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  • During the story arc of Swamp Thing seizing control of Gotham to get the authorities to free Abby from prison, Batman has to explain to the mayor of Gotham that insisting on Interspecies Romance being illegal is somewhat ridiculous, concerning the fact how many aliens and other beings that aren't exactly human run around on Earth. Especially funny because of the incredibly snarky way it was delivered by Batman.
    Batman: No exceptions, I see. In that case I suggest you start rounding up all the other non-human beings who may be having relationships outside their species.
    Mayor: What? What do you mean?
    Batman: I mean, if you want to take this all the way, non-humanity doesn't end with the Swamp Thing. Let me see... You'll possibly have to arrest Hawkman... And Metamorpho... And there's also Starfire, from the Titans. Her race evolved from cats, I believe... The Martian Manhunter, obviously... Captain Atom... And then of course there's What's-His-Name... The one who lives in Metropolis.
    Mayor: *gapes*

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  • In the Black Orchid miniseries, Black Orchid, who is also a plant being, shows up looking for assistance. Swamp Thing gives her seeds that she can use to make more sister-selves, and after she's gone Abby wanders into the scene:
    Abby: Alec? Who was that?
    Swamp Thing: She old friend...of an old friend. I was giving her...babies.
    Abby: Uh. Right. Y'know, Alec, I, uh, I think we're going to have to have a talk about this...

  • In Issue #44, Swamp Thing visits Abby at her house, and arrives by coming up through the sink. Before he leaves the bathroom, she lays down newspapers for him to walk on so he doesn't ruin the new carpet.

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