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Funny / Supergirl (2016)
aka: Supergirl Rebirth

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  • The Danvers don't mind flirting during an operation, when their boss or their foster daughter are listening.
    Jeremiah: What did I miss?
    Eliza: Just the launch, Jeremiah. But the new uniform sure fits.
    Cameron: Years since I let you two get married and you still find ways to help me question that decision.
    Supergirl: Comms are live. I can hear you two.
    Eliza: We're your parents, Kara. We're not dead.
  • Eliza Danvers has a witty sense of humour:
    Supergirl: Eliza, Jeremiah — Do you need help?
    Eliza: Not at all! I live to to work hours cleaning twenty square feet.
    Supergirl: Sarcasm is not unique to Earth, you know.
    Eliza: Good. You already speak my language. This adjustment process will be easy.
  • In the first issue of the seventh volume, Kara's attempts to fit in are hilarious:
    • She doesn't believe that a vehicle fitted with an internal-combustion engine and without a holographic thought interface can be called a car.
    • She often seems clumsy or dumb because Earth's customs are very strange and Earth's technology primitive. She struggles with a projector because it might as well be a stone tablet to her eyes. The sad thing is, she was considered a genius back in Krypton.
  • In Supergirl vol. 7 #1, as Kara is learning how to drive, she puts her foot on the brake... and through the bottom of the car. When it happens, her foster mother cries out: "Again?". It is even funnier if you know that cars breaking down when Supergirl was around was a Running Gag back in the Silver Age.

Alternative Title(s): Supergirl Rebirth