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Funny / Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam

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  • Superman's just saved Billy Batson from Black Adam.
    Billy: Why is he after me?
    Superman: I was gonna ask you the same question!
  • The moment the homeless man returns and confronts Adam. Also a CMoA.
    Homeless Guy: I'll take it from here, captain.
    Black Adam: Tawny.
    Captain Marvel: You know the homeless guy?
    Black Adam: Still the Wizard's lackey, I see.
    Mister Tawky Tawny: (turns into bengal tiger) Lackey, kid's guardian angel, superhero talent scout. Guess I do a bit of everything. So I was thinking this time, the Wizard could send you so far across the universe it'll take you 10,000 years to get back.
    Black Adam: No, not again!
    Mister Tawky Tawny: Oh, you better believe it.
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  • After Billy has turned into Captain Marvel for the first time and is flying through the sky.
    Billy: This is so cool! And all I had to do was say "Shazam!" (lightning strikes him, and he turns back to normal. While flying.) Uh-oh. AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  • After meeting the Wizard, Billy tries to fight Black Adam in his normal form, having not yet figured out how his powers work. Black Adam pretty much just stands there as Billy's punches prove to be about as effective as you would expect.

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