA! YOU FOOLS!"
    Taka: "Freeza? F*ck that, that's boring! What do we look like, sheep to you?"
    Kaiser: "No, it's Monster Carrot! Points in favor: 1) look at his design! Shades, baller! Suit: red, purple, and baby-poop green! Nobody's cooler! 2) He can turn people into carrots! That's terrifying! How can you beat him if you're a carrot? Overload him with vitamin A? Give him tooth decay with excess sugar? Unless yo name starts with a 'V' and ends with 'egito' get the f*ck outta here! 3) he's a mob boss! He'll put a hit on yo ass if he doesn't see to your demise himself! 4) he makes mochi on the moon. That's goddamn classy. Points against: nothing! Monster Carrot's the best! Now he's out to go make a million bunny babies and take over the world! DBCember, OUT!"
  • Okay, but in all seriousness, number 1 is Freeza.
    Taka: "Geez, I feel like you could write some pretty sick metal lyrics about this guy. Oh, wait..."
    (F plays as Freeza wrecks shit)
    Taka: "They did."
    • Also worth noting is that Freeza was so popular that they started making films about his brother (number 23).
    Taka: "Also, he had a dad too. Say hello to King Cold before he—oh, he's dead.
    • At the end:
    Lani: "All hail Lord Freeza! May his reign be long and--"
    Times Freeza has died:
    Against Goku on Namek.
    Against Trunks on Earth.
    Gohan in Movie 12.
    Goku in Resurrection 'F' and Super.
    Z-Warriors in Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans.
    Lani: "Welp, this has been DBCember!"
    • At the end, they plug the next DBCember being the top 24 reasons Monster Carrot is actually the best!
    Kaiser: "Number 24: bunny car! A.k.a. Bunny honey fur magnet!"

DBCember 2017 is the Top 24 Video Games. But this year, it’s Kirran who does the list with Lani and Kaiser instead of Taka, due to him being TeamFourStar’s “resident gaming guru”. And to further shake things up, this was the first “12 Days of DBCember”, with 24 through 13 being more the “runners-up”.

  • Number 5 is Dragon Ball Fusions for the 3DS. Kirran explains that he bought the Japanese version, because there was no way he was going to wait for months for the English version to be released, which only leads to him ranting over the ridiculous censoring in the English version.
    Kirran: Luckily, we did get a localization, that replaced the swords with… STICKS?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, BANDAI NAMCO?! PLAY SMASH BROS., YOU NAMBY-PAMBY MOTHERF—!

December 2018 marked the second year in a row of the “12 Days of DBCember”, but unlike all the previous years, it is a Top 12 list instead of a Top 24. And this year, it’s the Top 12 Dragon Ball Fights.

  • In the intro video, Kirran is all ready to do another list with Lani and Kaiser… that is, until he hears what the list is.
    Kirran: (laughs) Okay. Okay, yeah… yeah, fuck that.
    Lani: What?
    Kaiser: Guy got us to put Battle of Z in the Top 10, and THIS scares him?
    Lani: (whispers) He’s probably just bitter that we’re not putting a single GT fight on the list.
    • So this year, the third member of the countdown trio winds up being Grant, and upon hearing what the list is, he only has this to say:
    Grant: …My Twitter mentions are gonna be filled with “FUCK YOU GRANT” again, aren’t they?
    Lani: It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
  • Number 4 is a controversial fight choice: Goku vs Perfect Cell
    • The way the video ends too, with Lani acting chummy towards Kaiser only to get rebuffed, even using his real name to deepen the blow.
    Lani: Aww, you see Kaiser? Isn't it nice to get along?
    Kaiser: Nice try Nick, but Gokū vs. Hit Round 2 ain't makin' the list.
    Lani: Awww! C'mooooon!
  • Number 3 is Goku, Freeza, and Android 17 vs. Jiren.
    Grant: Ha ha, here we are! Dragon Ball Super’s glorious final bout!
    Kaiser: God damn it, you know that joke would’ve worked if this were a GT fight!
    Grant: (giggles)
    • Special mention goes to Goku and Freeza’s Fastball Special, as Lani describes it best.
      Lani: What do you do if we can’t fly over there or run fast enough to catch up? THROW ME, DAMMIT!!!
    • Grant’s cringeworthy way of ending the segment.
      Grant: Hot damn, this entry’s so good, and we still have two more?! Christmas came early, my friends. And so did I when I was watching this fight!
      Kaiser: Aw, dude!
      Kaiser: Gross, even for me!
      Lani: YOU SUCK!
      Grant: (snickers)

     TFS plays: Fallout 4 
  • The intro, where everyone is discussing character creations:
    Lani: My wife and I are making a baby and you two are here.
    Erika: Good!
    Grant: We get to contribute!
    Erika: This is how I always imagined it...
    Grant: How did Grant's DNA get in there?
    Erika: You and me in a very special, intimate relationship...
    Kirran: It's gonna be born, and it's gonna be like "Grant, it has your nose!"
    Grant: Oh, that poor kid...
  • The character they create in Fallout 4: Captain Richard "Dick" Ravagernote . Then they give Nora horrible facial scars.
  • In Episode 7, they find welding goggles and decide to put them on Dogmeat. After Kirran mispronounces them as "wedding goggles", Lani jokingly asks if they can marry the dog. Grant notes that "In the Wasteland, there is no law".
  • In Episode 17, TFS finally get their hands on a mininuke while fighting a band of Super Mutants, only to realize that Dogmeat is carrying their Fatman launcher. Cue Lani, Grant, and Kirran joking about that it's the "Two Key" scenario, and that either Dogmeat is a pacifist or just plain realized that Lani is too bloodthirsty to be trusted with a Fatman.
    Grant: (as Dogmeat) Father, I have enjoyed our time together, but now I know that you are a threat to everyone around you.
    Lani: Thank you for walkies.
    • It later turns out that they had told Dogmeat to stay where he was during the fight.
  • TFS insist on keeping Piper Wright as their companion, intending to romance her, despite the fact that playing with her requires one to "go full Paragon", which conflicts with their...preferred gaming style. They even believe she is more or less their Morality Pet and send her away when they commit more ruthless acts.
  • In Episode 24, they rescue Rex Goodman and unlock Strong as a companion by fighting Fist. Having anticipated a glorious melee duel, they are instead disappointed to find that Fist uses a minigun, so they decide throw Fist off the top of Trinity Tower.
    Kirran: Throw him over. Make a display out him.
    Kirran: (Breaks out laughing)
    Lani: BRING ME MORE!
    Kirran: As it rains and thunders claps.
    (Throws Fist over the railing, Kirran breaks out laughing again)
  • In Episode 32-34, they decide to side with the Robots during the "Last Voyage of the USS Constitution", and send Piper away so they can get the Navigational chip without her seeing them kill the Scavengers who have it. Once they get it back, they decide to retrieve Piper, only for her to not appear at the truck stop they sent her to. They spend several minutes looking for her, even calling her name out like she was a lost pet.note . Deciding to find her after they finish the quest, they proceed to help the Constitution lift off, where they see Captain Ironsides fall off mid-flight. After the Constitution crashes into another building, Lani sends the Survivor to find where Captain Ironsides landed, also desperately shouting his name while they look.
    Grant: Why does everyone we love die?!
    Lani: Why does everyone we love leave us?!
    Lani: Damn you, Wasteland, you've stolen another!
    • After they're assured that the crew of the Constitution are alright, they decide to go find Piper and enlist Nick Valentine's help. After selling some excess loot, they briefly fear that Nick has also left, when they discover that he isn't behind them. He was just lagging. Needless to say, by that point, TFS is a little paranoid about where they leave their companions.
    • After they locate Piper, they're attacked by a band of Super Mutants:
    Grant: Man, it's like our whole family's here. Everyone we like.
    Lani: And we're all murdering Super Giants. Super Mutants.
    Grant: They might be Super Mutant Giants.
  • In Episode 37, their questioning of the "hive mentality" the Gunners have toward running at the Captain wielding his Sinister Mister Fister (Furious Power Fist). Particular note goes to the "come at me" baton guy.
  • Episode 46. The Institute. It starts with them murdering Father before he can say a word only to then realize Father is Shaun. But then they get themselves killed, so they reload their game and try again. They listen to Father's exposition of how things happen in a very calm manner, THEN decide to murder him.
  • Episode 49. To make a long story short, after playing the whole game trying to do right by Piper, they throw it all away by butchering every inhabitant of Vault 81. The reason? Little Erin wouldn't give them her kickball for returning her cat. No joke.
  • Episode 55. After their attempted genocide on Diamond City, they return to the Red Rocket. After they cook some food and make some drugs, which earned them a level, they quickly turn around to leave, and have found that Piper had followed them to their location which was pretty much a Jump Scare to them. It should be mentioned that their reaction was not scripted at all either.
  • Episode 64. After talking to Cait about helping her rid herself of her psycho addiction, they immediately follow it up by going into the menu and taking a hit. This is followed by the captain doing a ridiculous hulk roar they weren't expecting, sending them all into hysterics.
  • Episode 70. After executing Paladin Danse, the Captain has decided if there is no difference between man and synth, then there is no difference between him and beast. Cue gleefully devouring the bodies of friend and foe alike in front of Cait, and disemboweling one of his Brotherhood allies unprovoked. The team concedes he has "embraced his feral side".
    • Even better was Kirran trying to rationalize the act afterwards only for Grant to call him out on it.
    Grant: —OK, really quick. Fan of the series, like anyone out there: I want you to take that audio clip...and list all the unwarranted killing through the series.
  • Episode 73, the entirety of "escorting" Liberty Prime to the Institute. Highlights include:
    • Liberty Prime's primary method of attack: chucking nuclear bombs at targets like they're footballs.
    Lani: This thing is so American!
    • Liberty Prime saluting a prewar memorial site:
    Liberty Prime: Honoring the fallen is the duty of every red-blooded American.
    Lani: (laughing) This thing is amazing!
    Kirran: Best character.
    Lani: Liberty Prime is our new wife!
    • Finally, the highlight of the march: Liberty Prime vs a Super Mutant Behemoth: Liberty Prime grabs it by the head, and throws it off the bridge they're on, breaking it's neck on the railing.
    Kirran: Liberty Prime, my baby!
    Grant: I have such a boner right now.
  • In Episode 14 of the Nuka World LP, the guys decide to talk to Oswald the Outrageous instead of fight him. Because they'd previously suffered heavy radiation damage from Kiddy Kingdom, and Oswald is a glowing ghoul, the captain eventually dies from taking rad damage just for standing next to him.
    Lani: We died of radiation poisoning just standing there.
    Kirran: Did we?
    Lani: Yes.
    Kirran: Are you sure?
    * In Episode 18 of Nuka World they wake up in the gorilla habitat to discover the game's glitched and the gorillas have formed a gorilla centipede. The back one is REALLY into it and Chris just keeps eye contact, asking the Captain if he wants to get in on this.
  • In Episode 22 they finally make it to the arcade and, because the prize terminal glitch that makes it slow to respond to you wanting to use it, they click the computer about 20 times... thus, whenever they try to leave, the Captain is dragged back even as Grant and Lani plead with him to stop.
  • In the finale, the guys finally activate the power for the park, letting them do the one thing they wanted to do since the DLC started: ride the rides. They even change the Captain out of his Grognak costume and put him in casual clothes, saying that he's retiring and it's the end of his adventures. After riding the Nuka Galaxy coaster, they struggle to find another ride, but a quick Google search reveals that it's literally the only working ride in the entire park. Cue Lani screaming with rage and deleting Fallout 4 off his PS4's hard drive.

    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 
  • Kiran attempts to be the "Lore Master" of the playthrough. It doesn't take long for him to be having trouble explaining things, and ends up getting much of it wrong. The group basically point out that they kinda have to take what he says as fact for now since nobody else has a clue whats going on.
  • After suffering through part 1 with the English dub, and fooling around with Japanese in part 2, they finally decide on Neutral Spanish, completely falling in love with Spanish!Guy's voice. "SI!!!"
  • During the meeting between Sasuke and the revived Hokage, Lanipator brings up the Fridge Logic of how laws exist in the Ninja world by pointing out that the Chunin Exams are how young ninjas become stronger, before Kiran and Grant argue that, if the kids are so powerful, why wouldn't they make Child Soldiers? They end up taking away that the laws are flexible so they can arm children.
  • Portraying the first four Hokages as a boys' club that hangs a "NO GIRLS ALLOWED" sign over Tsunade's sculpture on Hokage Rock and coining the phrase "Bro-kages before Hokages".
  • While fighting Kaguya, Lani is having trouble performing a combo because Kaguya keeps interrupting it, at one point screaming "FUCKING MOTHER OF GOD! I mean mother of chakra." in frustration. Finally he manages to perform the combo: the Reverse Harem Jutsu. Lani, Grant, and Kirran left as surprised as Kaguya, and break out laughing when Naruto punches through it. Lani ultimately declares that he has no regrets on that fight.
    Lani: (struggling through laughter) Okay, that was good!
  • During the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke, the group admits to being overjoyed at how good the boss fight is, but collectively lose their shit when the final flashback has them playing as kid Naruto fighting kid Sasuke, and discover Naruto's Jutsu attack is his horrible attempt at a clone.

    TFS Plays - One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 
  • Kirran claiming to be the "lore-master" of One Piece, despite clearly knowing nothing about the series, because Oda is totally his uncle.
    • His complete apathy towards the more emotional moments of the series. Especially in episode 12 when Lani mentioned how The Going Merry's Big Damn Hero moment at Enies Lobby made him cry.
    Kirran: That's dumb.
    Lani: You have no heart! You have no soul!
  • ASS!
  • Literally any time they make fun of the infamous 4Kids dub
  • How they keep talking about how Luffy is jerking off on peoples' faces to assert dominance.
  • Declaring Usopp to be the titular "Pirate Warrior".
  • Having way too much fun finding cartoon running noises to add over Brook's running animation.
  • General complaining about not knowing what's going on...while they keep skipping through all the dialouge and cutscenes that would actually explain some of it.
  • The entirety of episode 17. It kicks off when Lani decides to play as Marco, and Kirran decides to play as Buggy, Lani spends all their in-game money to level up Marco to the appropriate level, 37, which leaves Kirran stuck with a level 13 Buggy. With not even enough coins to boost his stats. In a mission that expects both players to be at a high level. Kirran's reaction is appropriate.
    Lani: To be fair, This is how Buggy would actually be in this fight.
  • When Taka says that Kirran seems a little salty while competing for the higher score with Lani, Kirran says that's impossible; he drinks low sodium sodas.
    Taka: By the way, it's called pop, thank you very much.
    Kirran: GO BACK TO CANADA!
    Taka: No! I will! And I'll go to my free health care!

    TFS Plays - STAR WARS: Episode I The Phantom Menace 
  • As soon as Lani takes control of Obi-wan, his first action is to MURDER protocol droid TC-14 before Qui-gon even SENSES the deadly gas.
  • Qui-gon's catchphrase throughout the first level/episode, "The door's open, LET'S GO," quickly leads to hilarity as the guys reason that being so impatient is one of the reasons why Qui-gon is such a bad Jedi. As another result, "The door's open, LET'S GO" becomes a Running Gag.
    • It also leads to them claiming this to be a speedrun of the game, complete with them using a variety of pro-speedrunning terminology.
  • Episode 1 also has a moment where a Trade Federation worker begs to have their life spared, only for Lani to immediately force push him into a wall. The timing is what really sells it.
  • In episode 2 they run into "everyone's favorite character," Jar Jar Binks. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Episode 3 starts with Lani killing a Gungan just to see if he can. He ends up inciting a riot and both Jar Jar and Qui-gon are killed when a guard throws a grenade at them. The icing on the cake is when the words "Jar Jar has been killed" appear on screen Lani just explodes in laughter of sheer delight, while Kirran and Grant proudly proclaim they've won.
    • The guys approve of a level whose sole appeal is killing Gungans. Whoever designed the game knew their audience. They're bemused that, despite Qui Gon warning them, there is no repercussion for their rampage.
      Lani: [to Jar Jar] Do you know how much of your people's blood this lightsaber has tasted today? More than I'm willing to admit.
    • Johnny Starwars was the only developer behind the game, cranking it out in 20 hours. The poor level design and frustrating puzzles were all artistic choices.
    • Turns out the old Star Wars Lucasarts help hotline is still active, despite Lucasarts itself having been disbanded when EA bought up the whole Star Wars brand. Johnny and his brother Jimmy Starwars answer calls personally.
  • Episode 4 sees them so annoyed by the overly-long and complicated levels that Lani decides just to jump-dodge past all the droids rather than fight them.
    • While low on health they spot a health pack next to a crashed fighter. Walking up, the fighter explodes killing them. Grant claps and cheers "Dark Souls!" as Lani seethes. On returning and seeing the soldier by the fighter ask for help before it explodes on approaching, Lani declares if the game had achievements it would be "It's a trap!"
    • While trying to get a gate open with a lightsaber, they accidentally hit and kill a soldier on the backswing. It's promptly blamed on the droids.
  • Episode 5 has Lani praising the effectiveness of the jump-dodge strategy only to instantly backtrack as he's sniped mid-air by a tank's cannon.
    • As the episode drags on Lani becomes increasingly frustrated, especially as much of it is an escort mission for the Queen's decoy who dies if he gets too far away. He is literally screaming the outro due to his frustration of yet another pointless death.
  • After a trading sequence fails to load in episode 6, Lani decides "screw it" and goes on a killing spree across Mos Espa, culminating in them killing Anakin to save the galaxy from Darth Vader.
    • The episode starts with Lani speaking in a perfectly level voice until Sabé's whining triggers him shrieking at her to shut up. Thanks to her idiot AI running ahead of him into fire while insulting him he remains in a screechy mood for quite a while.
  • Episode 7 has Lani wander into a blue-lit room filled with seven Jawas, all staring at him. They feel very awkward and leave, deciding it was probably a secret society planning to retake Tatooine for the Jawa.
    • After screwing up two secret weapon grabs and missing a mission critical sidepath, Lani starts slaughtering everyone while yelling "Qui Gon Jin, Best Jedi!"
    • The episode ends with Lani deciding to free Tatooine from the Hutts by killing Jabba and his entourage. After doing so, their cheers are interrupted by Padme's death; they conclude somebody made the link between the insane Jedi murdering their boss and the random chick he was talking with.
  • Episode 8 seems to go fairly well for them on their first run, only for Padme to somehow die yet again when at the end of the level. Making it even stranger, she wasn't anywhere near them for the entire level. To add insult to injury, her death occurs in the end mission cinematic.
  • Episode 9 ends just as poorly with the Queen somehow dead and yet still nagging them to hurry up.
    • During the second attempt to get through the trading sequence, Lani murders everyone after getting what he needs from them.
    • While fighting off goons Lani is worrying about the Queen's health. As he says this he spins around while firing from the hip and knocks the Queen down with a stray shot.
  • With the final episode, the humor starts before you watch a single second: the thumbnail for the episode just shows the game CD on a table while three hands flip the bird at it.
    • They look up a guide to help with Obi-wan's section and it says "prepare for a jumping game made from hell."
    • They're not happy when the game doesn't play "Duel of the Fates" during the final fight with Maul.
    • "Alright, the koras can finally ratamas."
    • The ending. After putting up with the constant deaths from poor jumps they finally arrive to face off against Darth Maul and the game apparently breaks when they beat him up on a bridge, resulting in Maul lying there and making pained groans when they try to finish him. Ultimately Lani decides to just to jump off the bridge himself. explanation 

     TFS Plays- One Piece Burning Blood 
  • During a fight where they're playing as Whitebeard against Buggy in Episode 6, Lani is explaining how Buggy is basically a Fake Ultimate Villain, only for Buggy to wipe the floor with them. Twice.
    Lani: No, never mind, I change my mind. Captain Buggy all the way.

    TFS Plays - DOOM 
  • The members of TFS decide to play on Ultra Violent mode, which is the hardest difficulty accessible upon starting the game for the first time. After several episodes of dying repeatedly, they are forced to dial it back to normal.
    • The name of the game? PWAIPS: Punishing Weakness And Ignorance; Promoting Skill. Yelled most every time they get demolished.
  • Lani, despite claiming to be a veteran of the DOOM franchise, frequently gives exactly the wrong advice to Kirran and Grant on how to handle particular situations, such as:
    • Wanting to ignore the lift platform that leads to the yellow key card in Know Your Enemy, thinking it's a deathtrap.
    • Instructing the others to go for Gore Nests without clearing the room first.
    • Arguing that a power-up is actually a Hell mine that will kill them if they touch it.
  • Having refused to read any of the codex entries, the guys have no idea about any of the backstory. As such they think Samuel Hayden, aka Optimus Prime, is a robot for some time. Lani casually mentions the idea of weaponizing demons but never realizes the obvious military tech on some of them was actually from human research.
  • After collecting the blue key card in the Foundry the team gets ambushed and cornered by a Hell Knight on their way to the main floor, screaming all the way.
  • Grant decides to use the chainsaw on the first Baron of Hell they encounter. Due to a glitch, Grant instantly kills the Baron with no animation, and the Baron just flies apart.
    Lani: It's like he's allergic to chainsaws!
  • In later episodes they start to pretend that they are playing this and all games in space outside of time, since they record in a bubble and time is irrelevant when the videos are released. It escalates from there, involving several clones of them.
    • For an extra does of Mind Screw, Lani states he had all of the clones implanted with false memories for giggles. Including himself.
    • After finishing the game, Lani decides that there's no point in living anymore, and proceeds to turn off the oxygen in said bubble before opening the airlock, sending himself, Kirran, and Grant into the depths of space.
  • TFS Plays DOOM Abridged

    TFS Plays - Contradiction 
  • In general, Grant and Kirran's reactions towards Jenks' and the Rands' Large Ham tendencies. Special mention to Paul Rand, who manages to be a very menacing Cold Ham.
    • They notice that Ryan Rand seems more intoxicated as the night goes on, to the point where they think he's going to crush the glass in his hand. He doesn't do that but instead sloshes some of his alcoholic beverage onto the floor.
    • Eventually, they stop commenting on Paul Rand's Cold Ham acting to better enjoy it:
    Kirran: I'm enthralled.
    Grant: No, I have nothing to add. I just want to swim in this mans voice. (Beat) And promptly drown in it, because he wants to kill me.
  • During the finale, the zoom in on the Atlas course chart earns cheers, claps, and laughter as a Satanic pentagram is revealed superimposed on the drawing.

    TFS Plays - Batman: The Telltale Series 
  • Kirran and Grant, co-holders of the title "World's Greatest Detective", decide to take their new apprentice Batman on the case.
  • Early on in the game, they get a Game Over when Batman fails to catch Catwoman before she falls to her death. In conversations later on in the game, Selina confidently asserts more than once that Batman wouldn't just let her die, a notion that Kirran and Grant have proven would not be true in a different set of circumstances.
  • The pair mention that they aren't aware of the deeper parts of the Batman mythos, resulting in them claiming things like Vicki Vale actually becomes a villain named "Extra Extra, Read-All-About-Tits". This particular example makes The Reveal that she's the Big Bad in this game utterly Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • They decided to dick around with Harvey Dent for no real reason.
  • This, being a Telltale Games game, allows the players to choose how a character reacts. They abuse the hell out of it, choosing silence almost every time, making Bruce Wayne as antisocial as the fandom claims he is.
    • They mainly decide on being silent with Harvey Dent, insisting on being quiet and unresponsive nearly every time they talk to him, just to annoy him. They even sell out Harvey to his competition for the mayoral election.
  • During Part 5, Batman plans how he will attack the guards, prompting Kirran and Grant to laugh at how absurd the simulation is, along with Batman's default emotion in said simulation, which is anger.
    • Afterwards, when they execute the attack, the sound effects... promptly do not play at all, making the beginning of the scene mostly silent. Grant declares that the lack of sound effects was an artistic choice. When the sound effects do return, they declare that it's no longer art and now Ruined Forever.
  • When Jim Gordon joins in on a "conversation" between Bruce (who Kirran and Grant have decided will refrain from speaking to Harvey Dent in general) and Harvey, he brings up a massive leak of evidence that Bruce gave him, which Harvey inquires about. They decide to make Bruce speak with Harvey for the first time, and what he tells Harvey is, "I was going to tell you."
  • After The Reveal at the end of Episode One of Batman: The Telltale Series, namely, the Adaptational Villainy of Bruce Wayne's parents and Alfred's complicity in their crimes, they become extremely distrustful of Alfred and joke about how this is the story setting up for the twist that Alfred becomes the main villain.
  • At the start of Part 7, Grant introduces himself as "Polka Dot Man", but partway through his description, Kirran realizes that he was just looking up stupid Batman villains on the Internet shortly before they started recording.
  • During the mayoral election debate, they finally change their minds about being a dick to Harvey Dent and start talking to him, being impressed by the honest virtue he displayed when drugged with inhibition-nullifying chemicals. At the hospital, Harvey remorsefully apologizes for being a bad friend to Bruce; Kirran and Grant laugh at the notion that Harvey was the one being the shitty friend. It also reminds them to follow the usual rule of being silent to Harvey.
  • In Part 11, they make Bruce play the role of a Poisonous Friend to Harvey Dent, encouraging his Sanity Slippage and egging him on into a totalitarian agenda revolving around forming an army of vigilantes inspired and led by Batman.
  • The fact that they choose to make Bruce be very friendly and open with John Doe, basically the opposite of how they've been treating Harvey Dent.
  • The inane Techno Babble that Kirran and Grant indulge in while Bruce is analyzing the drug used by the Children of Arkham. The terms "gooey interface" and "midi-chlorians" are used.
    • What really makes it stand out is the fact that there is little to no laughter from either of them throughout the whole spiel, which is in stark contrast to how they usually laugh at each others' jokes openly.
  • Part 15 has this during Harvey's Moral Event Horizon.
    Ben: Great things always begin like this, don't worry. This is how the best political moves always start, is necessary evil.
    Dent: Do it.
    Grant: (Makes an explosion sound; a major explosion goes off in the distance behind Batman) Wow I was kidding.
  • The group’s fondness for John Doe continues as they play through the second season. Grant, Kirran and Ben suggest that Bruce holds a bros’ night in the Batcave with his besties John and Gordon.
    Ben-as-Batman to Gordon: I’ve got this cool ass guy I need to introduce you to, later tho. You’re going to love him. He might refer to me as Bruce, don’t think anything of it.
  • Also on John Doe: “Gentlemen, I think we’ve found our real Batgirl.”
  • Learning that Riddler’s hiding out in a water tower leads to a lot of Animaniacs references.
  • By Season 2, they've basically been taking to playing the game as a Dating Sim and are attempting to romance John Doe and Gordon.
    • Such is their dedication to the John Doe "route" that they react negatively anytime the story railroads Bruce into being remotely confrontational with John. The also shamelessly turn down any option to romance Selina, even shunning and coldly betraying her without a second thought.
  • When John Doe expresses an admiration for Batman, the guys want the option to offer him to make up for Bruce not showing up at John's birthday party by pulling strings for Batman to show up instead like a special party clown.
  • When Bruce and Avesta go to the Pact's hideout and investigate Riddler's corpse, the guys immediately accept the prompt to poke it, much to Avesta's disgust.

     The Overwatchmen 
  • In the first episode, Zito makes a pact to chug a can of beer every time a Bastion player gets the Play of the Game. Taka does it twice.
  • In the fourth episode, Lani gives us a brief look inside Vegeta's head… as he activates Reaper's Ultimate.
  • Pretty much the first few minutes of the fifth episode, where hbi2k fawns over Mercy.
    hbi: This game is adorable because it keeps on saying, "Hey! Why don't you try this other—" NO! Healy lady only! Forever!
    MasakoX: And honestly, people don't give support enough credit. People aren't going to be okay with that.
    hbi: I don't care who else is okay with this, I'm okay with this! She's got shiny wings, and a halo, and she's my favorite.
    Kirran: She's perfect in every way.
    Masako: And she's got a German accent. That's hot.
    Kirran: That's hot!
    hbi: Mmm, seductively oppressive...
  • In episode 9, AinTunez dismissively says he never watched Sailor Moon because he wasn't a horny 25-year-old; hbi instantly replies "Aw, did you turn 26 already?" The rest of the group cracks up and tells Ain that he walked right into that one.
    • In the same episode, while waiting in the restaurant on the Route 66 map, hbi sees the signs on the wall: "You mean I can get a side of bacon WITH my bacon? I'll be right back, guys."

     TFS Plays - Persona 4 Golden 
  • Ever wonder why Yes! Yes! Love Adventure GO! hasn't been updating? It's because Taka and Zito got saddled with this LP and they come out the gate fists swinging at Marie.
    Taka: This game incorporates some fun things, and also unfortunately Marie.
  • When it comes to naming their MC what name to they choose? Memeboi Daddi. Yes, it's actually spelled like that.
  • Zito reveals that in High School he scammed people with a deck of Tarot Cards. He goes into a bit of detail by explaining that he also purchased a book that explains the Arcana and gave fortunes based on that and what the person he was reading for was looking for. As for his price, when Taka asks him to read his fortune...
    Zito: That's a hundred bucks up front.
  • Given how old Persona 4 is and the fact that both Zito and Taka have played it to completion, they both end up sounding really unenthusiastic when trying to pretend they don't know what's going to happen.
  • The two are actually surprised by how quickly the game gives them control since this is the first time they've ever played Persona 4 Golden, both mentioning how wrong it feels due to how slow the game's start is in the default version. Sure enough, after their brief moment of free roaming it takes until Episode 6 for the gameplay to begin in earnest.
  • The running gag of Dojima being an awful dad who's never around, and Nanako's resulting abandonment issues.
    • This sprouts into a running joke about "momberries" after one of them suggests that the plot Memeboi and Nanako plant their garden in is her mother's grave
  • Zito's fever dream. It must be heard to be believed.
  • One episode has Taka and Zito arguing about what rank their social link with each other would be. Zito thinks they'd still be at rank 1, while Taka argues that they'd be around rank 6 or so because they've been through some dark stuff together. Zito tells Taka to prove that rank by killing himself for him. Taka obviously refuses, which Zito claims is proof their rank is indeed 1. When Taka asks if Zito will die for HIM, Zito just laughs his ass off.
  • Taka meant to ask if Zito wanted to romance Ayanenote ...but accidentally said ''Nanako'' instead.
    Takahata101: Rank up in the Freudian arcana!
  • Taka and Zito eventually theorize that Hans Moleman is actually the true protagonist of The Simpsons, and is secretly protecting Springfield from its own Persona-esque murder plot from behind the scenes.
  • Taka revels in his ability to stream HD Hentai from his computer onto his new 4K TV.
    Taka: Finally, I'm going to enjoy the porn I deserve.
  • In episode 35, Taka manages to get Zito to momentarily reprise his role as Meat from Super Freakin' Parody Rangers. The physical pain in Zito's voice when he realizes there's no way out is funny in a sadistic kind of way.
  • In episode 40, the pair excitedly discover Zito's True Self. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Zito is pleasantly surprised to find out he can fuse Kaiser.
  • Episode 41 entails Taka telling stories of his antics at Kaiser's gay-ass wedding. He tricked Kaiser into believing that he was harassing his Childhood Friend with racial slurs. note 
  • It should surprise no one, but Lani's grandmother is apparently fucking awesome. Taka's been petitioning for her to join TFS for a few years.
    Grandma Lani: "Who wants to see my vampire hunting kit?"
    Taka: "I DO, GRANDMA LANI!!1!"
  • The episodes eventually got so long they decided to stream them on Twitch. Instead of the traditional facecam, we get a picture of Bert and Ernie.
  • In part 49 (after the streams started), someone in the chat suggested Cell versus Nanako. Taka and Zito began acting a scene where Nanako and Cell bond over their lack of father figures before going to Junes.
  • Episode 51, Taka gives us this gem in response to Rise's dissatisfaction over Teddie ruining her summer festival date plan.
    Rise: We let them decide and this is what we get? Awww, what a letdown....
  • In their final adventure with Memeboi, after getting tired with playing the game, they decide to end the Let's Play in what can really only be described as "Torch the stream and run."

     TFS Plays - Jump Ultimate Stars 
  • Mere seconds into beginning their first Deathmatch fight, Gotenks instantly KOs himself by walking off the stage, much to Lani and Kirran's amusement.
  • While fighting Franky as Goku, Lani jokes that he's got this on lock since Goku has experience fighting androids, only for him and Kirran to realize that Goku never actually outright defeats an android throughout all of Dragon Ball.
  • The guys have a ball while playing as Yugi, overdramatically quoting lines from the dub and lampshading his ridiculous attacks and the fact that he's beating up characters that are a lot physically stronger than him.

     TFS Plays - Shadow the Hedgehog 
  • Grant's Nostalgia Filter for the game slowly crumbles over the course of the playthrough as he begrudgingly admits it's not as good as he remembered.

    TFS Plays - Hitman 

  • The group seems to have adopted a collective Signature Style of assassinating people by throwing random objects (knives, wrenches, and especially screwdrivers).
  • When Grant suggests the stealthier ways Lani could assassinate one of the targets, Lani says that he was just going to leap out and shoot the guy in the face, while wearing his stage crew disguise. Grant responds with the legendary Battlecry: "Ja-KAW! STAGE CREW!"
  • When Lani takes his turn at the first level, and does pretty well... until he gets caught, and ultimately ends up trying desperately trying to switch into a bodyguard outfit as people KEEP rushing in and he has to keep killing them until he finally switches... right as more guards come in, and he's ultimately shot through the bathroom window.
    • A bit earlier, Lani tries to sneak into a high security area downstairs, doing his best to remain as covert as possible. It all ends hilariously when his attempt to discreetly knock out a security guard ends with him lobbing a wrench right at the guy's face. Lani urgently leaves with the room with Grant and hbi2k laughing their sides off.
  • As Grant takes his turn at that same level, he has to show an invitation and get frisked to enter a high-security area. They can't help but notice a woman who walks by those security checkpoints repeatedly without any issue. The team promptly assumes that she is another assassin.
  • The group tries another level and things go well, with Lani finding the target and trying to kill him with an exploding phone. It works well enough, getting the target to pick it up... at which point it doesn't seem to be triggering, with Lani hitting the trigger repeatedly, not realizing that the phone blows up when it's answered.
    Grant: Are you too far away?
    Ben: I don't know, cause it was showing— *Phone explodes without warning, killing the target instantly*.
    Grant: There we go!
  • During the briefing for the World of Tomorrow mission in Sapienza, Diana Burnwood uses a bullet as a metaphor to describe the lethality of the deadly DNA-specific virus that 47 has to destroy. The guys mock Diana's bullet metaphor as Metaphorgotten and occasionally refer to the virus as "like a bullet that doesn't do anything a bullet does."
    • The first target for the mission, Silvio Caruso, is described by hbi2k as "a Robert Downey Jr.-looking motherfucker with a pink sweater," during the briefing.
  • Upon getting into the secret virus lab, their first response is to note it looks blatantly like a Supervillain Lair.
    • They act like all the guards and scientists down there are Affably Evil Card Carrying Villains who cheerfully go about their day plotting the end of humanity for their Omnicidal Maniac bosses, and pretend that 47 puts up a similar attitude while in disguise there.
  • Lani goes after the third target of the mission, going all the way up to her room... only to realize she left and is now in the virus lab he just left. Lani's reaction is what you'd expect. Even more so when they get down there and he realizes she just walked in to check on the virus, providing a perfect opportunity to kill her... but he needs a different suit and has to go back and get it so he can do so. Surprisingly it goes perfectly. The group points out that she was kind of asking for to be killed given she went into an area she could very easily die in without a hazmat suit completely unprotected.
  • Ben then does a Christmas mission. Predictably, he does so dressed in the Santa Suit. It goes horribly wrong and he ends up dying without even getting close to killing the targets.
    • Santa 47 trying to get into the secret IAGO auction. "What does Santa want with international secrets."
    • Grant then tries the same mission and pretty easily kills the targets... then decides to go on a rampage because he's dressed as Santa and just came across a battle axe. This goes well... until he runs through a door and is gunned down by an entire room full of guards.
      • During the post-mission rampage, the guys start singing a parody of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" which basically consists of "You better watch out," over and over again until "Santa Claus is hunting you down."
      • The jolly talk they engage in as Santa about "dispensing gifts and justice" is reminiscent of the Great Saiyaman.
      • When Grant starts the mission, he starts dicking around with some news reporters outside.
  • In Part 7, Ben hears of an opportunity which requires him to visit a shoe store called Strong's Shoes. When they get there, they discover that it's under heavy guard for no apparent-to-the-public reason, which is of course mocked.
    Kirran: Aw man, Strong's Shoes, got a VIP list out the door.
    Ben: They're too strong for the general public!
  • In Part 8, they lure Zaydan into position where they can dispose of him however they please. Instead of anything remotely subtle, they throw a battle axe into his neck. He then falls down a hole in the floor right in front of two soldiers who he caught badmouthing him.
    • Their sheer dedication to carrying the battle axe after finding where it is. When Grant starts the mission, he takes the battle axe with him despite planning on dropping a toilet on Zaydan's head to kill him, which doesn't require the battle axe at all.
    • Grant's run ends with him just going on a rampage in the consulate with the battle axe, killing several guards one by one in something reminiscent of a slasher movie, except Ben and Kirran are laughing their asses off and egging him on.
  • When they start the Bangkok mission, Kirran sums up their entire Hitman run:
    Kirran: I don't think Agent 47 will ever turn down an opportunity to put on a crazy outfit and go to town on someone.
  • When they begin the Colorado mission, Grant notes that he considers it That One Level and a more serious mission with fewer opportunities for silly antics like the previous missions. He talks about wanting the level to make up for it by having the Santa Claus disguise be a Game-Breaker Lethal Joke Item that lets the player wander around the whole level freely, under the pretense that every guard is excited to see Santa Claus.
  • In Part 14, hbi2k's attempt at the Hokkaido map involves multiple instances of failing to recognize how suspicious his actions would be.
  • The Finale involves Kirran successfully managing to destroy Soders' heart, with all three of them cracking up as Kirran yells out, "YEAH! FATALITY, BITCH!"
    • Kirran, being Kirran, decides to exit the mission with the motorcyclist outfit while proclaiming himself to be the "Spirit of Vengeance", without any regard for the fact that doing so immediately puts him under suspicion. Panic sets in as Kirran is almost about to be killed, but he successfully manages to get to exit lift despite the odds. It's both admirable and hilarious.

    TFS Plays - Yakuza 0 
  • The first playable fight of the game has them beating up some street hooligans who were mugging a student for money. The fact that said student is labelled in-game as "Meek Student" and hbi2k's observation that this was a Pet the Dog Establishing Character Moment leads to them latching on to the idea that Kiryu specifically protected that kid because he was meek and pretending that Kiryu was giving the meek student some good role model advice like "stay in school, kid" while beating up the thugs.
  • The next fight has Kiryu "beating sobriety" into two drunkards getting into an argument. Shortly before the fight, Grant makes an offhand joke about them being a couple of otaku who were arguing about whose waifu is better.
    • After the drunkards come to their senses (which hbi2k and Grant point out is less sobriety and more likely a concussion), their recounting of the previous events reveal that they were in fact talking about idols, making Grant's waifu joke incredibly accurate in hindsight.
    • They continue to use "beating sobriety" as a euphemism for No-Holds-Barred Beatdown for the rest of the game.

    TFS Plays — NieR: Automata 

     Dream Daddy 

  • Ben and Kaiser play a dating sim themed around Dads. Hilarity naturally ensues
  • Kaiser calling out the background faces as Overwatch characters.
  • During Character Creation, they discover that not only can they make a Danny Sexbang character, there are numerous Dragonball characters in the gave. They compare the starting point of the character to a bald Vegeta, and find Goku's hair in Trunks' colors
  • The name of their character: Trunk Eighted

     No More Heroes 

  • Ben played this game more than a decade ago and blogged about it. He loads up his posts and, noting how incredibly pretentious they are, proceeds to read them in a snooty, pseudo-intellectual voice.
  • Kaiser adores Travis's cat and is sad that it'll be screwed when Travis inevitably gets himself killed through his own stupidity.
  • Ben's reaction to the plot twist regarding Jeanne's (the person) backstory.

     TFS Plays - Cuphead 
  • Once Zito reveals that one of the Third Super is basically just summoning a stand, Kirran is immediately on board.
    Kirran: Stando Powah.

     TFS Plays - Sonic Forces 
  • Creating their avatar: They make Midnight the Wolf, who has cyan fur and purple skin because he was experimented on by Eggman. He also has cybernetic eyes. At one point, they wonder if they're making Sly Cooper.
    Grant: This is what happens to the animals we test cosmetics on.
    • It's noted there's a cosmetic addition later that makes him like Dio Brando. As they get additional items, he gets rounded glasses, fingerless gloves, and a spider web unitard which they say makes him a symbiote.

     TFS Plays Warhammer: Vermintide 2 
  • With most of the original Classic TFS Plays Crew (Lanipator as The Dward, Takahata101=} as The Witch Hunter, and[= KaiserNeko as the Pyromancer) in the helm, you can already tell that this is going to be a good one.
    • Later on SenileSnake joins the fra in Part 2.
Part 1
  • Taka and Kaiser at the very beginning establish that pretty much nothing has changed between them.
  • Taka doing a cowboy impersonation almost every time he whips out his dual flintlock pistols.
    Taka: (While shooting at Kaiser's feet and in a Southern accent) Dance for me! Dance! Yeee-
  • Naturally, due to choosing the dwarf Lani complains about how he basically can't see while walking in the wheat fields.
  • The group's newfound nemesis: The Blight Troll.
  • Their last session has them doing surprisingly well. They were finally able to defeat a Blight Troll and they were getting farther but suddenly. Lani and Kaiser freeze (with Kaiser being able still see what is going on and Lani's entire screen being basically frozen) with Taka still being able to move and Lani being the host of the session they decide to migrate to Taka instead, but with a small problem.
    Lani: D-did it?
    Taka: YUP!
    (a few seconds later)
    Kaiser: (somewhat broken) Not from the beginning... It couldn't be, it is though... It's- It's from (begins to crouch) begi- (begins to breakdown).
    Taka: It's okay Scott, stays- stay crouching, stay crouching Scott. I'll kill you to put you out of your misery.
Part 2
  • Early on Lani admits he feels like a hobbit due to the fact that he isn't as good due to Kaiser being a Pyromancer and Taka currently being a Lv. 20 Inquisitor.
    Lani:(In a child-like tone) Hey look mom, I'm helping!
  • Lani begins to create made up holidays for the Dwarves like "Iron Month" and "Copper Moon" which confuses Kaiser, [SenileSnake, and Taka. Especially Taka considering he's a fan of Warhammer Lore. Despite everyone (especially Taka) disagreeing and not believing him, he still presses on that their real despite fumbling about on the made-up lore he's making.

     TFS Plays: Vampyr 
  • Lani and Grant completely losing their shit at the sheer hamminess of the intro.
Narrator: What is glass, but tortured sand?
Lani: I hope this guy talks like this for the entire game.
  • The opening scene, depicting Johnathan waking up in a pile of corpses and then drinking a woman's blood, is interpreted by Lani and Grant as being the aftermath of the worst drinking night ever.
  • While Johnathan is slaughtering Guards of Priwen and hunting down another vampire, all while wielding a machete and wearing a shirt completely covered in blood.
    Lani!Johnathan: Hello, have you seen a murderer around here?
  • Lani going "OM NOM NOM" every time he bites someone in combat.

     Spider-Man PS 4 
  • The frequent riffs on the Spider-Man theme.
  • After observing Kingpin's Foreign Culture Fetish for Japanese art, they start imagining him as a full-on Weaboo and Naruto fan.
  • How does Lani respond to The Stinger that shows that Harry is now bonded with a familiar-looking symbiote? He starts singing/mumbling the theme song of the Venom movie.
     The World Ends With You 
     TFS Plays Hitman 2 
  • The opening Mission in Miami. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome as hbi2k, not only manages to complete the level and successfully kill both targets, but the way he goes about it. He takes a run up to Sierra Knox and beats her down in full view of civilians with a gas bottle dressed as a mechanic. Then tops that by killing Robert Knox with a screwdriver whilst dressed as a flamingo mascot. And then he escapes!
  • In the first episode, turning on the console reveals...The Grinch
  • Episode 13
    • They come up to the "old warehouse" stealth section. And, once again, they are caught by one of the first guards they encounter.
    • Lani, wanting to bypass the shoddy stealth mechanics, asks if Kirran wants to see a speed run technique he learned.
    Kirran: (Overjoyed) YES!!!
     Red Dead Redemption 2 
  • The gang (aka Lani, Kirran, Grant and Tyler) have misadventures with carts in the online mode. First they commandeer a cart, ram another cart and somehow end up on fire, with one of the horses dead and they abandon ship. Then they find another cart and Tyler drives it off a small cliff, killing himself, but the others survive and are told to ignore the corpse. Lani proceeds to obliterate its head to stop anyone looking at it.
    Lani: Mr Borgin how'd you survive that?
    Tyler: It- it sure is crazy. You won't be able to find my corpse among the rubble.
    Lani: Probably not, that would be absurd. Oh wait, there's a- there's a mysterious doppelganger here!
    Tyler: Don't look at it!
    Lani: Alright don't worry I won't look *shoots it in the head with a shotgun*. It's gone.
    Grant: If only it still had a face, perhaps then we could've recognised it.
  • At a convention, a fan asked Taka what Nappa would do for a Klondike bar in Nappa's persona. Watch and enjoy.
  • At Sakura-Con 2012, Taka crashes Christopher Sabat’s panel, where they proceed to do not only the “Are we there yet?” exchange, but the classic “IT’S OVER 9000!!”. But before that, we get this:
    Taka: As someone who is part of TeamFourStar, the guys who do the abridged series, I have a question for you.
    Chris: Yes?
    Taka: Dragon Ball Kai is Dragon Ball Z essentially, right?
    Chris: Uh, you could say that.
    Taka: Uh, it’s shortened, correct?
    Chris: Right.
    Taka: Uh, it’s redubbed, right?
    Chris: In a way, yes.
    Taka: It is partially rewritten, correct?
    Chris: It is completely rewritten, yes.
    Taka: (in Nappa voice) WAY TO BE FOUR YEARS LATE TO THAT PARTY!
  • At ConnectiCon 2012, somehow Taka, Lani, Antfish and Doug Walker ended up on stage together, using various voices to read out paragraphs from Fifty Shades of Grey. Things got out of control quickly.
    • Even better than the voices were the reactions to the text and how boring it is. An attempt to poll the audience to find where the porn is gets the response "There isn't any!"
  • Their 18+ panel at that same show was equally out of control. Highlights include...
    Antfish: ...Thank you for acknowledging I'm delicious.
  • At the All Ages Panel at YoumaCon 2012, Lani explains how when he met Chris Cason (the voice of Mr. Popo in the English Dub of Dragon Ball Kai), he walked up behind him and said, “Hey, Maggot, how’s it goin’?”, and that’s when Chris turned around and said, “So you’re the reason…”
  • At the YoumaCon 2013 18+ panel, we got this:
    Con-goer: Have any of you found any dirty fetishes while working with one of your coworkers?
    Lani: (almost immediately) YES!!! OH MY GOD! (Beat) ...I think I answered too quickly.
    • This immediately leads into a conversation about what Taka describes as “Trainsonas”.
  • At another convention, Kaiser and Masako joined up with Benzaie in a special "Let's Fap" playing a hentai visual novel, complete with Kaiser narrating, Benzaie talking in his Kermit The Frog voice and Masako putting a VERY convincing teenage girl voice before switching to a also VERY convincing MS. PIGGY voice. It's as crazy and funny as it sounds.
  • Abridgimon, just... Abridgimon
    • The sequel actually an April Fools joke.
    • As of 2016, we have a third episode, this time masquerading as the first Broly movie. The episode covers the "Our War Game" OVA. The whole thing is a big Take That! to The Fine Brothers.
      • When it gets to the moment where Izzy forwards all the messages he's getting to Diaboromon:
      Izzy: Attention Internet! Diaboromon knows "wen Broly".
      • Not to mention the pent-up rage against their constant take downs, to the point where Faulerro (Matt) seems to have briefly forgotten who the "Take That!" was against:
      Matt: "TAKE THIS, TOEI! I mean, Fine Brothers, I mean, FUCKIN' FUCK!"
      Tai: "How's that for a counterclaim, bitch?!"
      • The bizarre out of nowhere scene of Lani and Kirran murdering Kaiser and Grant.
  • Lani's LP of Slender, especially when compared to Kaiser's. Just as with his Amnesia and Rise of Nightmares LPs, he spends this game mocking the protagonist (even going as far as to say Daniel was better, at least when it comes to walking speed) and snarking. The titular monster stalking him doesn't even faze him (his only reason for avoiding Slender Man is because the noise the game makes when you're near him is annoying). After a while he gets sick of the game and spends the rest of the time trying to find Slendy so he can die and finally stop playing (which took an unusually long time when you consider that Slendy's encounter rate goes up if you take a long time between finding pages). This compared to Kaiser spending the entire time freaking out over the monster and actually trying to find the pages (and lasting about half as long).
  • At their Sunday panel at Manifest 2012, Lani wears a pair of electronic cat ears. About half way through the panel, an audience member gives him a bell to go with the cat ears. The guys, who had been quoting Bane about a minute before, apply it to Lani.
    Lani: (deadpan) Meow neko neko desune.
    Taka: You merely adopted the furry.
    Lani: (imitating Bane's voice) You merely adopted the furry. I was born into it. I did nothing but yiff 'til I was a man.
    • Also from the panel:
    Con-goer: Why do you do what you do?
    Kaiser: I just really like guys.
  • TFS Plays Super Smash Bros. For Wii U has to be seen to be believed. Part 2 even has 8-Player Smashes.
    • During one of the 8-Player matches, a CPU Megaman falls into a hole and dies. Lani comments that pitfalls are 'the natural enemy of all Megamen', so it makes sense.
  • The things Taka says as Ghost Nappa in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
  • The Moustache music video, which features photoshops of mustaches on things and cameos by far too many people to list here.
  • In TFS Podcast episode 18, we have Taka sounding incredibly sick due to allergies, in which we get this:
    Taka: (As Imperfect Cell) Oh god, get me my Imperfect Cell lines, I'm good to go.
    (Antfish is laughing his ass off)
    Taka: (As Imperfect Cell) Shut up it's not a joke, I sound like shit!
    Antfish: (Still reeling himself from laughter) Ah, hold on there Krusty.
    Taka: (As Krusty) Oh god *groans*
  • In TFS Podcast 22:
    HBI2K: If you're one of the folks towards the end of that con schedule, after a few straight weeks of going to cons, just be patient with Kaiser. He does tend to get irritable, testy, you know, lack of sleep, too much travel. So don't be afraid of the wrath.
    Kaiser: Don't make fucking excuses for me, HBI.
    HBI2K: Don't be afraid of Kaiser's Wrath of Con.
  • The sheer amount of team-killing and self-kills in Magicka 2. Also, don't cross the streams.
  • Lani and Kirran's shenanigans during their top ten horror lists for eastern and western games
    Lani: Kirran, if you don't cut that shit out this is going to be a very long list.
  • The video TFS did for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015, which has Tien getting freaked out by a fursuit-clad Yamcha and con security trying to stop Cell from eating which he responds that he was hired by the staff to "deal with the Homestuck problem".
  • To celebrate the FF7MA Midgar Mix, they released the Acapella mix, with Barret being pissed over Cloud still recording. (Un)fortunately:
    Barret: So, what did'ya think?
    Nappa: I'll be honest guys, you're new to this whole scene, and I think its safe to say you are not the overwhelmingly well received group of characters, so we'll going to stick with the music from the show.
    • When Nappa mentions "well received group of characters", he looks over to the massive pile of tissues from the salty tears of all the Tifa fans.
  • TFS Plays ALIEN DAY Extravaganza!! The video begins with them playing Alien Trilogy for PS1. After dying, Lani types in a code to skip them to the end of the Second section. It takes them to Aliens: Colonial Marines which they start saying was even worse than the first part. After giving up on the game, they see versus mode and decide to try it out. It takes them to Mortal Kombat X with the Alien fighting Jax.
  • Kaiser gets a restraining order against League of Legends.
  • The finale thumbnail of Naruto Dragon Blade Chronicles shows the guys flipping off the game CD.
  • On the second to last day of the #TIBA countdown, the guys took one day to give focus to absolute worst piece of garbage they had received for the contest and then spend about five minutes ruthlessly thrashing it. That video was Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 1.
  • At Kami-Con 2017, Lani, Kaiser, Masako, and LittleKuriboh competed in Greggo's Celebrity Family Feud show against Channel Awesome. You know you're in for a good time when the TFS members introduce themselves by adopting Ginyu Force poses.
    • Even better is that one of the rounds concerns "TV Shows of the 90s", and the Team fail pretty badly. Why is this so funny, though? Because one of the top answers was Dragon Ball Z, and none of them actually got it.
  • While playing Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, horses are introduced in the second mission. Kirran asks if they cleave horses in the manga.
    Ben: Look, if you want horse cleavage, you have to go to a very specific forum. Ask Scott.
    Grant: (laughs out loud)
    Kirran: God damn it, why are you here?
    Ben: This is why I'm here!
  • When Takahata101 and Chris Zito played Harem Protagonist, they agree that Ayano reminds them of Zito. Takahata immediately says that he wants to bang her.
    Taka: No correlation between the two points, by the way.
  • When Lani and Ben streamed Microsoft's E3 2017 conference live, we got this exchange during the presentation of Middle-earth: Shadow of War when Talion dominates Brüz the Chopper:
    Talion: I'm not going to do this alone.
    Brüz!Ben: Course not! You have me, your new best friend!
    Talion: Gather your troops!
    Brüz!Lani: You just killed 'em all! Ha ha!
  • On Lani's personal channel he did a playthrough of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Early on he concedes that it's been a while since he last played the game, so he doesn't remember exactly which mods he'd installed. Then, just before reaching Riverwood, he finds a Khajit corpse labeled "Slain Jedi" who has lightsabers on his body. A little ashamed, he promises to remove the mod before the next stream and moves on.
  • Grant and Kirran play the demo of TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise RPG and their second, and toughest, battle comes from the team of Dumplin and Puddin.
  • In the fourth Sea of Thieves stream, as soon as Lani gets put in the brig on the ship, then the others sink the ship, the hydration bot on Twitch entered the chat to let them know to drink some water because of how long they'd been streaming.
  • Their review of Dragon Ball Super: Broly opens with the team warning that there will be spoilers, including mention of a sex scene involving Super Saiyan 4.
  • In September 2019, TFS abridges JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood in 5 and a half minutes, and it is GLORIOUS. And yes, Antfish reprises his role as Dio.
    • The prologue is non-stop comedy, mostly owing to Kaiser's performance as George Joestar.
      George Joestar: I'm George Joestar! Check out my sweet-ass carriage and horses! [Carriage runs into a rock and explodes] Goddammit, horses, you fucked it up! [A horse is briefly shown laying in its own blood and weakly whinnying] Dumb fucking horses!
      Dario Brando: Hobby! I'm Dario Brando, and this is my son Dio Brando, and we're looting your corpse!
      George Joestar: Tough luck, fucko! I'm still alive!
      Dario Brando: Then raise my son!
      George Joestar: Over your dead body! [Cut to a gravestone reading "Here lies Dario Brando. Last words: 'What are you going to do? Poison me?'"]
    • When Jonathan is introduced, he is explicitly stated to be 12 years old, despite being inexplicably ripped.
    • The video makes a running gag out of Dio Brando doing horrible things to Jonathan's dog, from literally kicking it to shooting it to throwing it into an incinerator to kicking it into a woodchipper. And eventually frying the poor thing with eye lasers after freezing itand it keeps showing up alive and well every time.
    • Erina's introduction:
      Erina: Jonathan! My loins are aquiver for your 12-year-old gentlemanly spotted dick.
      Jonathan: But we're not married! So it's an HJ or anal.
      Dio: [Knocks out Jonathan with the Smash Ultimate KO effect and steals Erina's first kiss] She's now pregnant with my, DIO'S child!
      Erina: Joke's on you! I'm on the pill! [she holds out a bag of Reese's Pieces.]
      Dio: CURSES!
    • When Jonathan confronts Vampire!Dio:
      Jonathan: Dio! How many souls have you consumed?
      Dio: How many breads have you eaten in your life?
      Jonathan: I- hold on, what?
      Dio: Oh, how embarrassing. Y'know, I was going to say "How much bread," but then I thought, "How many slices of bread?" and then I just... "How many breads?" Kinda funny, right?
      Jonathan: Oh yeah, no, don't worry about it. I do that all the time.
      Dio: Let me try- Let me try agai- Take two, okay. [clears throat] How many slices of bread have you eaten in your life?
      Jonathan: Well, I don't... really eat bread.
      Dio: I'm sorry?
      Jonathan: Look at me. I've been a wall of meat since I was 12. You think I eat bread? I'm in a permanent state of ketosis, and I'm probably going to die before I turn 30.
      Dio: You said it, not me!
    • The Asian poison-seller is literally just Vegeta with a thin moustache.
    • Speedwagon's entire scene.
      Jonathan: Father! This racist Chinese caricature— [cut to Vegeta with a thin moustache] —has been giving Dio POISON! To POISON you!
      Speedwagon: An' Oi 'elped catch 'im.
      George: Who the fuck is this guy?
      Speedwagon: R. E. O—
      Speedwagon: Even Speedwagon infringes a copyright!
    • While Jonathan talks about his troubles with Capri Sun pouches, William Zeppeli demonstrates his Hamon punch on a tiny Froppy, resulting in her face shifting to a moan-worthy face while pink particles surround her, before he splits the rock she was standing on... As well as the Earth.
      Jonathan: ...Why was that frog so hot?

     TFS News 
  • In the October 27th, 2015 edition, the Overly Long Gag about how their FFVII parody had nothing to do with Hellsing Ultimate Abridged's Schedule Slip.
    • And Takahata devolving into Angrish soon after.
      Takahata101: Yeah...could be worse. It could be cancelled. You know, like that other project I worked on!
      KaiserNeko: Can we not?
      Takahata101: Had an entire script for episode two written!
      KaiserNeko: (Concerned) Taka....
      Takahata101: It was like killing my actual baby, Kaiser! (barking before Technical Difficulties appears)
    • Then Takahata's Take That Me torwards the new schedule, referencing the Schedule Slip of The History of Trunks Abridged.
      Takahata101: Because Lord knows we've never screwed up a schedule before right, Kaiser? Huh? Right- We've- We've had no HISTORY with that, huh? Zero HISTORY? Especially involving Trunks- History of Trunks, History of Trunks, HIST-
      KaiserNeko: BYE, FOLKS.
  • In the NEWS FLASH: Copyright Claims! Fun Times! Edition, Kaiser calmly starts introducing himself, before asking how everything is doing at Team Four Star HQ. Lani only had this to say:
    Lanipator: (While said building is engulfed in flames) EVERYTHING'S ON FIRE! OH MY GOD! AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! OH MY GOD, TAKA GET UP! TAKA NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-
    Kaiserneko: Wow! You're right! Looks like a bunch of our episodes were hit with copyright strikes!
    • Also, top comment of the video:
    Anyway Channel.: Maybe you guys should put a disclaimer at the start of every episode.
    • Cue the other comments on the video joking that Lani went Super Saiyan in that moment.
  • Similarly, it happened again in April 2017, but it's Lani's opening that sells it.
    Lanipator: Ah, it's that time of year again. Birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and every episode of DBZA has been ripped down off Youtube. That's right, it's springtime... crap.
  • In the October 8, 2018, Update, Lanipator reports on a TFS appearance at Youmacon 2018 in Detroit, and ends up puzzling over the correct demonym for residents of the state of Michigan for the rest of the video.note 
    Lanipator: Is it Michiganders? Michiganians? ...Michi... Michigonians?... Leave a comment, just let me know what it is. It's actually bothering me. Peace out.
  • The September 16, 2019 edition is presented in the form of a Nintendo Direct, and Lani snapping his fingers to cue each clip becomes something of a Running Gag. It plays out normally at first, but at one point he has trouble getting the snap to sound, then the snap causes what sounds like bones breaking, and finally the snap sound is replaced with the Howie Long scream.

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