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Funny / Superman: Doomsday

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  • As they work at Lexcorp's dig site, a couple of the scientists in charge pass the time by complaining about their boss and doing a hilarious imitation of him. The exchange is gold, especially the part where they imitate his Evil Laugh.
  • Luthor referring to Doomsday as an "intergalactic soccer hooligan.".
  • This exchange:
    Lois: We've been together for six months. It would be nice to start calling you something other than Superman!
    Lois Lane: Shut up!
  • Lois's version of "Is it really you?"...
    Lois: If you're a robot, or another damn clone or something, I swear to God...
  • Kevin Smith's cameo, where he's a bystander calling Toyman's giant mechanical spider lame.
  • Clone!Superman removing the Kryptonite Restraining Bolt Luthor placed inside him: Walk into a beauty salon, drill a hole in his skull with heat vision, remove said Kryptonite, and walk out.
    Clone: Have a good day, folks!
  • Lex Luthor is on the run from Clone Superman and baits him into entering a room with red sunlight, while Lex is wearing kryptonite-enhanced gloves. Clone Superman simply closes the door and wrecks the room from the outside.