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  • The sheer absurdity of the lyrics to "Once in a Lifetime," combined with David Byrne's bizarre dance moves, actions, and general surrealness of the music video. This is probably what led to its memetic status.
  • According to Tina Weymouth, David Byrne farted just before the inner sleeve picture for Talking Heads: 77 was taken, which is why Byrne is looking away from the other members.
  • The band acting out scenes from various mid-80's commercials in the video for "Love for Sale"; of these, David Byrne and Jerry Harrison jumping into a vat of chocolate takes the cake.
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  • David Byrne's face being projected onto the road at the end of the video for "Burning Down The House".
  • According to Jerry Harrison, when the extended touring band was catching a flight, Bernie Worrell, who had a habit of wandering off at airports, was unaccounted for. Alex Weir jumped off the plane to find him, and instead brought back Ray Charles by mistake.

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