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Supergirl (2015) fanfic:

  • Kara's reaction to human restrooms is... priceless.
    Kara scrunched her nose, held her breath and walked towards the plastic porto potty door. She figured out the slide handle easily enough, Earth technology reminded her a bit of what she had studied in her history books. The door closed and she slid it locked, certain no one had seen her. Taking in the hole on the seat in front of her, she knew what she had to do. Setting Kal El on the minimal space on the ground, she placed herself in the right frame of mind and did what was necessary, holding her breath, eyes closed.
    Unfortunately holding her breath had never been one of Kara's strong suits and her need to breathe overcame her need to not smell. She took a quick breath and nearly vomited.
    "Oh Rao, oh Rao, this is so barbaric." she mumbled, mouth closed. Taking care of what came naturally wasn't a problem. After she was done she realized she had another problem.
    The moist vapor for cleaning, never came. She briefly wondered if it was broke but the truth came to her quickly.
    "How do they do…" then Kara's eyes spied the roll of paper.
    "You have to be joking. These people are… are… no wonder I can't stand the smells of what they must consider cities."
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  • And then, while in the restroom, she tries to shoo an interloper away. Her methods are unorthodox, but the result can't be argued with:
    "Who is in there? I need to go."
    Great. Answer?
    "Go away." Kara told him, then remembered he didn't speak her language.
    "What the hell did you say? Stop tapping on the door. Who is this? I really need to go!"
    Rao, what am I going to do now, Kara thought. Then the idea hit her. It must be a greeting of some sort.
    "Who is this? I really need to go!" Kara told him, slurring her words in the same fashion the man did.
    "You think this is funny?"
    "You think this is funny?" she replied back. She was communicating. Perhaps if he thought she was of this planet, he would leave her alone.
    "How much longer are you going to be?"
    "How much longer are you going to be?"
    "Screw you girl!"
    "Screw you girl!"
    Quiet outside now, but she could hear his breathing. He was still there.
    "Aight. You want to screw around, whatever. I can use the bushes but we are going to have a talk after you get out. I don't know whose kid you are but I'm gonna have a talk with your parents."
    "I'm gonna have a talk with your parents." Kara responded. It must be working, she heard him walking away.
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  • Kara and Alex watch an horror movie together. Kara utterly freaks out because she believes it to be real:
    Jeremiah: Kara?
    Kara: This is a true story? This is what the dead do on this planet? What is wrong with humans?! Why do your dead walk the planet? Have they no light to enter? They can appear in the dark with no warning? They are hideous! How do you sleep at night?
    Eliza: (seeing Alex had been playing a Blu Ray of The Conjuring) Really Alex?
    Alex: I thought she would get a kick out of it!
    Jeremiah: Kara listen to me. It's not real, I promise. It is just a story.
    Kara: It said real story! True event. Alex said real!
    Alex: Its a lie. It isn't true. There are no such things as ghosts.
    Kara: Demons! The woman was hanging by her neck but no one could see her. The creature was stuck in the corner of the bedroom. The girl… the girl… she was dragged out by her feet, screaming! Can that happen? People are dragged out of bed screaming?!
    Alex: Okay kid, lets stick to one language. It isn't true, there aren't any ghosts or demons. Its just a movie for people to watch, have fun with, you see? It's not real.
    Kara: People have fun watching this?!
    Alex: Some do… you obviously don't. I'm sorry, my bad. We won't watch anymore horror movies. I promise. I will get rid of it. At least I didn't show you the Ring. You would never sit near a television again if you saw that monster crawling out of one.
    Kara: What monster? A monster can crawl out of a television?
    Kal: Kawa? Play with blocks?
    Kara: Not near the television!