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  • Otohata getting a 20 questions interview from a teen magazine. Or at least the part we actually see.
    Interviewer: Your birthday?
    Otohata: 3/6.
    Interwiever: Your bloodtype?
    Otohata: B.
    Interviewer: Your height?
    Otohata: 180 cm.
    Interviewer: Your weight?
    Otohata: 59 kilos. Everyone asks me these things, you can read them on any magazine.
    (Yuya helps the poor journalist bring the interview back on the rails)
    Interviewer: Your favorite food?
    Otohata: None.
    Interviewer: Your ideal girl?
    Otohata: I don't have any.
    Interviewer: Eheheheh... What kind of girl you hate?
    Otohata: (points at Ran, who has just arrived) Like her.
    (The interviewer laughs histerically and Face Faults. The interview doesn't resume until after Ran has left with Yuya.)
    Interviewer: Your school club?
    Otohata: The Go Home Club.
    Interviewer: "Your favourite outfit?
    Otohata: Whatever I'm wearing.
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  • Every single time the Tan Trio shows up. Especially if they're trying to compete with Ran.
  • Anime only: how does Ran get rid of Sayo and Masato who wants to follow her to the pool? She entrusts them to defend Shibuya from crime while she's away on a special mission. They actually buy it...
  • Ran the valedictorian. It goes as well as you expect: it starts with her showing up on stage while wearing a lemon helmet and gets crazier from that.
  • The disbelieving reaction from Miyu, Aya, Rie and Satsuki when Ran, for once, does her homeworks. Especially when Aya reveals that Ran got every answer wrong. With multiple answers questions taken straight from the last test.


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