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Funny / Sunset Shimmer Is Mad About Everything

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  • Everything involving drunk Starlight (when it's not a Tear Jerker) and her insistence on Sunburst being made a wizard.
  • Sunset going googly-eyed from seeing Cadance's baby alicorn and propositioning Shining Armor to give her one of her own? Pretty funny. Sunset attempting to compromise with Cadance's protests by suggesting a three-way? Crosses the Line Twice. Fluttershy offering to help choreograph the encounter? Absolutely hilarious.
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  • Twilight's friendship lesson checklist for Starlight makes its appearance just as in the original episode, only in this continuity, she has christened it the Anytime Workshop Friendship-based Utility List. She is the only pony who fails to see the irony.
  • When Sunset and Twilight need to call down Celestia and Luna from their attempts to resist the incoming storm, Sunset has a surefire strategy - repeatedly yelling various forms of "Mommy" like an annoying five year old until Celestia is forced to respond. To Twilight's complete frustration, it works.

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