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    Series 1 
  • The watermelon task in "Melon Buffet". It starts off calmly with Josh and Frank gently eating watermelon, and Roisin panicking because she didn't realise she had to cut the melon open ... and then Tim and Romesh just bash the melon open and stuff as much in their mouths as possible.
  • Roisin forcing Alex to eat a pie filled with hot mint toothpaste in "The Pie Whisperer".
  • Also from "The Pie Whisperer", there's Romesh's short film, Tree Wizard.
  • "Down An Octave" has Josh being made to count how many baked beans there are in a can, followed by the number of spaghetti hoops, and finally grains of rice in a bag. This wasn't actually a task, it was just something done to make him the Butt-Monkey.
  • Tim and Romesh constantly fighting each other in the live tasks.

    Series 2 

    Series 3 
  • The prize task for "Pea in a Haystack" is the most flamboyant clock. One contestant opts for an oven, and another brings in a microwave.

    Series 4 
  • Joe Lycett had to smile with increasing enthusiasm every 30 seconds in "Look At Me". Greg described it as "sixteen lovely smiles and four difficult poo faces".
  • Joe, Lolly, and Noel sabotaging each other's efforts in the team task in "Meat".
  • The whole hide-and-seek task in "No Stars For Naughty Boys":
    • Hugh decides to watch Alex from inside the house, and move according to where he's seen Alex go. When Hugh sees Alex enter the house, he decides to leave the room he's in; and the moment he opens the door, he sees Alex standing on the other side.
    • Joe spends two minutes running away from Alex after he had been spotted.
    • Noel gets caught out after 16 seconds because he chose to hide behind the caravan where Alex had been counting, and then didn't move after Alex came out.
    • Alex accidentally feeling Mel's breasts while searching the wardrobe she was hiding in. What's even funnier is that you can see the exact moment on Alex's face when he realises what he's just done.
    • Lolly taunting Alex, who is struggling to find her, by sending him a picture of herself at a beach, and one of her as a child.
  • The exotic sandwich task in "Tony Three Pies". All the contestants make huge sandwiches that are edible but require a large appetite to finish it off in one sitting, except for Noel who attaches two pieces of bread to Alex's head and makes Alex perform an exotic dance. Then comes the second part of the task—they need to eat their exotic sandwich.

    Series 5 
  • In "Dignity Intact", Nish manages to kick a basketball into the hoop on his first attempt... and then Alex shows the other fifty-two attempts Nish took before he succeeded.
    • In the same episode, Aisling removes her trousers for a task. Upon completing the task, she dances wearing nothing but her top and knickers. On the side of a lake.
  • Mark arguing about whether a hat is a machine or not in "The Leprechaun or the Lesbian".
  • Also from "The Leprechaun or the Lesbian", for the "make the best splat" task, Alex introduces the task via a toy crane to the two teams. However, the crane failed to work when introducing the task to Mark and Nish.
  • One of the tasks in "Spoony Neeson" is to get a lit candle through the house and into the caravan, where they must use the flame to light another candle; and if the flame goes out along the way, the candle will not be relit. Along the way, the house is rigged with a bubble blower machine and sprinklers. The moment Nish sees the bubbles, he says "bubbly fuck" which instantly extinguishes the candle.
  • The first task in "Boing Boing" involves the contestants travelling as far as possible in three minutes while blindfolded. When they take off their blindfold, they must then retrace their steps, and whoever is closest to their starting destination wins. Nish's attempt sees him walking around in circles while blindfolded; and when he takes it off, he walks so far away in the opposite direction to his starting point that he looses the challenge by quite some distance.
  • Aisling Bea is tasked with balancing a jelly on top of a pole. After doing so, the pole pierces the jelly and it slides down the entire length, with Aisling and Alex looking on forlornly without moving.
  • Mark Watson takes six minutes to open a briefcase in "Phoenix". It was on the right combination from the beginning.

    Champion of Champions 
  • In "Wiley Giraffe Blower", the live task involves the contestants writing words on a whiteboard. The only problem was that the first set of marker pens they were given were water-resistant permanent marker pens.
  • The trophy the contestants are playing for is a life-size model of Greg's body, and is intended to be completed by the winner inserting their trophy of Greg's head onto the statue... unless Josh wins, in which case the top of his karate trophy will be inserted into the head instead. Josh won.

    Series 6 
  • The first task in "BMXing!" involves doing the manliest thing with the provided cardboard box. Tim decides to stand topless in the box and pull manly poses on the side of a busy road.
  • In "Roadkill Doused In Syrup", Asim has to write a list of obscure animals. The animals he writes include things like "anorexic elephant" and "laser-beam turtle". Then he finds out what the team task is...
  • The last challenge in "He Was A Different Man" sees the contestants doing something to show their love for Greg:
    • Asim's take is to perform a rap song for Greg.
    • Tim decides to dress up as Greg's mum and say how much he loves having Greg as a son.
    • Liza's idea is equal parts Squicky as it is hilarious. She asks Alex to complete the task on Greg's behalf, and gets him to sit with his bare bottom on a large cake.

    Series 7 
  • The team task in "My Eyes Are Circles" involves one team member painting some objects while blindfolded, and their teammate(s) have to direct them while only saying certain approved words. James' Aside Glances to the camera really sells the task.
  • James straight up catching Alex moving Ollienote  during a task.
  • Here is a montage of Rhod Gilbert's "unique thinking".

    Series 8 
  • In the finale the contestants are tasked with erasing an eraser. One of the first two shown, Joe spends over 19 minutes actually erasing the eraser. After the next 2, Paul and Ian, are shown to meerly flush their eraser down the toilet, Joenote , in the studio, launches into a truly epic rant at how he spent ages following the tasks properly and doing a lot of physical labor, only for the others to find ways to cut corners, stretching the rules. Greg affords him 3 bonus points.


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