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Taken 1

  • The part where Peter gets creamed by a bus when he thinks he is safe is pretty funny.
  • When Bryan is bluffing the Albanians, he says a satellite is watching them 24/7. One of them discreetly looks outside and up at the sky.
  • Marco the dumb rapist's long-overdue and well-deserved Electric Torture sequence, particularly when he sees Bryan going for the light switch again, and he starts shaking his head and yelling "No!" through his gag. You spat in the guy's face a second time after he already zapped you for spitting in his face once; what'd you think he was gonna do this time, asshole?
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  • "We can nego-" BLAM! That either makes you laugh or pump your fist saying "hell yeah!"
  • Also in the first movie, when Jean Claude and Bryan talk.
    Jean-Claude: We need to find the spott—
    Bryan: I found him. He's dead.
    Jean-Claude: ...You found him that way?
  • When Bryan is "negotiating" with the prostitute, we can see a cab-driver laughing and making a kissing gesture.
  • When Bryan loses his police tail, he gives him the middle finger.
  • Bryan unloads his clip into Patrice Saint-Clair, who is lying in an elevator, and then leaves - followed by the elevator door obediently closing and making a contented "ding" sound.
  • Jamie and Bryan meeting at the end. There's something hilarious about Liam Neeson's incredibly pissed off face.
  • Someone turned the electricity torture scene into... a commercial.

Taken 2

  • Bryan finds out Kim has a boyfriend. The sheer awkwardness of the situation is hilarious.
    • Lennie pleading Bryan not to check his background is the topping of the ice cake.
      • Especially funny is the way she keeps trying to make him promise that he won't track down the boyfriend, and while Bryan claims he's going to give Kim her space, he won't quite Lenore calls Kim four times trying to warn her (Kim, answer your phone for once!).
  • When Kim is being chased across the rooftops, one guy tries to jump over a gap after her, and ends up with his throat smacking into a cable and falling to his death.
  • Bryan holds a guy at gunpoint to get another mook to back off, threatening to blow the guy's head off, the mook just shoots the guy being held hostage and tries to kill Bryan anyways.
  • "Don't shoot this one. I really like him."
    • It's even funnier if you consider that he probably thought she was joking.
  • Bryan and Kim analyze their roles in a high-speed chase.
    Kim: I can't do this!
    Bryan: Can you shoot?
    Kim: No.
    Bryan: THEN DRIVE!
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  • Bryan asks Kim if there is anything she'd like to do in Istanbul. Apparently, she'd like to go to a dance club! Bryan's miserable face as he's sitting at the bar of the dark, noisy club is pretty funny. Probably not the family-fun times he had in mind.

Taken 3

  • After a somewhat elaborate setup, Bryan sneaks into Kim's school to meet up with her in a stall in the women's bathroom. They share a tender moment...and then Kim tells Bryan that she's pregnant. The normally unflappable Bryan is floored. Even funnier is that he tries to play it off by claiming he had low blood sugar from not eating.
  • When Bryan jacks a cop's car, radio, and cell, the officer warns him it will end badly. Bryan's response?
    Bryan: Don't be such a pessimist.

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