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  • This video of her as an angry Bubbles.
  • For a The Powerpuff Girls episode, she had to make squirrel noises. When she was doing them, she didn't realise she also had her hands up against her acting like a squirrel as well. She got laughed at a little for that.
  • She talks about how when she showed up one day to pick her son up from school, the girls in his class recognised the voice of Twilight Sparkle and immediately crowded around her for autographs. Tara describes her son walking outside to witness this and saying "Mom, not cool" - only for the army of girls to say "yes she is cool".
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  • After she made the Twilightlicious video, she says a little girl came up to her at a convention and said "Hi, Tara, I'm Twilightlicious." Tara turns to the girl's father and says "are you allowing this child on Twitter!?" - only for the girl to say "oh no, Tara, it's a worldwide phenomenon."
  • In 2012, she, Rob Paulsen and John DiMaggio did a Star Wars play with Tara as Darth Bubbles, Paulsen as Pinky and DiMaggio as Jake the Dog.
  • On Talkin Toons With Rob Paulsen she recalls singing a song to her mother over the phone that made her Tears of Joy, the song, "Some Black Chick's Tongue"! Even Tara, herself had a Big "WHAT?!" reaction as in, "Do you know what the song's about?!"


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