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  • Later in the game, as the heroes and their group gathered to Thomas' castle, the latter steps forward and drops the suggestion that they use his castle as their headquarters. Everyone just stands there and stares at him, causing his smile to fade, replaced with a frown, and he awkwardly steps back.
  • In addition to its Awesome, the manga has a few bits of this in it, mostly when the focus is on Geddoe's group.
    Ace: "Jeez! Women— always asking you to get them stuff..."
    Joker: "Hey, since you're buying—!"
    Ace: "No way!"
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  • Geddoe, of all people, gets one in the game when confronting Albert Silverberg, one of the villains...
    Geddoe: "All I know is that you are depraving some poor village of it's idiot."
  • If you have Nash to play as Sierra during "Neclord's End" play, he will deliver this line:
    Nash: It's been a while, eh, Neclord. It's me, 'Old Hag Sierra' - I'm arrogant, never keep promises and suck people's blood at any chance.
    • The Theater minigame is a goldmine for these, but try to get the in-game's worst actress into the most dangerous's enough to make you want a silly laugh track.
    Chris: (with an apple over her head to be shot by William Tell) "What did I do to deserve this?"
    • If you choose an archer character whose skills are not the best, her comment will be justified...
    • Also, Geddoe narrating the heart-wrenching ending to the story of The Little Match Girl:
    Geddoe: ......The girl has died."
    • And hell, when Geddoe is put as the Narrator at Neclord's End, he'll snap and rant in the end, "Ya know, I don't care if you say 'It's for the Castle!'. I'm never narrating again!!"
    • Also, putting Fred Maxmillian in any plays... Watch as his Large Ham, No Indoor Voice and his inability to refer himself as the role he's playing just makes things more bloody hilarious.
    • Or putting Landis in any role. As Nadir noted, 'Any roles he's in will make the story into a horror story', and just watch as his "Yuh huh huh" make even the most dramatic scene hilariously bad.
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    • Or Hallac, the fearsome warrior of the Nameless Lands, whose stage fright is to such a degree that almost all of his dialogue onstage consists of, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    • Chris can be very successful in any role with no dialogue. Narrating and lead roles, not so much.
    Chris:Uh... Once there was... a sheepherder... Uh, the boy was a big fibber...
    • Elder Viki has the description "Absolutely not! She must not be allowed to perform!" It is quite serious
    Viki: Who are you? Where am I?
  • Geddoe punching out a villager that was running past him to attack Franz. The event doubles as a CMOA.
  • Anytime Branky, Mel's puppet opens its mouth...and the subsequent WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!
    • In a Bath conversation Belle tries to drown the puppet, thinking its just Mel being weird.
  • During the attack on Chisha.
    Apple: "All right, Hallec. You can stop shouting now...please...stop...
  • When Chris faints in Chapter 2, the only reason she wakes up still in full-armor is the fact that the other Zexan knights got into an argument over who would undress her!!
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  • Lucia shows respect for Chris, even as enemies. At the final dungeon (Ceremonial Site), she gives her advice to be less strong looking and act more feminine. This leaves Chris understandably flustered, and when Salome asks if she's alright, she snaps with with very feminine look of frustration "Would everyone please shut up!?"
  • In a bath conversation, Estella tells a real whopper of a fib in which she claims that the real Fubar had died and the current one is just two men in a Griffon suit aided by ventriloquist tricks from Joe.

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