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  • Surf Ninjas is mostly a classic example of So Bad, It's Good, but it does have some moments of intentional comedy. Near the beginning of the movie, a great spiritual leader, the Baba Ram, is coming to the kids high school. The school administration asks one of the main characters, an ethnic Asian teenager who is, nevertheless, a stereotypical American Surfer Dude, to put on a presentation to greet the Baba Ram in the "traditional" manner. Having no idea what to do, he comes up with this, much to the dismay of the adults in the audience.
    • At the end of the movie, it turns out that the Baba Ram came from the same tiny kingdom that the main characters end up saving. He's decided that the entire thing was hilarious and sings along with them during the credits.
  • "Kwantsu, Dudes!... They love this word. It must mean like, free beer or something."
  • Adam and Johnny both stand in shock and fear as Zatch approaches.
    Jonny: Um Dad, remember the guy you said that would come if we didn't eat our vegetables, he's here!
  • Zatch has a habit of just appearing out of nowhere to make everyone jump.
    • When he does so and points out how he could have killed the brothers if he was an enemy, Adam scoffs that he's eleven years old. "I wouldn't go patting myself on the back just yet."
    • When asked how he is able to do it after appearing from the dark and speaking, he merely says "Like this" and repeats what he had just said.
  • Johnny and Iggy have the best lines.
    Johnny: Ro-May, you know what would be really great. Is if you'd run like a mother and get Winky the One-Eyed black belt!
    • Earlier with Iggy:
    Iggy: (while in disguise as a "distant" relative", with a "very" fake accent) All right, kids, come in here and clean up yer bloody room! I know best, 'cuz after all I'm 37, and don't make me beat you with leg of mine that no longer works 'cuz I'll do it!
    • Later:
    Johnny: While in Patusan, guests of The Revolution stay at the Mecrob Hilton.
    Iggy: That's the Mecrob Hilton. Serving strange things in shells since 1207.
  • Chased by enemies, Iggy grabs a stick of dynamite and throws it hitting the driver, causing him to swerve.
    Iggy: I got one!
    Ro-may: You're supposed to light it first!
    • They try to but don't have matches. Zatch then pulls some out with a pack of cigarettes, shrugging at the surprised looks.
    Zatch: Yeah, I know, I should quit.
    Iggy Maybe you should get the patch. (looks at the camera) Look who I'm talking to.
  • In the end a remaining bad guy is crawling up stairs of the temple. "Newsflash: Your Side Lost!"
    • What makes it funnier is that it's not the first time he fell. He was thrown down them twice, once by Johnny and once by Ro-May. All three times we see how much of a long drop it is and the third time, the mook did it himself because he didn't want to fight Johnny again after the war was over.
  • Just about all of Rob Schneider's lines. Particularly when he starts believing he has a supernatural ability based on him saying "What if?"
    • "What if I lose this power?" and after a short pause "Oh my god I lost it!" It's funny in context.
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    • "What if I could control the outcome of this fight?"
    • "Money can't buy knives. Gee, I went into a hardware store and offered a thousand dollars for a knife but they said no, sorry, money can't buy knives."
      • It gets better a few minutes later when they're in the forest.
    Iggy: On the third day of the expedition, they came across a large rubber tree. Sadly, they could not cut it down for, as we all know, money cannot buy knives. Going around the tree...
    Zatch: Can no one shut this chattering monkey up?!
    Spence: Well, I'd cut him. But I don't have a knife.
    • "What if I said I'm sorry?!"

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